Dbn cops find missing ring

2010-06-16 09:03

Pietermaritzburg - Thirty-six policemen crawled around on their knees to find a lost engagement ring, but now the search is on to find its owner.

Last Friday, just after the World Cup opening game, a young woman approached police at the Joint Operations Centre on the Durban beach front and reported that she had lost a diamond engagement ring on a grassy area near the promenade.

Brigadier Robert Harry told The Witness that the woman, believed to be in her early 20’s, was in tears and begged police to help her find it.

“I took another colleague and grabbed a torch and followed the young woman to the spot. We searched the grass which was wet with dew drops. We couldn’t see a thing and ended the search,” he said.

The woman visited Harry the next day to see if anyone had found the ring.

“My heart went out to her. She explained that it was her engagement ring and that it was very special to her. She had tears in her eyes,” he said.

Harry said he could not give up the search for the ring so easily so he gathered 36 members from the Tactical Response Unit and searched the area again.

“I just had a feeling that we would find the ring. The team must have thought I was crazy, but I knew that we had to find that ring. Everybody agreed to help me”, he said.

Harry and his team got onto their knees while dressed in full uniform and crawled around the area for almost an hour. After 15 minutes, a crowd gathered to watch the group of police officers crawling on all fours.

“We found the ring under some dry grass. It was an amazing feeling. The crowd who had gathered to watch us clapped when they saw the ring,” he said.

Harry said they tried contacting the woman but her phone was switched off.

“We want to return the ring to her. We have sent out radio requests so we hoping that she will come for her ring soon,” he said.

Harry said that he was determined to find the young woman and would even take to the streets with a police loud hailer to find her.