Cyclist attacked in Pmb

2006-09-06 19:11

Pietermaritzburg - Organisers of a Pietermaritzburg cycling contest expressed dismay on Wednesday after a cyclist was attacked by three youths while he was on a training ride.

Ray de Vries, a spokesperson for the Pick 'n Pay Amashovashova cycling event, said: "What creep, or creeps, jumps on to a cyclist travelling at 30km/h to rob him?"

Mike Hellens was attacked by three youths on Tuesday morning on the Dusi Bridge in Commercial Road, while he was on his way to meet fellow cyclists for a training session.

De Vries said Hellens was knocked off his bike by youths who wanted his cellphone.

"After realising that he had no cellphone, he was kicked and punched and left at the side of the road with neither his watch nor bike, valued at more than R50 000 being touched."

Hellens said he had been training through the winter as he believed he could win his section in this year's Amashovashova.

Sports people attacked while training

"These three thugs knocked me off my bike and then laid into me.

"If it hadn't been for a motorist who passed, I have no doubt they would have killed me.

"As usual, there wasn't a cop in sight. I think they are all at the Zuma trial," said Hellens.

Hellens had injuries on his face, abdomen and groin.

He is unable to walk and as a result of his injuries, he will not be taking part in this year's cycling competition.

De Vries said it was diabolical that sports people could be, and were, attacked while training for their events.

"We will do whatever it takes to help the authorities in whatever way we can - a stop needs to be put to this now," said De Vries.

The Pick 'n Pay Amashovashova National Classic 106km takes place on October 22 from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.