Criminal justice system 'racist'

2010-11-10 12:06

Cape Town - The new deputy police minister has described South Africa’s criminal justice system as racist, saying it needs to be transformed as black criminals are given harsher sentences than their white counterparts.

Maggie Sotyu, the new deputy minister of police, made this statement in Parliament on Tuesday after a report on extensive research regarding the scope and nature of violent crime was published by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR).

Sotyu referred to a “white person or boer who drags a black farm worker behind his bakkie and gets off with a R10 000 fine”.
“But a black man who murders a white farmer gets life in prison. That’s racist politics.”

According to her, the criminal justice system needs transformation “because people in the same country aren’t treated equally”.

“It’s about time our courts realise this is the new South Africa.”
No new findings in report

Sotyu was speaking to the media after the parliamentary portfolio committee for police and the secretariat of police pulled the CSVR’s research to pieces.
The finding which came under most fire is that South Africa is caught up in a subculture of violence.
Based on the annual murder rate, South Africa is one of the five most violent countries in the world.
The secretariat argued that South Africa’s violent crime “is not extraordinary” and that various other countries have similar or even higher levels.

MPs and committee secretary Jennifer Irish-Qhobosheane labelled the CSVR’s research - for which government paid R3.5m - as inadequate, disappointing and incomplete.

In their opinion, the research provided no new insights or reasons for the extremely violent nature of crime in South Africa.
According to Irish-Qhobosheane, the department has serious concerns about the research, undertaken in 2007 on the instructions of Charles Nqakula, then minister of safety and security.
“It’s useful, but it doesn’t provide anything new. The recommendations aren’t even creative.”

Sindi Chikunga, ANC MP and committee chairperson, referred to the Democratic Republic of Congo which, after years of warfare, is so safe that people can exchange currency on the streets.
“There are heaps of weapons in the DRC, and Kinshasa is dirt poor, yet their crime isn’t nearly as violent (as ours). What’s so unique about the situation in South Africa?
“I can’t find the answer in your report,” she said to Adèle Kirsten, director of the CSVR.


Pieter Groenewald from the Freedom Front Plus pointed out gruesome farm attacks “where elderly people are tortured with steam irons and attackers flee without even taking anything”.

“Why the brutality? These questions have not been answered.”

According to Kirsten, extreme violence is the result of various complicated reasons.
“You won’t find a single (simple) answer anywhere - not from us and not from international researchers.”
David Bruce, also from the CSVR, is of the opinion that alternative research, such as psychological profiling, is needed to determine what motivates criminals to commit such brutal and violent acts.
The situation in South Africa is unique because of the migrant labour system, forced on the Witwatersrand by the apartheid government, which destroyed thousands of families.
Furthermore, the gap between rich and poor is wider here than in any other country in the world.

  • scipio - 2010-11-10 12:16

    Strange. Normally black criminals are convicted of harsher crimes than white criminals. It's not about the skin colour. It's about the actions of the convicted individuals.

  • Badger - 2010-11-10 12:20

    Is this thing serious????

  • Nonlocal - 2010-11-10 12:20

    Has everything have to do with black and white??? Are laws drawn according to race? And who actually gives out the sentences??? There is no such thing as a New South Africa as the people still live on the same page (apartheid, racism)although the ANC has ruled the country for how long now??? and they are still singing the same story?

      HonestAbe - 2010-11-11 08:45

      Singing the same song but not delivering.

  • Badger - 2010-11-10 12:23

    A black man rapes a child or toddler and gets off scott free.This poor child (Black or white)is damaged for life. Now I'm not getting into the Black/White thing here. But this chick is sounding a little more like "Mara what's her name?"

      Godfrey - 2010-11-12 10:09

      Why does it always have to be a Black man who rapes? White people are not immune to this kind of offences yet the media is shy to report this.

  • bill - 2010-11-10 12:25

    It would be interesting to establish what her qualifications are ( if any)for her to judge the judiciary.It is ,I suspect, another thoughtless generalisation uttered by an idiot , in order to whip up racial animosity.

      Hardtail - 2010-11-10 12:57

      She is black. that is all she needs as far as qualifications are concerend.

