Dept warns of liquor licensing scam

2012-04-12 17:40

Johannesburg - People posing as consultants were operating a liquor licensing scam in the Pretoria area, the trade and industry department warned on Thursday.

Applicants who went to see consultants were promised registration certificates within two days or a week after paying a huge amount of cash, spokesperson Sidwell Medupe said.

"The consultants would however provide the prospective registrant with a fraudulent registration certificate."

He said there were standard fees for applications and the minimum waiting period to receive a registration was 120 working days.

"Legitimate registration certificates issued by the [dti's] national liquor authority have security features and are easily identifiable."

If an applicant had used the services of a consultant, he or she was expected to be in possession of the original copy of the registration certificate. Registration forms and a fee structure were available on the dti's website

Applicants could also call 0861 843 384 for help and information. Traders in doubt of the validity of their certificates were urged to contact the national liquor authority on 012 394 1654.

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-12 23:44

    I don't understand?! Why are agents used in the furst place, is this the usual protocol? Just makes me think thst there are two sides to this story, are the applicants aware of this and deliberately trying to get away with it thinking that they would not have to stand in queues like everyone else? If I am wrong I appologise, I am not sure how this system works.

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