Dalai Lama says he had no choice

2011-10-07 20:09

Johannesburg - The Dalai Lama says he had no choice but to withdraw his application for a visa to visit South Africa.

In a video message to the universities and organisations that invited him, he said he had been looking forward to the trip.

"However, the government of South Africa feels that it will be an inconvenience and with no sign or answer about my visit/visa, there was no other alternative but to withdraw," says the Tibetan spiritual leader.

"I feel very, very sad."

The video was posted on Friday on the University of Witwatersrand website in Johannesburg, where he was due to speak next week.

The Dalai Lama cancelled his trip on Tuesday after waiting in vain for a response from South African authorities to his application for a visa.

The government is weathering a storm of criticism for failing to issue him with a visa for the second time in two years.

  • Slapper - 2011-10-07 20:37

    Its OK Dal, your trip here would only have given these Ars**oles undeserved credit. Better this way, as it shows them for y=the pack of gutless Rats that they are

      keng - 2011-10-07 23:44

      I actually don't care about Dai's religious convictions but he is a good guy and preaches all the right stuff. What I do care about is that he is a better man than me and I would have a Visa in 5 minutes. If I could have clicked your "like" a million times I would have done so.

  • Warslat - 2011-10-07 20:39

    Shame now the DL must know a tiny bit how Shugden followers in India feel like.

  • Vela Stardust - 2011-10-07 20:41

    Communist Blade Nzimade, within the ANC government,did not want the Dalai Lama in South Africa. What an idiot! And to think he is minister of higher education. What an isibhanxa! I hope the ANC never live this down.

      Pigscanfly - 2011-10-07 21:05

      Communist Blade Nzimade can only be a minister of the title "Higher Education" but he himself does not have higher education and never will have. Mind you anything above standard 2 is higher education for the clowns in the ANC

      Yoni - 2011-10-07 23:50

      He really should be renamed "Plank" Nzimande.

  • za101 - 2011-10-07 20:43

    Will the Dalai Lama be allowed to attend Desmond Tutu's or Nelson Mandela's funeral?

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-10-07 21:18

      AUM.... MANI, PADMI......... AUM! All communists have very NARROW VISION! Let them be,.... it will be the DOWNFALL of communism!

      Bish - 2011-10-07 22:00

      Downfall of communism! Is there any further down level to fall for communism? China pretends to be communist just like our ANC pretending to be democratic.

  • CalamitySA - 2011-10-07 21:07

    Will the reasoning behind this decision be disclosewd to the public please? By the president if possible.

      Umfubi - 2011-10-07 21:30

      There was no decision. The visa was not refused. It simply wasn't approved (yet). It's a pity he withdrew his application, because now we'll never know whether they would actually have refused it again.

      Democrat - 2011-10-07 22:50

      Umfubi, you have obviously been brainwashed by the ANC. Can't you see their deceit. Through their prevarication the Dalai Lama had no option but to cancel the trip TWO days before he was supposed to have come to SA. The excuses for not issuing the visa are so thin that no intelligent person believes them.

      Umfubi - 2011-10-08 09:45

      Yes, Democrat - thank you soooo much for explaining it to me. My point - which you comprehensively missed - is that since the ANC was forestalled by the Dalai Lama's withdrawal, they now have the marvellous excuse that they didn't refuse it. So, CalamitySA's wish that the 'refusal' be explained can be neatly sidestepped by the ANC because there was no refusal. Politics, see. I repeat: it's a pity the application was withdrawn, because this provides a loophole. Do you now understand my response, or should I explain it in even simpler terms? And since you obviously really care, I am happy to advise that I have not been brainwashed - by anybody. You OK with that?

  • beicime - 2011-10-07 21:38

    By withdrawing the application the Dalai Lama saved the ANC government the embarrassment of a decline. No doubts the Dalai Lama is a man of peace who doesn't want to embarrass anyone. The ANC did it to itself.

