Dead man's medals - soldier transferred

2012-10-13 12:24

Johannesburg - The incumbent new commander of the Durban Light Infantry, accused of wearing a dead soldier's medals to a parade, has been moved to another unit, Beeld newspaper reported on Saturday.

Lieutenant Colonel Sibusiso Amos Mbuyazi, 42, has been transferred pending the outcome of an investigation against him, according to the report.

Mbuyazi earlier this week labelled the incident a malicious prank by his subordinates, claiming it was part of a smear campaign to discredit him.

He reportedly wore the late Chaplain Patrick Montgomery's Southern Cross and Pro Patria medals and his John Chard Decoration for impeccable, continuous service when he received his rank at a Pretoria parade on 22 August.

Mbuyazi told Beeld, however, that his subordinates had pinned the medals to his uniform.

  • clive.kihn - 2012-10-13 12:36

    Should have received a dishonourable discharge. But I'm afraid this typifies the people who make up our defence force these days.

      JaredVN - 2012-10-13 13:52

      To call ex MK scum a "soldier" is far-fetched. They are nothing but criminal, terrorist rabble.

      edward.d.beesley - 2012-10-13 14:23

      Will probably become Minister of Defence now ... :)

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-10-13 12:42

    Disgusting, the imposter should have been drummed out of the defense force.

  • cathy.g.ingram - 2012-10-13 12:45

    Idiot. Why didn't he stop his subordinates pinning the medals on him? Probably find they were obeying his orders.

  • rowan.maulson - 2012-10-13 12:45

    Unacceptable. He must be dishonourably discharged (if we have such a thing).

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-10-13 12:57

      I think now days you get discharged for being honourable!

      terence.pattison - 2012-10-13 13:30

      Shirley, you don`t know just how true your comment is.

      rodney.overes - 2012-10-13 14:44

      In the new South Africa you only get DISHONORABLY EMPLOYED!!!!!!!

      hein.huyser - 2012-10-13 14:54

      That is the price you pay for promotion in the current government. The more dishonest and in the news for the wrong reasons, the bigger the post and pay.

  • bbooyse - 2012-10-13 12:46

    We need to implement a Stolen Valour Act like the States did - it's disgusting.

  • crdmorley - 2012-10-13 12:47

    And how did he not know which medal was on his chest! He committed fraud and should be broken down to troop or discharged!

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-10-13 12:50

    There you go, problem solved. Why the fuss when it wasn't even his fault? Sounds like a perfect candidate for parliament when he already knows everybody else is to blame. He'll fit right in.

      Notrax123 - 2012-10-13 15:10

      Thanks Mark, news24 deleted a similar comment of mine - this guy is definately cANCer parlimentry material.

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-13 12:52

    This is what happens in SA - you don't fire or punish wrongdoers; you either move them to another office or put them of probation with full pay.

  • michael.i.wright - 2012-10-13 13:00

    Yep, puts on his uniform and doesn't notice a Pro Patria medal on it. Eyes of a sniper this one.

  • paul.prinsloo3 - 2012-10-13 13:02

    how bloomin typycal!

  • eugene.henriques.9 - 2012-10-13 13:03

    I have a Pro patria medal. My second I was supposed to collect at Wingfield and opted to have it posted to me which I had never received. Lieutenant Colonel Sibusiso Amos Mbuyazi most probably never stood on a parade ground to receive a medal.They should throw him into DB and walk around with a red helmet for the rest of his life.

      nicolas.gombert.16 - 2012-10-13 13:32

      A yellow (for coward) helmet is more appropriate

      reg.nagel - 2012-10-13 15:02


      petertarrant - 2012-10-13 20:23

      I agree with nicolas.gombert.16, he does not even deserve the honour of the red DB staaldak.

  • ian.jansevanvuuren - 2012-10-13 13:04

    Cadre (re)deployment?

  • JamesMWood - 2012-10-13 13:06

    What worries me is he couldn't be bothered to check his uniform before dressing to ensure that everything was 100% before going onto parade field, is this the new discipline our armed forces are teaching?

      Jason - 2012-10-13 13:15

      No James, the simple truth is that he is lying. The old "there is a campaign to discredit me" ploy is the last resort of those whose attempts to otherwise B-S their way out of trouble have failed.

      Erna - 2012-10-13 13:52

      That's if you believe his lies!

