Death toll rises in horror crash

2011-12-10 09:36

Johannesburg - Thirty people, including 10 children, were killed when an overloaded taxi and a truck collided on the N3 freeway near Harrismith early on Saturday morning, Free State police said.

Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said that 29 people died on the scene of the accident.

This included the 10 children - one of them a baby.

One of the critically injured passengers from the truck died later in hospital.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeffrey Wicks said earlier that the overloaded taxi collided head on with the truck at approximately 03:00.

Mophiring said the taxi had been carrying 35 people, but was only certified to carry 23.

He said it was believed that the taxi had lost control on a curve in the road and veered into oncoming traffic.

Seven people remained in hospital in a serious condition.

Police were investigating a case of culpable homicide.

  • Susanna - 2011-12-10 09:40

    Is there any other industry in this country where the businesses destroy their customers and therefore diminish their source of income?

      john.h.viljoen - 2011-12-10 10:14

      what a surprise.i vote rermove all taxis from SA roads.

      GARBADGEDAY - 2011-12-10 10:59

      they lose on income, sadly taxi's are the only source of transportation for many people who are at the mercy of bad drivers. At times there are not enough room so they just fill up the vehicle to the max, making the trip 2x as dangerous. Both parties are at fault, but the government should be doing A LOT more to help regulate the industry. Sadly it is run by criminals who care nothing for the passengers and only for profit

      GARBADGEDAY - 2011-12-10 10:59

      no* :>

      Rodney - 2011-12-10 18:59

      35 people in a taxi designed for 23. It really is time the government clamped down on these murderers.Ant driver caught overloading a taxi should have his taxi confiscated and crushed, throw the driver in jail for a minimum of 10 years, no deviation and the passengers should be fined heavily for allowing the driver to pick up more than the legal number of passengers. Taxis should be subject to quarterly roadworthy tests and drivers should be forced to pass a competency test every year. Any taxi driver caught speeding should be sent to jail for 5 years and his car crushed. if they protest, who cares, arrest their asses and throw them in jail. They are killing people every day and getting away with it.

      Adriaan - 2011-12-10 19:01

      Yes. The alcohol industry

      Merven - 2011-12-10 19:45

      @Adriaan - Circumstances don't create a person, it reveals character. No alchohol company force their customers to over indulge, it is a choice.

      John - 2011-12-10 23:09

      Blue Light Brigade Strikes Again! The death toll could have been worse! Friday, 09 of December, cars on the highway from Durban gave way to a political convoy with blue lights. Remembering 1 man killed by the Blue Light Brigade in Durban, and another in Jo'burg, I protested those murders and raised my finger as they drove past. They proceeded to block me and lunge their cars at me, as I swerved, slowed and pulled away. I held strong and steadfast in my protest! My family, however, were badly shaken. It is time that the ANC realizes that they are not above criticism and rejection, and also NOT ABOVE THE LAW! I expected them to zap me back, or even lay misdemeanor charges against me. But the public harassment and bullying shows that these mental's are in a mindset of their own. They need to be banished to Antarctica!

      MikeLearview - 2011-12-11 06:59

      We don't need any more legislation. The laws are already in place to prevent tragedies like this. The problem, as always, is down to poor law enforcement.

  • Kate - 2011-12-10 09:45

    Minister of transport. Don't think for one minute that you are going to sit back and have a holiday over this Festive Season. This is your time to pull your finger out your ..... and do your job. Start with the unroadworthy Taxi's and get them OFF THE ROADS.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-10 17:56

      Too spineless to deal with them methinks. Blame apartheid, easy way out of doing something to control your comrade taxi buddies.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-10 17:58

      Anyway, their fingers are too deep up their nostrils to pull them out - once past a certain depth the finger gets irretrievably stuck you know. Think its to do with the knuckles?

      Hadassah57 - 2011-12-11 08:51

      Well... just look at the leader of the country, everything flows down from the top!!!!

  • Ben - 2011-12-10 09:45

    No, but where the business destroys itself at the cost of their income generators.....our dear government.

  • Bloody-Agent - 2011-12-10 09:55

    Oh look.. another accident involving a Taxi!

  • Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-12-10 09:55

    He lost control because: 1) The roads are wet 2) He was probably speeding 3) The taxi was unbalanced due to the overload People may say I'm heartless, but I do sincerely hope that the driver died too, and in a very slow and painful way.

