Cyclist killed in PE

2013-07-04 17:20

Johannesburg - A cyclist was killed when he was hit by a light delivery vehicle in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth on Thursday, paramedics said.

Paramedics found the cyclist lying unresponsive on the ground around 12:30, Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said.

He died on the scene.

  • Rob Tubbs - 2013-07-04 18:02

    With all due respect, and condolences to the family of the deceased, many cyclists in Pretoria have no regard for road sign's or Traffic lights. They often drive two to three abreast and expect motorists to 'overtake' on their outside, often having to cross solid white lines on the road. Any 'hooting' normally results in the 'finger' to the driver.. Come on 'cyclists' you, like Taxi Drivers also have to obey the rules of the road... Try it - accidents will decrease....

      Jonathan Jensen - 2013-07-04 18:45

      yawn. Something smells like old grump.

      Jonathan Jensen - 2013-07-05 07:07

      hi grumpy, let me translate what you've actually said. "condolences and whatever, but he probably had it coming."

  • Justin Aguy - 2013-07-04 18:09

    RIP. Unfortunately, if it's between vehicle and bike, bike will always lose.

  • Stinky Spice - 2013-07-04 18:25

    Garth.., there a time and place, this is neither. Condolences to the family.

  • patrick.masseyhicks - 2013-07-04 18:53

    He was probably a commuter, not a sports cyclist. I'm in pe. A lot of guys staying in Motherwell and other outlying townships have to cycle to work in town, which means leaving early. In winter it's dark and the motorists don't always see them.

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