      Warslat - 2011-10-07 22:08

      Man of peace...only because he's in no position to wage war, but that doesn't stop him behaving like a pre WW2 Hitler in places he has influence. The guy is a fraud and possibly the most misunderstood person alive. By withdrawing his application he gets to milk the situation and get his name in the limelight again

  • Statistics - 2011-10-07 21:46

    cos when you are China's B*tch, you will sit like they tell you to....

  • Karel - 2011-10-07 22:23

    They can say what they want but I know that the Chinese has put pressure on the South African Gov not to give the visa. Just as the American Gov it seems like South Africa is on the Chinese Payroll. That do not spells anything good for our country. I was sitting on Frankfurt Airport this week counting the Chinese travellers. They out numbered the Europeans 9-1 in the duty free section of the airport building. What are they doing there? They are taking over the world and we must wake up before it is to late.

      sabc10 - 2011-10-08 17:17

      What are they doing there??? Is it not obvious.Investing,spending,making europeans rich,buying european goods,learning european culture,admiring european architecture,making friends,socialising,sharing knowledge.... Why does it bother you so much? Most people do not sit at the airport counting how many germans,italians,french,xhosas,americans,japanese,koreas,other asians. 9:1 I would think you mean asians as none of us can tell the difference between singaporeans,japanese,koreans,American asians,Uk asians.

  • Chabi - 2011-10-07 22:24

    You are hard at taking good advice Mr. "Daai Lama", you should have flown to Zimbabwe, then crossed the border on foot... no visas are required, now you could not make it to the Arch's tea party,.. well you did not miss much though, theatricals of the Arch-Emeritus were unsually boring, get yourself a cold ice tea in Tibet, switch on to SABC 2 News and you will see it was not worth the trouble.

      Democrat - 2011-10-07 22:52

      Chabi, How crass you are!!

  • Pee-Jay - 2011-10-07 22:45

    The Dalia Lama is a polititian advancing the interests of the West and cloaked in the guise of a spiritual leader. He is they key player behind the efforts for cessation of Tibet. That is the reason why he was banned in China. China is a country where Individual rights are secondary to broader societal rights eg. the right to education, housing, health care, employment etc. are more important than the right to freedom of expression, the right to choose, etc. etc. In capitalist society fundamental individual rights are paramount and that is the reason why you have massive unemployment, informal settlements, illiteracy, etc.

  • diplomat - 2011-10-07 22:48

    It is a disgrace! The SA government is a disgrace, not the people. I will not comment anymore on this site..good bye

  • Marjan - 2011-10-07 22:58

    I am DEEPLY ashamed for my own government! Pathetic! I was very privilidged to hear and see this special man at Unisa many years ago,....what they hell, now he was denied a visa! PATHETIC! Shows who we are dealing with in SA!

  • keng - 2011-10-07 23:52

    Buddhist say government here but for a day. Lot of noise will go away soon. Not worry

  • Jade - 2011-10-07 23:59

    @Pigscanfly did you go to China? Plz do not make a such stupid speech. all the problem,crime and corruption happened in SA,it is none of SA business.

  • Craig Louw - 2011-10-08 02:55

    You people who have something negative to say about the dalai lama obviously have no cooking clue as to what china stands for. As with Japan china also had an emperor who's line was purged from royalty. They "liberated" the people so to say. However do you understand how employment works in china? Do you know that most rural Chinese are unskilled? Do you know that a privileged few run the economy?

  • Craig Louw - 2011-10-08 02:58

    The Chinese government and banking institutions are the ones who run the company. There is no room for entrepreneurship in china so everyone is owned by the government. The Chinese economy is strong because everything is made in china. And what do you think their workers get paid?

  • Craig Louw - 2011-10-08 02:59

    The current government is already saying that free housing will expire soon. The current direction of wealth generation will only benefit government. Do yo work for government pee jay?

  • Craig Louw - 2011-10-08 03:02

    On the topic of the emperor, in the time of Chinese emperors the dalai lama was a respected religious leader. And institution. The pope if you will of their culture. China's new religion is communism. They have turned their backs on their most esteemed religious leader and laid siege to Tibet. He is not the agressor.

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