      Pieter - 2011-12-10 11:22

      Not only the driver but also these who put their children's lifes and those of others in danger when they occupied an overload taxi.

      Koekies - 2011-12-10 12:25

      It is not entirely the taxi driver's fault for overloading...the passengers have a share in this as well, symptoms of a bigger problem me thinks... This doesn't make this right though... empathy to all involved.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-10 18:00

      True, the passengers need to stand up against this industry. Always toyi toying about everything, but they're either scared of this industry or simply don't care. Wonder how they would react if the industry was run by white people and this happened?

  • Fenderbender - 2011-12-10 09:58

    Such a loss to their families. The fact that the taxi industry kills more people on the road than any other factor does not resonate in the ears of the guilty. But do not exceed the sixty limit. Pathetic government

  • Nicholas - 2011-12-10 09:58

    When 1 or 2 people die in a mining accident, the unions want to take to the streets and threaten to go on strike until the mine is held accountable. 30 people die in a single taxi accident and there is just silence

      Sheik - 2011-12-10 11:49

      The mines are not owned by Taxi bosses.

      Gail - 2011-12-10 14:58

      The difference here is that the mines are owned by shareholders and CEO's are held responsible and pay damages to families or unions go on strike at critical times of year designed to do maximum fiscal damage which is counterproductive might I add. Taxi-owners may work for mines and have taxi's on the side which are not adequately maintained and regulated and they expect their paying passengers to take their chances because there is always the RAF in the event of an accident involving culpability and they hide behind the employee/driver who has targets to meet even if it results in the death and destruction of his customers. There are an endless supply of those willing or forced through lack of decent public transport like trains and buses to ensure the owner of the taxi of an income. It is passive eugenics and the govt imagines that those who die are so many less mouths to worry about feeding and finding employment for. Eugenics is usually used to mean state controlled population control through laws such as one child per family in China.In Africa they haven't actually passed a law to keep down population, they simply condone whatever method can be made to appear unplanned and not their responsibility. Like the AIDS genocide when people were refused ARV's the taxi industry is another random way of culling people who actually vote for an uncaring govt. The rest of the world isn't up in arms about it as they were with the Chinese law which resulted in death of girls.

      Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-10 18:03

      Exactly, no noise from the ANCYL and 10 genuine youths are dead. It makes me sick how shallow they are, only make a noise if its against white people or to score political points. And people think they represent them, what a sick joke.

  • djnkokhi - 2011-12-10 10:00

    This has been the problem for years and I dont know why it's not dealth with accordingly. The taxi associations should not allow overloading to reduce carnage on the road. How the hell overload a taxi esp on a long trip.....?

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-12-10 10:01

    The Taxi Industry seriously needs a review. They are a menace and the people have no choice as the trasport system is a failure. Thanks ANC

  • Kevin - 2011-12-10 10:02

    18 seater taxi...35 jammed into this coffin.The owners of this fleet should be held liable...jailed and sued for every illegal non tax paying penny of benefits received over their reign of terror in this industry.

  • Zion - 2011-12-10 10:05

    Been a few times on this road. Condition is terrible, always overloaded with vehicles especially trucks and taxis to and from Natal. Plans are/were afoot to build a bypass road in this area which means no heavy traffic in Harrismith and bang go the businesses.

      Zion - 2011-12-10 13:46

      Wonder what the above comment by myself has done to deserve 3 thumbs down or is it just someone with a small mind. Trouble is the facts given are true.

  • Kevin - 2011-12-10 10:09

    What the hell. What ever excuses are made, the facts still remain - the taxi was overloaded, the driver was incompetent (if he had a legal license at all) and the vehicle was speeding (like all taxis do) The families of the deceased are the ones that suffer whilst the culprit will probably disappear off the face of the earth and resurface next month with a new I.D, new Driver's license and another lethal weapon (aka taxi) in his hands - and his new set of passengers (victims) will be none the wiser until it happens again. I say that all taxi drivers who have accidents should be jailed immediately without option of bail. That way they will probably contract AIDS while in prison and that will be their death sentence.

      lindi.nel - 2011-12-12 10:05

      AGREE 100%....couldn't have said it any better!!

