Dirk Prinsloo 'in court soon'

2009-11-23 09:06

Johannesburg - Alleged child sex perpetrator Dirk Prinsloo's trial for a failed bank robbery in Belarus will probably begin at the end of January.

Sondaghet, a newspaper in Belarus, quoted Prinsloo's Belarussian girlfriend Tatiana as saying that the investigating officer indicated the case would be finalised on December 10.

After the police investigation was completed, a State prosecutor would go through the case docket.

This would apparently take between five and ten days.

It would then be sent to a judge, who would have about a month to go through it, the newspaper reported.


Interpol spokesperson in South Africa, Senior Superintendent Tummi Golding, said on Sunday that once the legal proceedings had run their course in Belarus, the two countries would decide when Prinsloo would be extradited to South Africa.

"Until then we cannot announce a date for the extradition," said Golding.

Prinsloo was apparently sent to an institution for psychological evaluation, where it was determined that he is not mentally disturbed.

Prinsloo was arrested in June in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus.

He had apparently tried to rob a bank in the small town in which he lived with Tatiana and their one-year-old daughter.

Prinsloo was apparently also linked to a prostitution ring in Minsk.

Sex charges

The former advocate disappeared during a "business trip" to Russia in 2005, while he was out on bail in South Africa.

He was facing several charges relating to sexual acts with children and pornography, along with C├ęzanne Visser, his former girlfriend.

Visser, also known as "Advocated Barbie", was found guilty on 11 charges of fraud, indecent assault, soliciting a minor to commit indecent acts, the possession of child pornography and the manufacture of child pornography.

Her sentencing will begin on December 8.