  • uberbecks - 2010-11-10 12:26

    “But a black man who murders a white farmer gets life in prison. That’s racist politics.” When was this, idiot?

      yolandie04 - 2010-11-10 12:40

      I would love to know that 2

  • pointblankza - 2010-11-10 12:28

    How many black people have been dragged behind a bakkie compared to how many white farmers have been murdered? You'll find thousands of white farmers have been murdered.... a very, very poor use of comparisons. Definately a political agenda.

      rianadk - 2010-11-10 14:29

      Jeese but aren't you being an outright racist. Wanted to comment on your previous comment but thought better of it! But now you are just pushing it! It's comments like yours that is NOT fixing the problems only fuelling it. Get a grip! And stop being so ANAL!

      eldadv - 2010-11-10 14:30

      She compared assault with murder. The guy getting dragged behind the bakkie twisted his ankle and settled out of court for R10G. Of course murder must get minimum a life-sentence.

      djmilano.26 - 2010-11-10 15:20

      Total foolish comment

  • Barry - 2010-11-10 12:34

    Sotyu, Don't talk bull s**t. The majority of exstremly violent crimes are commited by black men, which most definatly require harsher sentences. The rape cases on little babies, the brutal murders of farmers, the rape of school girls during school hours, the rape of an 11 year old school girl by a 48 year old man. These are all commited by blacks. However, I do agree that should a white commit the same crime he/she must recieve the same sentence.

  • Michael Mullany - 2010-11-10 12:35

    Did we just compare dragging someone behind your bakkie with murder? Both are horribly wrong, but come on - they're not in the same league.

  • ebendl - 2010-11-10 12:42

    "Furthermore, the gap between rich and poor is wider here than in any other country in the world." Wow, care to back that nice little statement up with some proof?

      Ixian - 2010-11-10 12:56

      I thought that was in India. lol

      Logic_Bomb - 2010-11-11 12:14

      Sorry, but it's an established fact. Google it and you'll see for yourself.

      green_goblin - 2010-11-11 14:06

      I don't know I thikn China and Brazil would give us a run for our money on that basis

      Vera - 2010-11-11 15:18

      Not quite true, though we are high on the Gini and other indices of wealth inequality (google it.) Scary thing is that South Africa's Gini coefficient rose from 0.57 in 2000 to 0.72 in 2005. Go figure.

      SSDD - 2010-11-12 12:42

      @Logic_Bomb Are you for real? Did you just say: "Sorry, but it's an established fact. Google it and you'll see for yourself."? How blind are you. Do you believe everything you read on Google? Google is just a search engine. People like you and me can post ANYTHING on there.

  • James1 - 2010-11-10 12:42

    I am sorry but this lady hasn't got a clue. A white man form South Africa beats a Metro cop to death and gets R100 000 bail. He also gets intimidated in court by other metro cops that are on duty. A black man murders a white man, using an axe as a murder weapon, stabbing him various times gets R5000 bail. You tell me which is the racist judgement?

      Dlalisa1 - 2010-11-12 04:16

      Come on James you should know better than that..... The amount of bail to be charged the accused is based on how much that person can afford and how much can possibly be significant to that particular individual. Now someone with an annual salary of R800 thousand can never get the same bail as a farm worker..

  • Jason - 2010-11-10 12:44

    Well if that is true and the farmer got R10000 farm for dragging a worker behind his bakkie then I'm disgusted. That isn't even nearly harsh enough. But in that case Shabir is out of jail for medical reasons when nothing is wrong with him. ANC leadership has got away with arms deals corruption. How many staff have got away with corruption by just quiting the post they in to avoid legal action. I don't think its a white black thing I think its more a money and power thing. What did W.Mandela get for the torture and fraud cases against her? So before making statements like this think about the bigger picture rather than pigeon holing everything as a racist!

      Ixian - 2010-11-10 12:59

      It's like the Julius Malema mentality is spreading fast.

  • Kyle_logan - 2010-11-10 12:49

    It's about time the courts stopped worrying about stats and started doing their damn jobs... also take into account the amount of violent crimes commited by blacks compared to white's and the amount of repeat offender...idiots who make statements like this women should not be in their jobs

      BT - 2010-11-10 15:52

      Perhaps she ate from the same table of our late esteemed Minister of Health, ie beetroot and garlic. Doesn't appear to be a cure for Aids, but certainly makes one braindead!