  • Ian - 2011-12-10 10:10

    i thought the maximum capacity was 15 in a hi ace, how did the get in 35

      MikeLearview - 2011-12-11 13:53

      You're allowed to kill more passengers if you drive a Quantum.

  • Shirley - 2011-12-10 10:17

    When is the transport minister going to actually wipe the sh%t from his eyes and make the taxis accountable? Year in and year out its 1 horror crash after another and nothing is done! I have seen taxis WAY over their passenger capacity pass metro police and they dont so much as give them a second glance. Minister let your loved ones take a long distance taxi trip these holidays seeing as you do not see the need to take them to task!

  • Edwin - 2011-12-10 10:35

    No man! Every week there is a story like this. What is the root cause of this problem? Why can't we put tracking devices in these vehicles at a cost of R 1000/taxi and start controlling these animal drivers.

      jmonku - 2011-12-10 10:56

      They'll go on strike right away! and do violance against their own customer's who needs to go to work if they use alternative transport.

  • FerretGee - 2011-12-10 10:36

    Overloaded,, speeding, tired driver etc etc... but I also question why so many people allowed themselves to be crammed into the taxi? Surely any sane person should see that once the first 25 were were in that the taxi was full? Guess all the kids were on the laps of the adults (that accounts for the 10 kids who died). The taxi owners should be automatically be prosecuted as accessories to culpable homicide every time there is a fatal accident . That would soon make them clamp down on their cowboy drivers!!

      Garth - 2011-12-10 11:02

      Desperation makes people do silly things. Maybe it was the last taxi for the night, maybe the fact that 10 of the passengers were children, who knows? But the major part of the blame must lie with the minister of transport and the useless anc. They are the ones who have filled the taxi drivers heads with this arrogance and blatant disregard for the rules of the road or consideration for the lives of their passengers. Hopefully the driver lives, in agony, for a few days and then drowns in his own vomit.

      FerretGee - 2011-12-10 12:35

      I hear you Garth, and therein lies the other problem, the driver should have told the owner there were too many passengers, the owner could have arranged a second taxi but,the driver was overloading because he knew he would pocket the fares from the extra passengers and the owner would be none the wiser.

  • Heimirich van der Merwe - 2011-12-10 10:49

    When is out minister of transport going to realize the condition of many taxis are appalling and there negligence on all roads are killing innocent people, they should be on trial for murder

  • Theresa - 2011-12-10 10:50

    ...And so the carnage on the road continues unabated.How many more people must lose their lives because of these incompetent thugs on our roads? Once again nothing will be done to ensure the safety of passemgers in these death traps.

  • Clinton Shawn Minnaar - 2011-12-10 10:56

    If you are on the roads this festive season, please take care...

  • Wally - 2011-12-10 10:59

    Plz open ur eyes now for a change...Minister and law enforcement agencies! Note...not speed, which is relative in any event to any situation, road and vehicle, but a taxi and a truck! There is a general attitude of lawlessness wrt Road Traffic Laws. Taxi drivers for the most are a law unto themselves, and truck drivers are not very far behind. They do not seem to realize the type of vehicles they are driving, the cargo and the lack of moveability of these vehicles in transit. The time has come that strict rolling/moving violations be policed and where trucks, buses and taxi's are involved the vehicle impounded, the driver arrested and these released once the FULL FINE has been paid, or bail equivalent thereto if he intends to appear in Crt, or worse, if he has to! The owner will pay an impound fee before the vehicle is released. We live in a technological era - have the vehicles fitted with video cameras streaming the content simultaneously to a monitoring centre so as to ensure no bribes or corruption takes place. I'm sorry, but we need to be drastic in the approach. I have the unfortunate privilege of knowing that 99% of these offenders do not attend Crt and similarly do not pay their fines. The warrants of arrest are near impossible of being executed due to false names, addresses, inaccessible or inadequate addresses...let us stop fooling ourselves and get down to the real problem. It is a disgrace that I have to be awake to ppl coming around a bend on my side of the road.

  • Dale - 2011-12-10 11:00

    always a taxi involved.....whats the moral of the story??

      Azande - 2011-12-10 20:09

      taxis are the most at risk because they are always on the road as road is the source of income. Got it hey?

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:01

    death toll in mzansi roads and assaults beats death toll in iraq frm suicide many poor family memberz wont make it to xmas b4 shower-head n sbu wake up to address this massacre. the famous brandy lost her family memberz in mzansi roads.

