Deaf man pleads guilty to raping boy

2012-09-04 10:18

Durban - A 23-year-old man pleaded guilty in the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court to raping an 8-year-old boy, the Witness reported on Tuesday.

Siyabonga Dladla, who is deaf, was assisted by an interpreter skilled in the use of sign language during court proceedings.

Dladla admitted in a statement that on January 1 he had seen a child walking along the road and called him in sign language.

The boy resisted going with Dladla but he dragged him to a toilet and raped him.

A state psychologist found the child to be psychologically and emotionally traumatised. He now fears being in the company of older boys.

Dladla will be sentenced on Friday.

  • chris.debeer1 - 2012-09-04 10:23

    How sick can you get!!! hang him by the BALLS!!!!

  • thandim - 2012-09-04 10:30

    Flip - there are way too many hookers - why RAPE???Nxa

  • rock.jason.52 - 2012-09-04 11:19

    The rape syndrome in now affecting even deaf people? Society in serious trouble.....

      lili.radloff - 2012-09-04 11:38

      Your logic is mind-boggling.

  • Msika - 2012-09-04 11:21

    So his defence would have been something like, "I couldn't hear that he was rapping the boy". Papa wag vir jou!!

  • avuyile.ramncwana.5 - 2012-09-04 11:22

    He must go to prison and they must tell the other prisoners what he did... "Papa wag vi jou"

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-09-04 13:47

    Hy wil nie luister nie. Nou gaan hy voel.

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