Dead baby found on pavement

2011-06-17 13:03

Johannesburg - The body of a newborn baby boy was found on a pavement in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape police said on Friday.

Warrant Officer Gerda Swart said the baby was wrapped in newspapers and was already dead when police arrived at the scene.

Police received a call on Thursday morning informing them about the baby on the road.

No arrests have been made.

  • GirlyR - 2011-06-17 13:17

    Is it just me, or is this happening more and more?

      rono - 2011-06-17 13:24

      Atleast one kid a week...imagine how many are not found.

      GirlyR - 2011-06-17 13:28

      If you don't want them, or can't care for them, don't have them. Animals in the wild knows to stop breeding if the veld can't provide. Aren't we as humans able to do better than this?

      REVO - 2011-06-17 13:30

      My goodness, what kind of creatures are we dealing with here?? Not even animals do this to their young!! This must be the lowest life form on this great planet of ours.

      zak - 2011-06-17 13:37

      Animals in the wild have something called a brain and instinct . These Urban / Farm animals have non .

      Grayman - 2011-06-17 13:41

      @ GirlyR: I share your sentiments, but there are also too many questions unanswered. Who is the mother? How old is she? Was the pregnancy due to rape? What is her background? What future would that child have had in her care? Was the infant dead before being left? Too many questions, and if there are any answers, they just raise more questions. I am just hugely saddened and concerned for the youth of our country.

      jowza - 2011-06-17 13:58

      grayman,assuming the answer to all your questions is yes,does that in any way justify leaving a baby on the pavement

      Ms M - 2011-06-17 14:00

      @ Grayman - regardless of who the mother is, her age, whether the pregnancy was due to rape, her background etc..leaving a baby (whether alive or not) is inhumane. If it had died before it was left there, have the decency to bury it. If it was alive and she left it there then serious steps need to be taken against her. This is just not acceptable and something needs to be done.

      Jet master - 2011-06-17 14:03

      Why is everyone so surprised? We live in SA. This is normal for a savage nation. Rape, murder, abuse are all every day experiences in SA. quote from blood diamond "God left Africa a long time ago".

      Jet master - 2011-06-17 14:04

      RIP little one. trust me South Africa was not a place you wanted to live in.

      Grayman - 2011-06-17 14:19

      @ Jowza and Ms M: I am not condoning the action of the mother leaving a child on the pavement. That is a very inhumane thing to do. This is not natural behavior from anyone. The desperation must be extreme for someone to be driven to behave in such a way. I am merely raising the questions that we should be asking ourselves because this is an indication of a sick society!

      Vernon - 2011-06-17 14:36

      Mother should be STERILISED and jailed for LIFE.There are couples who can't have babies and we have this happening!!

      Sho Fukamachi - 2011-06-17 14:46

      Yup. Uneducated masses, breeding in poverty. RIP little child, if only your parents had more sense.

      motsokwane - 2011-06-17 17:14


  • Dubya - 2011-06-17 13:19

    What the hell is going on?! This seems to be a regular occurrence now...

  • Illuminus - 2011-06-17 13:21

    First was the burning pit, then the dustbin and now this story. All within 3 weeks. This is depressing.

  • Pixie1984 - 2011-06-17 13:25

    RIP little one. Your horrible parents will burn.

  • Chewbacca - 2011-06-17 13:26

    No need to mention the colour as humans don't act like this

      Illuminus - 2011-06-17 13:32

      True, but I am sorry to say that anyone reading this has a good idea of the colour.

      lungelo mpatho - 2011-08-03 14:26

      yes! yes! COLOUR is at fault! i blame the COLOUR too...

  • CURRENTLY ABUSED - 2011-06-17 13:26

    Yip, it’s the African way.....

      Psychotron - 2011-06-17 13:30

      It goes to show life is not valued under the current apartheid regime.

  • nitesh.khoosal - 2011-06-17 13:27

    sies to the mother, no matter what the circumstances are, even being uneducated doesn't justify these murderers/savages.....cmon, not even animals practice this.......

      InternetMan - 2011-06-17 15:20

      Again with the animal comparison... Animals kill their young all time and we are animals too. I know, it's a shocker, get over it.

  • lollie sue - 2011-06-17 13:28

    so irresponsible, disgusting

  • JohnnyDeppFreak - 2011-06-17 13:38

    Really WTF?????????? my hart bleeds completely! and @ the same time i wish i could get my hands on the people responsible. CONTRAF_CKINCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE INNOCENT SOULS SUFFER BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY!

  • Liz - 2011-06-17 13:40

    S H O C K I N G !!!!!!!

  • coconuts - 2011-06-17 13:48

    The baby could have been born dead and dumped? Still shocking

      Psychotron - 2011-06-17 14:11

      Did the doc throw it out the window then? I think not.