  • Feroze - 2010-11-10 12:50

    Dear Maggie, the punishment has to fit the crime, you would be given a light sentence for dragging someone behind your bakkie if the person survives. You should get the death sentence if you kill someone. Compare crimes equally regardless of race, and the fact that you see the criminal for his colour and not his crime makes you even more racist than anyone else. I'm sure that if there were bands of roving white boers shooting black farmers they would also get a life sentence. The reason why crime is so rampant in SA is the dismal 11% conviction rate, so if the cops could do the job we paying them to do, instead of supplying them the guns to commit the crime, we might all be a little more safer.

      Jacqui - 2010-11-11 14:31

      Total Agree with you, well said

      SSDD - 2010-11-12 12:47

      Dito. well said

  • pointblankza - 2010-11-10 12:58

    Too many "it is white people" finger pointing going on here, just in time for the elections. Come on people, it is clear as daylight that this is politics at it's best. Stir those emotions, turn black people onto white people, rejurvinate those hateful feelings towards whites and walah you have the vote!

      AJ - 2010-11-11 11:09

      If this is how one stirs up support for a future vote, then what is that saying about the electorate? Not much at all I am afraid. It's basically like your own party saying to you 'Our supporters are too stupid to vote on policy so we must use emotional racist rubbish to stir up the anger to keep them onside.' Madness...

  • Isa - 2010-11-10 13:02

    The Courts must realise it is a new South Africa???After 16 years of democracy, a 3rd president,a corrupt black government with majority black police and black judges what is a new South Africa?? Incompetent ministers busy with a decoy again.Trying to distract the attention away from their pathetic performances.

  • Dr Filemon - 2010-11-10 13:03

    I am speechless that this sindi chikunga reckons that the DRC is so safe when we have recently read the reports about the mass gang rapes og entire villages. these aNc farkwits disgust me

  • E.Nuff - 2010-11-10 13:03

    I agree 100% that all should be equal before the law (so far so good), BUT this includes the political elite, and politically connected, regardless of skin colour. This would avoid any hint of racism. Any perception of bias, particularly in favour of the likes of Jacob Zuma, Schabir Shaik, Tony Yengeni, to name but a few, could easily fall under the title of "racist politics", and the police/NPA/juduciary could be seen as having a racist/political agenda instead of a legal one. Best the deputy minister gets her own house in order! "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!"

  • Kittykat - 2010-11-10 13:03

    Goodness, not one comment on here that I can disagree with. All with very valid points! But I suppose it won't be long before someone (I wonder what race) will pull the race card on here...sigh.

  • Adolf - 2010-11-10 13:05

    "Maggie Sotyu, the new deputy minister of police, made this statement in Parliament" - not a single person objected?! It is obvious that the newly appointed deputy has no intent to objectively approach any situation that she will be confronted with while performing her duties. If a “newly” appointed official chooses to make this her first priority while ignoring the blatant problems that plague the police service, she is racist. Policies and philosophies of a person must be scrutinized before appointed a position of power, to insure that they are following the ideals of the position. By appointing Ms. Sotyu the person who did so chose her to represent the police service and by default it’s policies. We now have every right to view the police force as an armed racist organization intent on harm? How can the same organization demand our co-operation?, as in the case of farmer security earlier this year. No person in government should be allowed racist views and should be reprimanded if they express any.

  • jakes247 - 2010-11-10 13:09

    When last did someone from the city/subburbs go in to a place like for example Soshanguve/ Mamelodi and murder someone without taking anything? Most people will be awestruck at the affluence in places like Soshanguve/ Mamelodi. These murders and torture is one way and its not only because one is richer than the other. Poor whites don't go and murder rich blacks, first of all they would be caught and convicted within hours and it would be blamed on racism and apartheid. The criminals have no fear of the justice system.

  • M Jubes - 2010-11-10 13:17

    You have got to be kidding me!! ENOUGH OF THIS RACE DRIVEL! Whoever you are and whatever crime you commit you need to be convicted and sentenced accordingly. I dont believe that the judicial system is biased based on race, we cant be going THAT backwards can we?? Any man or woman who commits murder deserves to be sentenced to life in prison++ To say this is "racist politics' is just absurd. Maggie Sotyu better whip out those research books some more and confirm if only black murderers were convicted to life in prison... or maybe, just maybe white murderers were sentenced the same...

      rianadk - 2010-11-10 14:32

      Thank you Lord...someone posting a PROPER comment! From all these comments it seems that some people are in serious need of a therapist!

      green_goblin - 2010-11-11 14:09

      I am 100% behind you on this one!!!!!! hang all the murderers (white, black, green, yellow, red) no matter what colour we do not need them in society

  • Azurite - 2010-11-10 13:24

    Another buffoon let loose to govern. Inept, inaccurate and below average IQ's get you government jobs so you can talk crap and do nothing all day!!!

