Diepsloot water woes continue

2012-04-19 14:49

Johannesburg - It was not known when the drinking water supply in parts of Diepsloot would be fully restored, Johannesburg Water said on Thursday.

"I can't say when the water will be restored but we are doing everything possible," said spokesperson Millicent Kabwe.

Drinking water in extension two and three in Diepsloot West was "100% fine" but other parts of Dieplsoot still had water containing traces of sewage contamination, she said.

"In those areas people must continue using our water tankers."

Areas close-by not affected

Other areas close to Diepsloot, like Dainfern and Fourways, were not affected.

Diepsloot's drinking water system was contaminated by sewage last Thursday when a contractor upgrading infrastructure accidentally damaged water pipes.

The pipe system in the township was being flushed out and chlorine added to ensure the water was safe.

Police reinforcements were in the area to stop residents from crossing the M14 to fetch water from nearby factories.

They were also controlling the distribution of water from tankers.

  • Den - 2012-04-19 15:01

    but dont worry they will fix it just before elections and you will love the anc once again

      Alan - 2012-04-19 15:24

      what - they are going to hand our bottled water with the Election food parcels??

  • Kala - 2012-04-19 15:27

    You might want to save this article for posterity. One day we can look back when our water supply totally collapses and say "this is where it all started".

  • Michael - 2012-04-19 15:43

    Gee, nearly half of JHB was without water about 2 months, no article. So when its ANC territory it's \news\? Pathetic.

      Kala - 2012-04-19 15:57

      Gee half of Joburg. For 2 months. Sounds a bit far fetched. Even for the ANC

      Michael - 2012-04-19 17:13

      Gee Kala, its a miracle that the word \ago\ should have ended that sentence. 2 months ago thus. Those affected know (abt the shortage). Gee. :D

  • Elkita - 2012-04-19 16:00

    And now diep-dry- sloot is in trouble.Vote DA.They know what to do in situations like this.But we all know now that you vote for color and not brains.There you go.

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