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:07

    ive been in cape n soweto, i must say ria vaya n my city public transport supassed my expectations in safety n reliability. nw its the tym that they should replace those formula 1 minibuses with this system.

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:07

    ive been in cape n soweto, i must say ria vaya n my city public transport supassed my expectations in safety n reliability. nw its the tym that they should replace those formula 1 minibuses with this system.

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:07

    ive been in cape n soweto, i must say ria vaya n my city public transport supassed my expectations in safety n reliability. nw its the tym that they should replace those formula 1 minibuses with this system.

  • Chris - 2011-12-10 11:08

    It's ALWAYS a taxi that is the cause of such accidents! ALWAYS overloaded. And unless something is done about it, please write about something else! It gets boring... There MUST be other stories to tell!!

  • Nomsa - 2011-12-10 11:19

    Iknow we blame the Taxis, but the passengers made a choice also, to get in a Taxi that was already overloaded. people have to learn that impatience can cost them their lives.

      barry.mcbride - 2011-12-10 12:00

      I agree with you somewhat but were all those children accompanied by adults they knew and, although it was very overloaded, the driver was most likely speeding an unroadworthy taxi recklessly, as always.

      Azande - 2011-12-10 20:11

      Good point Nomsa

  • Pieter - 2011-12-10 11:20

    Nice, very nice!!!!Wonderfull SA with its taxi's.If they don't kill young girls and boys on their bicycle's and scooters they will kill you on our roads.Who want to buy a license.I'VE got for you for cheap.

  • Peter - 2011-12-10 11:20

    I am losing any sympathy I have for the passengers. Why do they get into a vehicle that is clearly overloaded? Why don't they get out and demand their money back?

      The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:39

      @peter. thats insensitive...nobody knws if they r goin 2 make it to their destination n so is u.

      The-Azanian - 2011-12-10 11:39

      @peter. thats insensitive...nobody knws if they r goin 2 make it to their destination n so is u.

      indianajohn - 2011-12-10 17:02

      They don't know about overloading. There is no way my domestic worker would know how many people are allowed in a car. And she's not stupid. It's not the kind of information available on every street corner. How many people are legally allowed in your car? Do you know? Really?

      MikeLearview - 2011-12-11 14:05

      @IndianaJohn That information is printed on the vehicle's licence disc. Moreover, since every passenger has to wear a seat-belt, I would have thought that every driver would be able to work out how many passengers he can carry.

  • Brendan - 2011-12-10 11:37

    Sadly, our Minister is more worried about the bl..dy speed limit instead of concentrating on unroadworthy and overloading of vehicles. And, now this industry wants people to fly in their planes......, all I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with the passengers.

      des.maartens - 2011-12-10 22:42

      I agree with all of the sympathy comments by everyone here. I find it very hard to imagine those ten little ones stone dead, horribly mutilated and their bright future now come to nothing. I think this was a larger passenger taxi for 23 passengers. Even if the taxi is in good condition the tyres could be on their last legs. There may have been a tyre blowout. The driver may have fallen asleep. The music could have been pumping. Passengers must also not distract the driver with singing and clapping. These flying discos are very fast. A speed limit is not going to make them slow down when a right foot is all that is needed to go as fast as the vehicle is able. Drivers should not be distracted by any music or radio programme etc. The taxis should have ear-phones for passengers only if any broadcast is available. Sad to say what is done is done. My sympathies to their families.

  • Anakin - 2011-12-10 12:01

    All public transport vehicles should be sublected to 3x month or 6x month inspections or loose their vehicle license completely. Nearly every 3rd accident involves a mini-bus of some sort. A non-public transport vehicle transporting 1 to 4 people has a much lower risk at claiming so many fatalities in one incident. Therefore the vehicle AND driver license requirements should be much stricter for public transport vehicles, including buses. Logic and statistics will confirm this, yet the license conditions remain similar for all types of vehicles. Three or six-month roadworthy checks (FREE OF CHARGE) for these "killer" vehicles (buses mini-buses and trucks) should be made mandatory, and violaters should have their vehicle and driver's licenses confiscated for up to 12x months. Only then will we start to see a reduction in horror-crashes.

      indianajohn - 2011-12-10 17:04

      Wow. Someone actually offering a workable solution rather than calling for all taxis to be taken off the roads and causing economic meltdown. Would be a Jedi that comes up with it too.