  • RNB - 2010-11-10 13:25


      Gentleman - 2010-11-10 13:30

      I second that motion..

      john.chrisane - 2010-11-10 13:45

      I agree the deathe penalty for all murederers and rapists black,white, brown yellow, pink.then there won;t be any racism.

      freeflyshannon - 2010-11-10 22:37

      I agree

      Mordred - 2010-11-11 11:53

      They will never bring back the death penalty and do you want to know why? The blacks will then no longer be in the majority because 99% of the perpetrators are black. Most of the horrific crimes that are perpetrated by blacks are punishable by death in most other countries. Can you imagine the size of the prison which will have to hold all the blacks on death row?

      Jacqui - 2010-11-11 14:36

      Absolutely the best way to fix this horrid situation :-)

      Dlalisa1 - 2010-11-12 04:28

      Very stupid if you ask me.... Death penalty wont solve the problem. How abt moral regeneration? Has anyone tought of dat? As for you Mordred.., I think you should read your comment again and wonder why a person who knows nothing abt apartheid will never vote for the DA (which is labeled as white party)

      Mordred - 2010-11-12 10:25

      Dlalisa1, I will put this into baby language for you sothat you can understand. (1) Bring back the death penalty definitely (2) 99% of perpetrators are black (3) 99% of crimes committed by blacks are punishable by death in 75% of the world (4) Our justice system will end up handing out more death penalties therefore so many blacks will be put to death thus decreasing their number enormously and then they will no longer be in the majority ie why the ANC will never allow the death penalty in SA. The death penalty will solve the problem because then the taxpayer won't have to fund these evil perpetrators and they will never commit another crime which many of them do when they are let out on bail. I would also seriously advocate that perpetrators, who have committed the most heinous crimes, get no bail. As for moral regeneration, just who are you kidding????

      Picasso - 2010-11-12 11:00

      Be carefull what you ask for. Who is in charge of this country? Do you really think morons like Maggie etc is going to let their brothers get the death penalty? You as a white will shoot a black in self defence and you will hang. A black will kill a white and that will be justified by the ANC and ANCYL.

      copy.exe - 2010-11-18 10:57

      It's not about the death penalty, it's about giving them something to be afraid of. If I wasn't afraid of walking in my neighborhood @ and time past 10:30pm and before 7am in the morning I would not be in my house by 10pm every evening and not unlocking my doors until 7:15am. It's common sense that the human race (be it yellow, brown, black, white, red, green, or blue) will reconsider anything they plan on doing if there are consequences to their actions which are not in their favor. Death Penalty will only end up being handed out to 100 or so people before violent crime will start dropping due to the fact that people now have something to loose.

  • john.chrisane - 2010-11-10 13:30

    Excuse me? I can not believe people are still being so childish and immiture about race!! If they don't stop sulling the race card it will never be a new South Africa, bacause no one is letting the past go. I think the pull the racist card because after all their efforts and manipulation and corruuption they are still the race left behind. When will they realise that this kind of behaviour makes them weak and that their way of breaking down everything that we created just because they can't create it themselves is also a sign of weakness. we can not keep working against each other, we are only weakening each other when we can be stronger working together. Patriot

  • onemantribe - 2010-11-10 13:31

    Watch the politicians. The next logical step will be that white judges should not therefore try black offenders. No more white judiciary members. Can anyone see a pattern? The problem is, the stats are probably correct - black offenders probably do get harsher sentences than white offenders. But to say that this is due to racism is like saying the ocean is wet. It's completely correct, but it explains absolutely nothing about what's going on underneath. Perhaps, of course, this is a global conspiracy. Young, black males in the US, the UK and Europe are far more likely to be incarcerated, and for longer, than their white counterparts. Is this due to the psychological scarring from 500 years colonialism? Is it linked to malnutrition and screwed-up family lives? Is it plain barbarism? Depending what clan colours you are wearing today, your answers will vary.

      betweenu&me - 2010-11-11 13:12

      Brilliant objective comment, thank you. I always look out for your comments on these forums as you really are a voice of reason!

