DA wants leave to appeal Simelane ruling

2010-12-01 18:13

Cape Town - The DA has applied for leave to appeal a judgment dismissing its attempt to have President Jacob Zuma's appointment of Menzi Simelane as national director of public prosecutions set aside.

MP James Selfe said on Wednesday the party believed it had a strong legal case, and that a higher court could come to a different conclusion.

"The Democratic Alliance has studied the judgment carefully and has consulted its legal team," Selfe said in a statement.

"The case concerns issues that are of such critical importance to the future of our country and to the integrity of our legal system that we believe we have a responsibility to appeal this judgment."

Earlier this month the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria dismissed the DA's bid to have Zuma's decision to appoint Simelane as national prosecutions boss set aside.

The party had argued Simelane was not "a fit and proper person" for the job.

  • Mzuphela - 2010-12-01 19:56

    Yha u know DA menbers will always complain when a black person is appointed in any higher position. Thats what make me hate my to come back and work in south african. Here in dubai u compete with the world the u can judge yourself how cleaver u are.This is africa and the majority of peaple are black I think we should change the name south africa Then that we will make DA realize that they are in a black continent not europe. At lease we can talk to DA in english . 2050 generation wont have this kind of a problem .Here in dubai White an blacks can do anything together But When i m in my country white people see something wrong when i m with my girl friend couse she is white and I'm black . But South african need to unite agaist tribalism and Money DA Is capitalising in that ,they will never appoint A xhosa speaking person in Town.

      FuzzyStorm - 2011-01-14 13:15

      C'mon, get with the program, the DA obviously realizes that a black person will be appointed. That is not the problem. The problem is that simelanes track record indicates that he is not of the highest moral standing and thus does not command respect. For such a senior post in that department repest is essential.

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