Dirk Prinsloo's appeal denied

2010-11-12 10:38

Pretoria - Susan Lemmer, the mother of advocate Cézanne Visser, said on Thursday she was happy to hear that Dirk Prinsloo's appeal against his 13-year jail sentence for attempted robbery in Belarus had been dismissed.

"That's where he belongs," she said about her daughter's former lover.

This means that Prinsloo, a former advocate and ex-chairperson of the independent bar association in Gauteng, will serve out the rest of his sentence in a penal colony in Belarus under strict conditions. He attempted to rob the Belarus Bank in Baranovichi on June 10 2009.

Prinsloo earlier described his sentence to Beeld as "fucking crazy".

'Deserves' sentence

The court also ordered that Prinsloo should pay for his trial, pay an amount of tax to the State and compensate his victims for an amount of five million roubles for the "moral and physical damage" he had caused them.

"If they want to keep Prinsloo there (in the penal colony) for longer, I would also welcome it," said Lemmer.

Her daughter started serving her seven year jail sentence on May 17 in the Pretoria Central Prison for sex acts that she and Prinsloo committed with three girls from a children's home and three young women.

Advocate Johann Engelbrecht, who managed the trial of Visser, 33, in the North Gauteng High Court, also said Prinsloo "deserved" his sentence.

"I am happy that he is at least now also serving a sentence even if it isn't in SA. He deserves the punishment he has been given. Actually, I think he was punished lightly," said Engelbrecht.

Prinsloo fled to Belarus in May 2006 in the middle of his and Visser's trial, following the end of their relationship.

Visser 'doing well'

Engelbrecht said Visser had adapted well and had integrated with her fellow prisoners.

Lemmer said her daughter had become a deeper Christian and better human being since starting her prison sentence.

"She is well under the circumstances," said Lemmer.

Visser, also a former advocate, may receive contact visits from November 16 because she will by then have served six months of her sentence.

Two weeks ago, two of her victims each claimed R600 000 in damages from her in the High Court. The claimants were teenagers at the time.

One of the claimants, now 24, and an insurance clerk, said in court documents that Visser had on February 22 2002 exposed her to pornographic literature and movies, "intimate acts or therapy" which were performed on Visser's private parts, and had also exposed her to her naked body.

  • AJ - 2010-11-12 11:33

    Good, keep him locked up where he belongs.

  • Valkerie - 2010-11-12 12:05

    Good riddance. What that man did was despicable. And then tried to rob a bank and calling his sentence "f@cking crazy"? Do they still send hardened criminals to chop ice in the middle of nowhere I wonder? But wishing that on another would be wrong.........

  • Varknek - 2010-11-12 12:10

    I like the Russian criminal sentencing. That is what we should do here.

      Steven - 2010-11-29 12:52

      I second that! About time our taxes are used for the good of the country and that criminals start paying their own cost. I fully agree with China where your family is charged with the price of the bullet for your execution. Crime rate would drop so fast we would not know what to do. Sadly, I don't think our government could afford to do much about crime as the "supporting industries" of security companies, alarm suppliers and installers, security guards and even the companies that manufacture the uniforms would have severe financial impact and will cause massive unemployment if our government was to fix the crime problem and get rid of the illegal aliens.

  • Barry M - 2010-11-12 12:21

    This sad and pathetic little man is lower than snake sh!ts shadow! What he did to women here in SA and those in Russia was despicable – he belongs in a gulag where he can freeze his little nuts off. I hope the Russians make his life an everyday living hell – and when they are done with him – send the leftovers home in a doggie bag so that he can start his second sentence in the worst prison we have to offer. By the time he sees the light of day he will be a broken man!

      Steven - 2010-11-29 12:58

      Mean but true. Don't think he deserves anything less. If I recall correctly one of the previous reports stated that he was a true psychopath. There is no place for him in our society and we should thank the Russians for the wonderful work they are doing with Dirk Prinsloo. Hopefully he is being molested on an hourly basis by some real big hairy mean Russian mother of a man! He deserves every bit he gets for not only did he take children from an orphanage for his perverted pleasure he left his partner in crime in the lurch. What sort of person would do that!

  • myfriendbar - 2010-11-12 14:54

    Don't uderstand why Susan Lemmer is so happy her daughter is also a rubbish

  • Nico - 2010-11-13 09:34

    A Russian prison is no joke...don't drop the soap homeboy ;)

  • Robert - 2010-11-13 10:38

    i think Dirk is already regretting the day he was born , he had it all but he had to be a sick f*ck , what a shame , yes i agree with myfriend that bi&ch knew exactle what she was doing and she got of light , she is just as sick as dirk

  • Nico - 2010-11-13 13:29


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