  • Itumeleng - 2011-12-10 12:21

    How many more should die before Gonernment does something to prevent the massacres on the S.A. roads? The government is equally responsible for the mayhem, it has the power to stop this road slaughtering, BABIES dying open your hearts

  • Sean - 2011-12-10 12:36

    If all trucks are compelled to stop at the way-bridge like the one just outside Heidelberg why should this not apply to taxis too!? Perhaps incidents like these can be averted!

      John - 2011-12-10 14:49

      Yes you are spot on Craig. Also most of these accidents ocur at 3am Why not ban night driving for Taxis and restrict them to Daylight hours. They will then be seen to be overloaded and the traffic force can control overloading and speeding. Also the driver would have had (hopefully) a good night's sleep and will be alert whilst driving.

  • yvonnecraig.linton - 2011-12-10 13:17

    this mayhem will continue .... there is no solution !!! mr. minister of transport is sitting on his fat butt ,with his finger up his nose ,saying eeeerr sipho ,hev yoo putted fool een my car i going two sunny ceetee!!!!

      indianajohn - 2011-12-10 17:05

      Wow. If we had more people like you, we'd be able to solve even fewer problems in even more time.

      indianajohn - 2011-12-10 17:05

      (aimed at yvonne)

  • Shirley - 2011-12-10 13:22

    After reading comments here I would just like to add that the minister and powers that be are aware of the horrific state of the taxi industry[they would have to be deaf,dumb and blind not to] but turn a blind eye. They now and then hold a "blitz" by doing inspections etc but these are for an hr or two and NOT nation wide on a regular basis. They fear the strikes and wrath of taxi owners thus allowing the daily slaughter of their own people!Its the same as crime-they know its there but dont take it seriously.

  • rapid.sequence - 2011-12-10 13:37

    It's amazing that this continues to happen on our roads and nothing is being done about it. I drive on the N3 between Pietermaritzburg and Durban twice a day every weekday, and I see taxis driving lie idiots, endangering other road users. Where are the powers that be and the police, if I can see this??

  • Rob - 2011-12-10 14:01

    What sort of reporting is this? How does a taxi 'lose control'? The driver lost control. No idea why, but whatever the reason the driver is surely responsible. At least in part, surely the authorities must share responsibility for the insane licensing policies. How can any sane person license a taxi to carry 29 people. How many seats do these vehicles have, and seatbelts? Hello Africa!

  • Gail - 2011-12-10 14:40

    The appalling thing about this daily phenomenon of mass deaths caused by man's stupidity and greed is the repercussions and cost to the taxpayers. There were 35 people in a taxi meant for 18. 10 have died - morgue and funeral costs. 25 remain. How seriously injured and traumatised are the survivors who are overburdening our already totally overstretched medical facilities. How many were graduates with experience and dependents who may be disabled now for life and become a liability to their families and the state hospitals. If one does the maths the cost of each accident fiscally actuarily assessed could house and feed and educate and maintain hospitals and schools and pay teachers and nurses better salaries. Instead lives are irretrivably changed; future doctors and scholars in maths and science removed from the workforce. We see and sympathise with the families of those killed and forget that 25 other people are going to need support for an undetermined period. This is one accident on one day? How many others have we had over the year? How many of the survivors of all the taxi accidnets since January 2011 are not still receiving care and on disability grants? Public transport was destroyed and is still targetted when trains are set alight. Further fodder and finance supplied to the taxi industry. THAT is the other side of the equation which ANC ignore while charging around in suped up BMW blue light convoys killing law-abiding citizens with impunity.

  • Gerda - 2011-12-10 14:40

    As long as South Africa will have corrupt government officials I foresee no immediate solutions regarding taxi accidents. How many of the drivers have fake drivers licences? MANY times I have passed taxis that were clearly overloaded and/or were vehicles which were clearly not suited to be on the roads, at the same time passing traffic officials next to the road that turned a blind eye. In my opinion start at the roots - get rid of corrupt officials and then work 1000000% on drivers and vehicles and then our roads should be safer. Fine taxis that just stops suddenly in front of you to drop or collect someone. What about the Taxi Association - I notice they employ people to sit on corners of busy roads and monitor which taxis passed on specific times. These details are then passed to the owners of the taxis so they keep tabs on the drivers and secure their takings. Same people taking notes can then report which of the drivers skipped stopsigns or traffic lights, being overloaded, etc. They can even report to the taxi association which vehicle seems to be unfit to be on the road and that can be investigated by appropriate officials. If the law is applied as it should be taxi owners and drivers will think twice before contravening the law. At the rate people are dying on our roads one of these days our nearest neighbours might be 50 km apart.