  • Hennsa - 2010-11-10 13:32

    Dragging someone behind a bakkie and murdering someone is worlds apart you dumb @$$!

  • diego.iturralde - 2010-11-10 13:34

    which tree did u fall out of Maggie

  • john.chrisane - 2010-11-10 13:36

    And the guys commited the premeditated murder on Eugene Terblanche was protected against the law and got a few rand bail, while the white blue bulls rugby player got a huge bail amount for not even manslaughter? how is that racist against black people?

  • nmelamu - 2010-11-10 13:38

    From my perspective the black/white saga will not end in this lifetime. We mustn't turn a blind eye towards the issue, cause it's very riffe. There is a preference over black people and white people, especially on the work place. Those companies that are not controlled by the government will always promote white people. The issue of crime, it is still beleived that blacks are the primary culprits of crime. The reason for that is, the employment scale between black and white is still big. Yes our government it trying so hard to brigde the gap, but more work still need to be done. Most whites were born with the sliver spoon in the their mouths, so they don't know any difficulty and they will never feel any difficulty in life, since their lives and upringing was taken care of. On the other hand, the blacks have to strive for success and others don't believe in taking the long routes, so for them committing crime and stealing is the resort.

      pointblankza - 2010-11-10 14:03

      Your peception of white people is completely wrong. Sounds like you get your information from ANC propaganda. Another misconception is that private companies promote white people, again this sounds like what you have been told. In fact everything that you mentioned sounds like you have been told this and you haven't taken the time to research the facts. You have Internet, use it more constructively and educate yourself. Although there are many challanges, there are a lot of white people doing a lot of woderful things in this country in terms of reconcilliation, but you would know this if you wanted to.

      Mike or Mpho - 2010-11-10 14:09

      You my friend are an ignorant idiot that lives in a black and white world. your generalizations indicate your IQ levels and your victim-attitude is what is keeping you chained and enslaved in society. You wanted capitalism and democracy? Then play by the rules, I have and so have many others. Get over yourself

      jakes247 - 2010-11-10 14:22

      Wake up, I grew up poor and sure many others also but I was taught to work hard to achieve, not steal. Now because I'm better off because of hard work it gives those less fortunate or lazy the right to take from me and murder my family to boot. Are you serious... It's that type of mentality or lack of that brings the country down to the state that it is in. Right is right and wrong is worng. The wrongs of the past and the wrongs of the present will not make the right future.

      sean.sharkie - 2010-11-10 14:32

      Please have a look at the article: Think it explains itself!

      Boerseun - 2010-11-10 15:08

      Bud, if I spend the time and money to start a company, then I should decide who to employ and who not. That's freedom. You can decide to boycott me, that is also freedom.

      FerretGee - 2010-11-10 16:05

      I'm white, and certainly didn't have a silver spoon in my mouth dude. My dad was a fitter and turner, worked his lilly-white ass off for his family and was given nothing for nothing. He paid school fees couldnt afford to send either of his kids to university so we worked like any one else. Today I rely on my own skills in a commission only environment, the harder I work the more I earn, no freebee's here. And I can tell you there are a few million whiteys in the same boat. Difference is, we don't beleive we are entitled to anything without working for it!

      AJ - 2010-11-11 11:17

      Desperate hungry people steal food. What people torture people, stab them, burn them, rape them? If we had a huge crime problem in that too many people were ripping off p'n pay trucks and looting fridges around the country whilst people were on holiday then I'd agree with you. Shooting husbands, gang-raping wives in front of their children and torturing families, then after a couple of hours disapparing off into the night with a laptop and 2 cell phones is a totally different story. It's a despicable act done by despicable people who should be hung (and if half of them happen to be whites or half polynesion, quarter eskimo, quarter irish criminals, who the hell cares). The violence that is perpetated on innocent people in this country has NOTHING to do with employment, and everything to do with hate.

