Dad held for raping son, 10

2012-08-10 19:02

Johannesburg - A father has been arrested for allegedly raping his 10-year-old son in Kagiso on the West Rand, Gauteng police said on Friday.

A neighbour alerted police that something was amiss and the father was taken into custody on Thursday, Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya said.

The boy was apparently sodomised when the mother was not at home.

"The father threatened to kill him if he told anyone," said Sibiya.

The boy was taken to a place of safety.

The man would appear in the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court soon on a charge of rape.

  • sharon.erwin.96 - 2012-08-10 19:11

    How sad!! Because of the father's actions, the boy will struggle to ever trust anyone again... Unforgivable.

  • fdalana - 2012-08-10 19:13

    cage him for life.

      ingi.raikes - 2012-08-10 20:05

      Bugger that! Hang the BASTARD! Why should we have to pay for him to live comfortably in prison? Hang them all, l say! I'm fed up with all this crime, corruption, abuse................l mean really, what a sick bloody world!

  • sam.mcdonald.9847 - 2012-08-10 19:14

    Oh poor boy, this will haunt him 4 the rest of his life. As for the dad, he needs help, serious help.

      Erna - 2012-08-10 19:25

      The 'dad' needs to be locked up with some sweet sugga daddies and the key thrown away.

      charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-08-10 20:53

      he needs help alright, Cut off his penis that is what I would do.

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-08-10 19:18

    W.T.F.Hang this pieceof garbage and get finished!

  • John - 2012-08-10 19:19

    Hand him over to the community when all evidence proves him guilty. Remove penis testicles and scrotum to prevent it the crime recurring. Poor kid. Jailing is a waste of our money.

      ingi.raikes - 2012-08-10 20:06


  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-08-10 19:20

    Now,, this is just beyond sick. I'm actually lost for words.

  • keith.recore - 2012-08-10 19:21

    this kid needs every, EVERY resource available to make sure he can be shown ways to deal with this and realize he (son) has done absolutely nothing wrong. Thankfully the neighbor did something, now it must be insured the son will be safe from that man.

  • andile.nokhetshe - 2012-08-10 19:24


  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-10 19:24

    Yesterday our erstwhile Pres assured us that the police are working tirelessly to protect the rights of women and children. What are the other facets of society doing - from psychiatric care all the way to incarceration? This guy will get bail/suspended sentence and be out to predate on other children. Chances are good it's not only his son he's molested. There's no cure for people like this - anywhere in the world. We demand mandatory life without parole for child rapists!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-10 20:22

      @BulletProof - well child molesters are found in every strata of society in every corner of the world. Many grow up in comparative normality. Societies play a bigger role than govts. Invariably many people know what is going on including of course the perpetrator, but no-one does or says anything. e.g. read today of a teacher rapist and the answer was to give the pupil victim a free pass to the next grade and make them a prefect. Society rewards bad behaviour because they don't want to confront this kind of aberration. Until we change our mindsets and stop protecting evildoers, it will continue. We cannot close our eyes and our minds - these people exist. They are predators and they destroy lives.

  • goodguy.buthelezi - 2012-08-10 19:29

    Hope that 'justice' prevails. However, if that was my family member I was PERSONALLY going to CHOP that 4-5 of yours! No mercy!!!

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-08-10 19:29

    He must go to hell

  • Boitu.m - 2012-08-10 19:31

    Children aren't safe in the streets and worse, in their own homes... How on earth does a father commit such vile acts against his own son? What is wrong with our society? I am shocked beyond words.

  • africa.tshipembe - 2012-08-10 19:52

    get some thugs to rape him and lets see how he feels after that,sick bastard..

  • juicecard.tshaka - 2012-08-10 19:58

    Another sick mind

  • themba.thwala.98 - 2012-08-10 20:02

    My goodness, he must have been high on nyaope. I hope the community castrates the bugger so that he cannot be tempted to ever commit such a heinous act ever again

  • BulletProof. - 2012-08-10 20:05

    WFT CUT is Dingling WF I can say more.