  • Shaun - 2011-12-10 15:56

    Maybe the traffic officials must stop "hiding behind bushes" and take speeding photos and be more proactive and pull over cars/taxis/busses/trucks to see if they valid/legal to use our public roads. A picture don't always tell a story, it tells you what you want to see. - Cheers

  • eugene.koen - 2011-12-10 16:04

    Wat het jy verwag? Ek hoor gister middag oor die radio tydens verkeer verslag dat die trokke op nat paaie in Natal tot 130 KM/h ry. Nou 'n oorgewig taxi en wel met 12 persone oorlaai maak dit moeilik vir 'n bestuurder op hoƫ spoed veral om 'n draai as die bande nie die regte druk bevat nie om te teen stuur (to counter) in die baan waar in hy beweeg.

  • Simon - 2011-12-10 16:12

    Look i work with safety every day of my life. Both parties are gualty , but the most gualty is the driver for allowing it. Come on Department of labour , when their is a fatality at a working site , they close you down for up to 3 weeks pending investigation , what about the taxis , aint that a business or dont they have to comply with the rules of the road and the OHSA , suspend the owner and the rest of his taxi pending investigation the same way you suspend business

  • indianajohn - 2011-12-10 17:00

    Guys, calling to get all taxis off the road is rather more shortsighted than I'd expect from the supposedly educated folks who post here. Yeah this accident is a disgrace, and some major heavy-handed enforcement needs to come down on all taxi drivers immediately. Without question. But calling for all taxis to be taken off the roads is not much different from the kind of idiotic calls made by the ANC. You take all the taxis off the road tomorrow, you destroy the economy. It's a poorly educated, knee-jerk reaction not dissimilar to the decisions made by the people you're complaining about. What do you think will happen if half the country's workforce can't get to work? I assure you that you won't have a job to go to before too long either. Taxis are a brilliant idea. It's the implementation and policing thereof that's pathetic.

  • Richard - 2011-12-10 17:40

    This taxi carnage will only stop when the passengers themselves force the driver to behave responsibly - pity they are too apathetic to do so.

      des.maartens - 2011-12-10 22:51

      Hi Richard, you are partly right, however some commuters are too frightened to complain.

  • Ian - 2011-12-10 17:40

    How can you enforce the law on the Taxi industry, when ANC ministers drive around like Senna thinking it is a F1 race track. Police don't stop at at red robots and they are to fat and lazy to arrest drivers for breaking the law. If you get bust for breaking the law, it is easy, Streetwise 2 and a coke and hey Bobs your auntie and the fine is averted... South African drivers are rude, incosiderate and dangerous... The sooner we lear the value of human lofe, the soon the murder on the roads will reduce...

  • Petro - 2011-12-10 17:46

    Hello Africa tell me how you doing....?

  • Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-10 17:54

    Funny, the left wing radicals always shout about the evil white capitalists, but you never hear a peep from them against the mass murdering taxi industry. Too close to home perhaps?

  • rodney.scholtz - 2011-12-10 20:02

    Many attempts to reach minister Sibusiso Ndbele in this regard has been sidetracked by his supporting staffmembers. Had fatigue been a contributing factor leading to this crash, which is highly probable, I could certainly have make a difference. Here is how... In the meantime, I thank the NGO Arrive Alive! all your selfless effort in the persuit of making our roads safer!

  • maghdim - 2011-12-10 20:34

    The Minister of Transport must take responsibility for EVERY death on our roads - especially those in taxis. I HEREBY CALL FOR THE MINISTER TO RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!

  • Christognus - 2011-12-11 07:29

    I stay at Harrismith accident such as this occur because of this so called road construction everyday roads are reduced to one lane that trouble a lot drivers end up knowing the right lane is because TENDERS.Big-Boy