      CharlieChap - 2010-11-11 14:08

      Again a comment from ” mmelamu” which have nothing constructive to add. This poor guy’s solution is to un-employ all white people, which by the way, consists only of 10% of the Population. How will you fix the balance of unemployment? Apartheid has been long gone. Your BEE policies are everywhere, yet you do not hear white people cry over it. Change starts within my friend and you will ONLY see good things happening for ALL people once you get over this sorry-ass, mentality! Get some freakin discipline and make things happen for yourself. YOU are the master of your own destiny NOT the White People in a Country with a majority of Black Government – what more do you want. All you need to do is go to school, get a degree and walk into a job because you are ALREADY the right colour and if that does not work out for you, it’s because you probably studied BA with the expectation of going to the JHB Stock Exchange!

      Sylar_DJ - 2010-11-11 16:55

      It's really funny how alot of people contribute crime to unemployment and poverty. Sure, this is true to an extent but like AJ said, hungry people steal food or money sure, but they dont kill and rape and torture innocent people for no reason.

      copy.exe - 2010-11-18 11:07

      @nmelamu: I do agree with you that there is a huge gap in education between races in South Africa. What I do not agree with is that we keep playing those cards when education is available free of charge to the ones lacking. The gov does a lot to promote education, making it available and supplying it free of charge and yet there are still people who play the "We are not educated" card. It doesn't matter whether you are 60 now and didn't receive education back during appartheid, there is absolutely no reason what so ever for you not to educate yourself now that it is available to you. Even if you can't read or write, there are free classes to teach you these things. Education cards are out in South Africa, might as well chuck em in the fire.

  • Brendon - 2010-11-10 13:42

    Here we go again - has this thing got a brain? She is racist! If she see's black and white in crime? Wake up PLEEEEEEASE

  • Mike or Mpho - 2010-11-10 13:49

    An example of the intellectual powerhouse we call the ANC. I bet you that beach sand is racist too, and the trees, and the sky, hell, god must be racist as well.

  • hendrik.dupreez - 2010-11-10 13:51

    Here we go again!!

  • Jannie - 2010-11-10 13:52

    Anarchy, Neputism, Corruption, in short ANC = The New South Africa = Goverment = Jacob Zuma = Toni Yengeni = Shabir Shake = Afirmative Justice!

  • hendrik.dupreez - 2010-11-10 13:54

    OMG, another dumb a$$ minister, trying to take everyone's attention off the real problems instead of doing something about it.

  • Mike or Mpho - 2010-11-10 13:55

    One comment I do agree with: According to her, the criminal justice system needs transformation “because people in the same country aren’t treated equally”.

  • LJ Graey - 2010-11-10 13:56

    Another shining example of a ANC cadre not being able to think much futher than her nose is long. If she had any insight whatsoever she would realise that it's a lot more complex than simply making certain crimes "equal". The defendant's legal council alone can make a huge difference in the severity of the sentence depending on how good and/or expensive they are. What also gets considered is whether or not the accused shows any remorse for their actions, what the pecieved chances are of their being rehabilitated, and whether or not it is a first offence. A school kid could have come up with a better analysis by putting a little thought into it. But clearly the new status quo is to blame whatever goes wrong on a lack of transformation instead of ensuring that the country's policing and legal systems work and are immune to political interference and laying the blame for lack of performance at the feet of the various ANC cadres that were supposed to ensure the necesary performance over the last decade and a half in the first place...

  • goyougoodthing - 2010-11-10 14:00

    No we are not treated equally you are right. A white person gets a speeding fine and has to pay it or the prospect of spending a few nights getting to know a serial killer intimately may become a reality. At the same time mini bus taxis rack up huge fines and instead of paying them they burn tyres. This country, like most is in a mess and blaming each other, as this minister has just done, grossly undermines any attempt and reconciliation. It rather breeds us and them scenarios. Sort out the poverty and crime will take care of itself instead of granting mates tenders and sitting on the ANC gravy train. Enough, the people of SA whatever colour, are mostly good, it's time to route out the evil ones, starting at the top!

      Juanita - 2010-11-10 16:13

      this is the best comment of all!!

      freeflyshannon - 2010-11-10 22:42

      EXCELLENT! Bravo!

      green_goblin - 2010-11-11 14:16

      whooohhooooo, go you good thing!!!!! I agreee....