  • mlu.khan - 2012-08-10 20:09

    Very disappointing to read about this. Parents are supposed to protect their children, not sexually prey on them. I read this about SA on Wiki: "One in three of the 4,000 women questioned by the Community of Information, Empowerment and Transparency said they had been raped in the past year.[76] More than 25% of South African men questioned in a survey admitted to raping someone; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person, according to a new study conducted by the Medical Research Council (MRC).[77][78] A 2010 study led by the government-funded Medical Research Foundation says that in Gauteng province, more than 37 percent of men said they had raped a woman. Nearly 7 percent of the 487 men surveyed said they had participated in a gang rape.[79] Among children, a survey found 11% of boys and 4% of girls admitted to forcing someone else to have sex with them while in another survey among 1,500 schoolchildren in the Soweto township, a quarter of all the boys interviewed said that 'jackrolling', a term for gang rape, was fun" It is obvious we need even tougher laws and execution thereof against child and women sexual abuses, in fact, we need tougher against all crimes! This can prove very difficult since everything is politically linked, there must be a way to separate the two. We are a democracy for Pete's sake, when are we going to realize that power

  • Andre - 2012-08-10 20:20

    What a pervert!

  • Buddylove Manzini - 2012-08-10 20:23

    this Dad need a prayer how can he sodomised his 10 year old son,sis amanyalala

  • ditoare.gypsy - 2012-08-10 20:23

    You have guts to call this monster a Father, this piece of thing should never be labeled as Father or Dad

  • Hannes Truter - 2012-08-10 20:35

    Fick Suck!!

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-08-10 20:56

    Any man that rapes a Human Being, should have his penis cut off. That should set an example to future rapists in this world. "Lo Children are an heritage from the Lord" I pray that the child and all the victims of rape heal in God's Love and care.

  • hettie.potgieter - 2012-08-10 21:09

    Sick bloody bastard!!!!

  • sipho.masilela2 - 2012-08-10 21:10

    Yoh!yoh,yoh... Wht ?habe

  • Cleopatra Joseph - 2012-08-10 21:32

    this man is worse than an animal he should be handed over to Robert Mogabe, he'll show him...

  • bmaestro - 2012-08-10 21:38

    he is worse than the devil(the father).he is suppose to protect his son not f##k him in the ##s.rot in jail bastard!

  • marleze.baartman - 2012-08-10 21:47

    Poor child, this is going to haunt him for the rest of his life. How can a person do this to your own kid?

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-08-10 22:03

    Realy,His own son? Sometimes whole country gets cursed because of just heinous individuals like this oafish fella.Ihope swift and harsh punishment is waiting for him.

  • bless.boswell - 2012-08-10 23:47

    Death penalty.

  • fiona.collins.568 - 2012-08-11 04:49

    Bring back the death penalty! Otherwise, hand him over to the community!

  • christo.boshoff1 - 2012-08-11 07:13

    Rape is rape, man, woman or child, regardless of gender! Rapists should be killed and tortured! The victims will forever be emotionally tortured and haunted by these acts! Lets mutilate them, and let them slowly die! Fed up with the loss of respect of human beings in this country! While the courts and constitution supposedly cherish and protect human rights, they are failing dismally for giving power and human rights to criminals who run a slaughterhouse in SA. Rapists & murderers, should have the right to nothing. The break down everything for their own satisfaction. Stop Rape, stop the Murders.

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-08-11 08:05

    speechless . . .

  • carla.desa.10 - 2012-08-11 09:40

    Cut his penis put it on his mouth then Tie him and get a Horny elephante rape the MF...then feed him to d Shark...

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-08-11 15:21

    Sam Ramsamy? Bad taste, sorry.

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-08-11 15:23

    How can a person like this be punished harshly enough?

  • shaik.spear.1 - 2012-08-11 23:06

    may he get his well deserved punishment and go to jail! Once there i hope he gets voilently and forcefully violated everyday of his misrable life in prison! I appeal for donation of bars of soap for him, so that he never run out of soap to drop in the prison showers! He is a low down dirty dog! His own son was not even safe from him, i wounder what he did with the neighbourhood kids.......the bastard!!!!!! If he was in turkey we would hang him by his bols from a thorn tree in the desert , until he dies!

  • jessica.main.501 - 2012-09-19 10:37

    should put him in a jail and let other prisoners rape him just like the way he raped his son, he must feel the pain. Bastard.

  • Rob Martin - 2013-06-05 21:11

    Another sick bastard, castrate him.... as bad as the Limpopo fool...put him in a cell with a few hardened criminals and no vaseline.

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