De Klerk: Tackle cultural alienation

2012-08-30 20:43

Johannesburg - The world needs to tackle cultural and religious alienation and devise ways for divergent communities to live together, former president FW de Klerk said on Thursday.

"The days of the single ethnic group nation state are gone," he told the Mouvement des Entreprises de France, the largest union of employers in France, in Paris.

"More than 130 countries have cultural minorities comprising more than 10% of their populations. Cultural diversity is being augmented by new waves of migrants seeking economic opportunities and freedom."

De Klerk said one of the central issues in the debate on where globalisation was taking the world was the preservation of cultural diversity.

"Everywhere people are on the move, and everywhere they are confronting once homogenous societies with new challenges."

Many people believed the identity, purpose and dignity they derived from their cultural heritage was being threatened by the global wave of English language mass culture, he said.

De Klerk said humans were complex social beings with many important concentric relationships.

"We are individuals. We belong to families. We pursue our economic interests. We belong to clubs and organisations," De Klerk said.

"Many of us have religious affiliations. We often belong to distinct cultural groups. We have gender and sexual orientation. We are citizens of countries and increasingly we belong to the international community."

He said South Africans were richer because of their cultural diversity.

"I am confident that we can show that diversity does not need to be a source of tension and conflict, but can help to enrich our lives by providing differing perspectives of the world in which we live."

De Klerk said the international community needed to do much more to define and protect the rights of cultural, ethnic and religious minorities.

"The presence of people from so many different cultures is one of the most enriching aspects of our new world."

He said the international community should accept the role education could play in the preservation of religious, cultural and linguistic diversity.

  • FinalJustice - 2012-08-30 20:47

    Mr. De Klerk, please I really think it's time for you to shut up now.

      johan.jacobs.5680 - 2012-08-30 20:55

      And go.

      husaberg.twostroke - 2012-08-30 21:16

      De Klerk and cabinet could have negotiated a better deal for all other parties, but NO he gave it all away to a certain group called the anc. Talk about cracking dear lord.

      bryan.culross - 2012-08-30 22:22

      Why shud he shut up but you be allowed to express ur view?

      blou.johnny - 2012-08-30 22:24

      ...he gave it all to the ANC on a silver platter........everything... ...lock, stock and barrel.....

      grimmister.ree - 2012-08-31 08:24

      @ blou.johnny What you fail to realise is that the anc that the ANC which was elected into power, is a far cry from the ANC currently governing the country.

      Oraniaboer - 2012-11-02 01:08

      FinalJustice be nice.

  • johan.bester.90 - 2012-08-30 20:58

    F. W. de Klerk, you have been a traitor to your people. I would be ashamed about the fact but you have the audacity to even open your mouth. Go to Greece.

      blou.johnny - 2012-08-30 22:28

      ...yip... ...traitor and coward....

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-08-30 21:17

    De Klerk you are like Mugabe - a has been. Time to enjoy your pension.

  • tilly.vanoudtshoorn - 2012-08-30 21:25

    Oh just be quiet De Klerk. You don't know what to say or how to say it, so just don't. You are a Nebbish. What a useless piece of nothing. Yip I agree with the panel shut up and go to Greece. Mayhem and Sh i t is all you caused in this country.

  • tw2066 - 2012-08-30 21:27

    I blame DeKlux for where we are now. His noo Souf Afrika is a crime infested dump run by a bunch of corrupt inept fools. Even Juju admits it was better under apatheid - the old Souf Africa - his words not mine...

      blou.johnny - 2012-08-30 22:31

      ...thank you very much... FW de Greek....

  • Steven Trollip - 2012-08-30 21:33

    F!!! OF!!! FW!!!!!

  • andile.vabasa - 2012-08-30 21:48

    Thank you De Klerk for giving us a democratic society but no thank you that you practically sent the country to hell when you gave it to the ANC who's members seem to lack everything a Government should have with IQ and good moral values being right on top. I for one like all the different cultures and races which is why it is important NOT to mix the whole world or else we will eventually be one big mixed race with no pure races left! Viva HITLER! Just kidding but seriously does anyone get where I am going with this!

      ingrid.k.duplessis - 2012-09-07 06:14

      Ah, at last: somebody who is proud of his unique heritage and who realizes that "mixing the bunch together" will make all of us disappear! I am a proud afrikaans speaking white, living amongst proud chichewa speaking black people in malawi, where we celebrate the different cultures, instead of just tolerating them, or worse, trying to obliterate them...Good for you andile!!