  • Kobus De Beer - 2010-11-10 14:01

    what a joke ! When are we going to stop playing the race card with th is bullshit . is this really what Madiba stood for. Why are comparing race and even saying black this or white that. Our sociaty is falling appart. Dear Goverment - start solving problems and stop pointing fingers and playing the race card...all of you black and white! What has actually changed since appartheid .... nothing but we can not play international sports! Get a real job you chops or make this country what it is supposed to be!

      Kobus De Beer - 2010-11-10 14:02

      LOL - we can play sport I mean!

  • pointblankza - 2010-11-10 14:05

    “But a black man who murders a white farmer gets life in prison. That’s racist politics.” HUH??

      FerretGee - 2010-11-10 16:06

      Sounds like Malema/Shivambu logic to me!!

  • alisonferrer - 2010-11-10 14:09

    I am sure there is a great deal of hurt and anger in the Black population due to unfulfilled promises by politicians wanting their vote. The frustration and hopelessness felt by these duped people is vented in acts of brutal violence. However, the law must be equally applied to all, but taking into account past criminal records as well as the possibility of reforming the convicted criminal.

  • robertgunning - 2010-11-10 14:10

    So what is she suggesting? Give whites harsher sentences than blacks? Give blacks lighter sentences? Put more whites in jail? Using one example of murder as the basis for the argument is not sufficient. So many variables need to be considered when passing sentence to a convicted felon and unless Maggie is suggesting that all judges are racist towards blacks, I suggest she rather focus on finding out if any single judge is handing out biased sentences based on race. I assume she has detailed statistics and didn't just use the SUM function in excel to total up as demographically there are 10 blacks to every white.

  • sydney706 - 2010-11-10 14:13

    “white person or boer who drags a black farm worker behind his bakkie and gets off with a R10 000 fine”. “But a black man who murders a white farmer gets life in prison. That’s racist politics.” Mmmmmm... One is MURDER Maggie Sotyu.. I dont condone either and both should be punished (in my opinion one should be hanging from a rope!). You are the deputy minister of Police and you didnt notice the difference??? God help us all! Lets not cloud the issue with facts but maybe you should focus on law enforcement (no gold medals there lately) and leave the rest to someone that courts!

      sydney706 - 2010-11-10 14:55

      Oh, I forgot about National Police Commissioner Cele comment earlier about the 10,000 (ten thousand) SAPS officers in jail... There is something to fokus your energy on! Do your job done first and you might be afforded an opinion on the Judiciary (as uneducated as it might be!).

  • Bryan - 2010-11-10 14:20

    ya ya I'm sure. Farm workers here get 6months house arrest for murder. Thats what these fools keep telling everyone, racism. How else do you win the masses over? Keep calling apartheid or blame the colonialists then the masses will keep voting and keep you wealthy. Poor Mandelas legacy is being trashed in such a short time.

  • Saffer - 2010-11-10 14:33

    The deputy minister might be right. But why stop there? Why does she not address the 'slap-on-the-wrist' sentences you get if you are a political bigwig? Like Tony Yengeni, who spent a total of 2 months in prison. Like the Travelgate fraudsters. Like Jacob Zuma, whose crimes didn't even get to court? Oh, of course. Sotyu herself was a Travelgate fraudster.

  • Gido - 2010-11-10 14:39

    How reassuring it is that the NEW deputy minister of police thinks that some criminals punishment are too harsh.. and the way she compares assault with murder.. another genius in cabinet!!

  • Gido - 2010-11-10 14:39

    How reassuring it is that the NEW deputy minister of police thinks that some criminals punishment are too harsh.. and the way she compares assault with murder.. another genius in cabinet!!

  • Wishbone - 2010-11-10 14:47

    Here it comes: JEE - Justice Enforcement Equity. White criminals get the full sentence while blacks get a 50% discount. Indians and the disabled only get 25%!

      djmilano.26 - 2010-11-10 15:26


      Hardtail - 2010-11-10 15:47

      More true than you know...and then there will be BBBJEE...once they have let off the politicians, and to cover themselves...

      green_goblin - 2010-11-11 14:19

      ROFL.... I want discount!!

  • dontbogart - 2010-11-10 15:03

    this reporter should be out of a job, i dont think theyd have one if they tried to push this crap story for very long in canada, its fueling the race divide for people who dont like to think.

  • Boerseun - 2010-11-10 15:04

    Now that is the pot calling the kettle white? Was she not a travel fraud cadre? How did she even get into such a post then?