      Krolie - 2011-06-17 18:35

      Too many un-answered questions and so many different cirmcumstances that can apply. Leaving this poor little baby on the pavement is just so inhuman. We don't even know if he was still alive and whether he has suffered. I pray that was not the case. I have been thinking about the sudden increase of babies left to die in such obscure places, and have for the first time wondered if there is any connection at all with witch doctors or someone advising them to do so? I suppose I am clutching at straws here trying to find an answer for the monther(s) behaviour in the last three incidents, but I simply can't get my head around these callous acts. Rest in peace little one. You are in safe hands now.

  • jowza - 2011-06-17 13:51

    find the mother and sew up all her openings

      lollie sue - 2011-06-17 14:12

      jowza, true ne

      jevoixtout - 2011-06-17 14:16

      And while they are about it cut the fathers member off.

      lollie sue - 2011-06-17 14:27

      @jevoix, start with the father so there won't be any baby

      jowza - 2011-06-17 14:36

      Yes lollie,always the mens fault

  • renesongs - 2011-06-17 13:58

    It seems to me that well live side by side with some of the lowest species of animal to plague our planet.

  • Helen_77 - 2011-06-17 13:59

    OMG, I grew up here. It's one thing reading about it happening elswhere, but this is rather close to home

  • Michelle - 2011-06-17 14:05

    Anyone besides me notice that the story says that the police were informed Thursday morning. Friday when they finally bothered to go to the scene the baby was dead. Of course it was!!! Sounds to me like the police are responsible for this one!!

      coconuts - 2011-06-17 14:22

      It could just be the way it was written I dont think the police only pitched on the Friday but made public on Friday what happened Thursday?

  • Anonymous Thinker - 2011-06-17 14:07

    And still the politicians preach nothing more than drivel about how land should be taken back, mines nationalized, how taking a shower prevents HIV and how voting for ANC means heaven. Instead of doing what they're supposed to do in the communities, and that is to educate all people on safe sex, birth control and how it's inhumane to leave dead babies on the side of the road as if they're trash! Did they forget the part of "thou shalt not kill"?

  • Niel Meiring - 2011-06-17 14:15

    RIP. probably better off than living in this world. shame man. terrible.

  • mo-man - 2011-06-17 14:17

    Bloody apartheid!!

      Wit vrou - 2011-06-29 09:03

      What does apartheid have to do with this??????

  • Daemos1 - 2011-06-17 14:31

    Life gets cheaper everyday ne

  • nkulu.bgumede - 2011-06-17 14:49

    this is just sad really...

      robyn - 2011-06-17 16:39

      it is more than sad , it is inhumane . I cant understand why people have children when they know they are doomed to poverty etc . I had only one child due to me wanting to give the best opportunity to my child that i could afford and i really think other people should want the best for their children so if you cant afford too many children dont have them . They deserve better in life .

  • Hantie Jansen van Vuuren - 2011-06-17 14:59

    The new laws permitting abortion gives the impression that a baby's life is not worth anything. So what if they kill it a month or so later?

  • motsokwane - 2011-06-17 16:49

    Postnatal depression doesn't know any colour and this are the signs that it is overlooked mainly in the poor communities of our country. Mothers are being discharged without a structured follow-up or proper after-care plan or counselling. National Health Insurance will address problems like this ones and help to change the mindset of our people.

      Grant - 2011-06-17 17:56

      National Health Insurance will do sweet bugger-all! It will make a few corrupt people a lot richer, and will provide jobs for people as unqualified as the murderous mother in this article. But hey...let's keep living in a society where anything goes, and when it flops, you just have to point a finger. Accountability and responsibility is so old-fashioned anyway...

  • Piet Skiet - 2011-06-17 17:46


  • litchi - 2011-06-22 09:20

    Wow. Make the conscious decision to carry a child for 9 months and then wrap it in newspaper and throw it on the pavement like yesterday's scraps. Very nice world we live in, I must say.

  • nicole.duplessis2 - 2011-06-22 09:44

    There are so many women out there who can not have children due to complications, thne you get these stupid stupid girls/women who just pop them out one for one not caring whether they can provide for the kids and live off of the government grant and make it difficult for others who REALY TRUELY need the aid of that grant and cant get it. It makes me sick to my stomache that nothing is been done about this, and now with the new law thats out stating that a 12year old can go on to the contraceptive at her own choice, that is as much as telling them, "here my girl, use these tablets everday and you wont get pregnant" that is just so wrong on so many levels, asif to tell them you can go out and sleep around, but also not mentioning that you can get STD'S awell and not only fall pregnant and have un-wanted children you can not possible support and take care of but get very dangerous life threatning STD'S.

  • Wit vrou - 2011-06-29 09:00

    I have no words for this.How can you be so cruel to do that.Only the work of the devil.You sick sick woman.Why do you sleep around WITHOUT CONDOMS if you know that you cant afford a child.And if you fall pregnant rather go and have an abortian than to carry that childd and the first thing he/she see are the mother and you are everything to him/her and then you just dump him/her onto a pavement or dumpster or toilet.What must go though that little mind of them.(Mommy doesnt love me.)YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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