  • jim.dickson2 - 2012-10-13 13:07

    He should be cashiered and drilled out of the service. For those who do not know what being cashiered is, you are brought out in front of your unit, your rank insignia is cut off and you are marched off the parade.

  • flysouth - 2012-10-13 13:16

    Any man who is shameless enough to do this should never be in any position of authority or responsibility! But the people who ensured that he could fill such a position clearly have no integrity whatever if they are prepared to tolerate having him around any longer.

  • terence.pattison - 2012-10-13 13:37

    Typical reaction from the Defence Force.Everybody in authority covers up for everybody else in case their own "misdeeds" are uncovered. The man needs to be Court Martialed and drummed out of the Army, never to wear any type of uniform again. But this won`t happen - it never does since racial criteria became the be-all and end-all of promotion..

      shirley.steenkamp - 2012-10-13 14:15

      So true! Once upon a time,anyone putting on a military unioform was proud and always of impecable behaviour! They lived by a code of honour and ethics. These words are like "martian" to the clowns in the defence force today. They are sloppy,strike and it scares the hell out of me to think the likes of them are thee to "defend" us!

  • dan.ledwaba.5 - 2012-10-13 13:42

    Lack of education, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of self respect, lack of honesty, lack of humanity ---- does this sum up our defence force? How did he even get hold of the Chaplain's medals? Are they in a big box and you choose the one that appeals to you?

  • gniemandt - 2012-10-13 13:52

    The name does not suit the picture!

  • Nicky Bezuidenhout - 2012-10-13 13:56

    your reaction is just as bad. but then again it is expected.

  • clivegoss - 2012-10-13 14:02

    PLOEG MET N ANDER MAN SE KALLERS ? Then passing the buck as per standerd anc procedure

  • hein.huyser - 2012-10-13 14:03

    Moved? Moved? This imposter shpuld be demoted and then fired and futhermore prohibited to ever wearing a uniform ever, ever again. That was then, now they get promoted. Anyone spot the differance? That is why we do not respect the anc. Imposters, all of them

  • terence.pattison - 2012-10-13 14:11

    It would be interesting to know if this man in fact has a civilian job? Or is he yet another using the reserve forces as his only source of income - the concept of the volunteer soldier being beyond his comprehension. Unfortuanetly the Reserve Force has become in many cases "The un-employed being led by the unemployable".

  • Emile Josephs - 2012-10-13 14:12

    kethu: you stupid racist Prick, that last comment is exactly why william would say 'things'.

  • Gatvol Griet - 2012-10-13 14:16

    Despicable, as a COMMANDER he should and probably did know the great value and honour represented by the medals and in true African style, doesn't care that he didn't earn them, just like an Idi Amin of old!

  • grant.montgomery.5074 - 2012-10-13 14:19

    Let me guess : this Mbuyasi fellow is a former member of MK. Doubt he ever fired a shot at the SADF. I don't think we'll be hearing anymore about this case just as all other crimes commited by cadres are never persued.

      reg.nagel - 2012-10-13 15:51 Never,ever fired a SHOT in anger at the old S.A.D.F.They were f.....cowards!!!!COMBAT TROOPS MY ASS.

  • Gatvol Griet - 2012-10-13 14:19

    And no, dressing up as one doesn't mean you are a hero! But again, the African way is about deception, nothing's changed. You are a joke!

  • opinion.blake - 2012-10-13 14:27

    So we should trust this guy then with arsenals of deadly weapons?

  • Gatvol Griet - 2012-10-13 14:29

    Isn't this just bloody strange... Surely you know each of the medals you blood

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-10-13 15:09

    Cant do it on their own, have to steal and cheat to act bravado! Did he honestly think nobody would notice his decorations were false…! It’s a case of too stupid to realise consequence! Throw him out the force!

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-10-13 15:14

    Stupid,uneducated,thief. Why did he do this and instead of transferring him to another unit they should fire him because he stole those medals.

      Malose-Nyatlo - 2012-10-14 08:19

      In the world I grew up, demotion was the worst thing you could endure - worse than the firing squad.

      Andrea - 2012-10-15 11:08

      Malose, demotion is not something this fool will have to worry about.

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-10-13 15:22

    @andile.mhlangu.7 you must be just as stupid as this Lieutenant Colonel to think that you can do as you wish by stealing others property and getting away with it. One must feel sorry for your type who live off the proceeds of others who have worked hard to earn what they have. I don't see "White privilege" but some one who fought to protect South Africa against terrorists such as your ANC.

