Cullinan municipality to be disbanded

2010-09-16 12:10

Pretoria - The municipality that encompasses the town of Cullinan, 30km east of Pretoria, where the world's largest diamond was found, is to be disbanded, a Tshwane municipality spokesperson confirmed on Thursday.

"It's a done deal," Console Tleane said.

On Wednesday the Pretoria News reported that the Nokeng tsa Taemane municipality, which includes Cullinan, Rayton, Shere, Silver Lakes and Mooikloof, would be placed under administration before being incorporated into the Tshwane metro council after next year's local government election.

According to the report the decision to appoint an administrator had been endorsed by the ANC's Metsweding regional executive (REC) committee and Gauteng provincial executive committee.

REC chairperson Paul Mojapelo was quoted as saying that the municipality would cease to exist from October 1 when the administrator took over. He would not disclose the reasons for the move, but said it was an ANC decision, and that a media briefing would be called later in the week.

The ANC-run municipality has eight ANC and three DA councillors, and one Freedom Front Plus councillor.


The report said that earlier in the year frustrated residents had called on the government to place the municipality under administration.

The Freedom Front Plus did not welcome the news. The party's Pretoria leader Philip van Staden said the Nokeng tsa Taemane municipality was bankrupt and had huge debts.

"It will be a huge burden for the (Tshwane) ratepayers. It is a huge area and I cannot see how service delivery is going to improve for those (Nokeng tsa Taemane) residents. I think it will only get worse. This is mismanagement by an ANC run municipality."

He was not sure of the size of the municipality's debt, but had been told the mayor had obtained a new car every year since she had been in office. This year however she had to return the car as there were insufficient funds to pay for it, van Staden said.

The Pretoria News reported that the executive mayor was Anna Digoro and that she had been holding office since 2006.

The famed Cullinan Diamond, the world's largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found, at 3106 carats (621g), was discovered in 1905. It was bought by the then Transvaal government and presented to England's King Edward VII.