  • sigmund.badenhorst - 2012-08-30 22:28

    To late. It was your choice, Mr De Klerk. Live with it!!!!!

  • nico.dejongh.90 - 2012-08-30 22:38

    Wonder what's better. The past, where our history can be trace or the future, where - say Italy without Italians, thus the world a mixture of who's who from where... Variety - the spice of life has lost it's flavor. Somehow .. sad.

  • bongani.nsele.58 - 2012-08-30 22:45

    this cultural diversity is culture embedded in africa for a strong nation and good laws for the people is what we need...i always laugh at this unity in diversity political correctness

  • rudi.botha.376 - 2012-08-30 22:52

    To the critics of Mr de Klerk the following: Without him you and your children would have been dead by now because civil war in SA was unavoidable - he stopped it and had the courage to do so and more than 70% of the white population voted YES in the referendum giving him the mandate for change. So why do you not shut up and be thankful for what you have - your life!

      bobo.jane.1 - 2012-08-31 07:49

      Do you really think a civil war under the ANC rule is not a possibility rudi ?Do you still think this make believe lalala rainbow nation is one big happy family ? Well I don`t think so. All this blabber is verry rich comming from Frikkie who doesn`t want to do anything from his loveley 3 grand childeren...Why ?..Is it perhaps because they are coloured ?

      grimmister.ree - 2012-08-31 08:25

      bobo...wth has the color of his grandkids got to do with anything,....

  • sisa.mtwana - 2012-08-31 05:17

    I like what his saying. Maybe its just me.

  • cornel.dejager - 2012-08-31 05:54

    I wonder if the farm killings and the wave of crime in SA is part of his culture diversity ?

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-08-31 08:14

    De Klerk gave control to the ANC because he had a good heart, he gave the people what the people wanted.. what they asked for.. and yes white people, we are the manority here, so therefore the ANC would be in lead... but one thing we can say thanks to now is the fact that their own government failed them, and slowly the realization is creeping in... it saddens me to see that people are fighting everywhere in the whole world for freedom when its all around us, its just that people like "Governments" tell us that we are owned... we need to wake up from the cruel reality and pursue the life that was set for us... to live free with earth, not against it...

  • reon.stoman - 2012-08-31 10:12

    A warning to FW de Klerk - History will label you as the man who destroyed a nation.

  • jan.h.joubert - 2012-09-07 10:02

    I agree with the comments made by Mr De Klerk.He is one of the best leaders South Africa ever had.He and the National Party of 1989 must be honoured for the courage they have had to lead South Africa to a democratic society.The fact that the majority of the voters have supported the ANC is not Mr De Klerk's fault,that is the democratic choice of the majority of voters in South Africa and while I do not agree with it we do have to respect it.South Africa whould have been much worse off if Mr De Klerk and his cabinet have not taken the steps that they have taken from 1989-1994.The release of the political detainees,the unbanning of the ANC and other political organizations were neccassary,the negotiations and a democratic election in 1994 was neccassary.South Africa is a country to be proud of and Mr De Klerk has played a vital part to bring about a free and democratic society.

  • jan.h.joubert - 2012-09-07 11:24

    Cultural diversity is the reality of today.There is nearly no country in the world that has got a homogenous compilation.It is going to become a bigger issue in many countries where the compilation of the nation has changed because of immigration. In some countries is the face of the country busy changing so much that people who were traditional in the majority will wake up and find that they are in the minority

  • joe.muridili - 2012-11-30 16:47

    mr de klerk has done very well as a citizen of the world, he put aside his interests in order to advance the interests of the country. if you look in the whole world today its chaotic, look at greece,spain, israel, gaza the mighty America. lets us not condem the man unnessesarly

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