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-10-13 15:29

    Oh it is going to be so easy to take back the South African defense force when the time comes, with idiots like this in leadership positions.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-10-13 15:40

      Too true so wonderfully true how many of us just cant wait...God speed the day....speeeeeed the wonderful day!!!

      mrtinyiko.matsambu - 2012-10-13 16:28

      Never, never and never again shall this country be ruled by minority again. Guys, you'll take the (cowntree) only in your dreams.

      shooshyu.tu - 2012-10-13 18:10

      @mr.tiny.iko - & what when the blacks are the minority, would you still hold the same distorted & racist view?

  • marius.vanrooyen.37 - 2012-10-13 15:54

    "Tendancy". Hahahaha..... Is this a big word you got from Julius?

  • malcolm.oconnor.58 - 2012-10-13 17:07

    Moved to another unit , trying to cover up hoping the charges'll go away he should be court martialed !!!!

  • brian.ocinneide.7 - 2012-10-13 17:40

    He is a liar. How could he not know what medals he was wearing? You don't pick uo your jacket and find medals attached.

  • ralph.thornley - 2012-10-13 17:53

    Despicable and disgusting. He should have faced a court-martial and drummed out of the service never to darken the doors of any military establishment again.

  • 4man1 - 2012-10-13 18:14

    This is a step in the right direction.

  • jcoetzee1975 - 2012-10-13 18:40

    Dishonorable discharge. But it won't happen because our military is a farce of discipline.

  • patrick.saunders123 - 2012-10-13 18:54

    another of the sandf's finest. No doubt promotion to general is in order.

  • Leah - 2012-10-13 19:27

    He should be stripped of his rank. This is so very disgusting; I have no words. Do people have no respect any more?

  • petertarrant - 2012-10-13 20:13

    As a soldier you know what medals you have earned. to put on a tunic with medals you will know if it is your medals. Eish, me not know.... and transferred? should be DB not another unit. No honour in the SANDF.

  • BulletProof. - 2012-10-13 20:13

    Another top rank crook, is every day they get catched from politicions,police, army, you named.

  • rob.tubbs.39 - 2012-10-13 20:32

    Can you imagine what Montgomery went through to deserve those medals? MBUYAZI has done what - 'squat'.... This has to be the biggest 'slap in the face' that a deserving 'hero' could ever anticipate. MBUYAZI must be 'dishonerably' discharged and all his benefits forfitted. You Sir are certainly not a 'soldier'and a disgrace to your uniform.....

  • Khetha Hlophe - 2012-10-14 00:29

    what is it much is on the medals. Did He benefit anything from this? How can u steal something and display it?

      thabani.dube.988 - 2012-10-14 01:01

      Khetha medals in the army are earned not won. For that reason the bearer wears/displays them with so much pride knowing he is one of the honoured few.

      stuart.lidstone.1 - 2012-10-14 09:32

      Medals are important in any army and are awarded for for specific reasons. To use or steal medals is to steal the very reason they were awarded and can not be tolerated.

      stuart.lidstone.1 - 2012-10-14 09:32

      Medals are important in any army and are awarded for for specific reasons. To use or steal medals is to steal the very reason they were awarded and can not be tolerated.

  • Kovsie1980 - 2012-10-14 01:00

    I have a few Pepsi and CocaCola "medals" that I am willing to lend to our colonel, since he is not allowed to use the late chaplains medals.

  • thabani.dube.988 - 2012-10-14 06:10

    And with such rag-tag army we want a seat in the UN Security Council! No discipline, training, respect, and no adherence to protocol, standing orders and defence act. And this so-called officer he only qualifies to be an understudy toilet cleaner and again on probation.

  • corrie.cloete - 2012-10-15 10:52

    It's also a criminal offence in our country to wear medals that one have not earned. Let the law sort him out. Trial by media makes us all look like fools. I think the BEELD probably only caught the wrong end of the story. Even the current SANDF is still very strict on medals. I'm also concerned about how the story leaked out as I'm aware of a white officer that did the same some years ago (4 to be precice) and I did not see any news paper reports on it.

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 11:01

    Oh what is wrong with you lot? He just wanted his bling, no matter WHO it belonged to before!

  • Andrea - 2012-10-15 11:03

    I am still concerned as to how exactly he earned (any) medals? He is 42 yrs old, so he (hopefully) matriculated in 1988. Which war did he win for us?

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