Dirk's 'sex toy' speaks

2010-02-05 08:05

Minsk - Dirk Prinsloo is a "perverted bastard" and a "monster who should be locked up in a cage".

So says his former girlfriend Anastasia - who spoke exclusively to Beeld on condition that her surname is not published.

Prinsloo was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Tuesday after a failed bank robbery in Baranovichi, Belarus. He is also on the run from South African authorities over sex charges.

In a three-hour interview, the petite, 23-year-old green-eyed blonde described in detail for the first time the "nine months of hell" she endured with him. "It felt more like nine years," Anastasia said.

"It is time that somebody speaks up. I want to be his last victim."

Prinsloo, she said, transformed her into a terrified, submissive "sex toy, slave and housewife" whose sole purpose was to fulfil his increasingly depraved sexual needs.

He called her his "human toilet" and forced her to perform associated acts. "He needed to humiliate women to feel powerful and get turned on. My pleasure was irrelevant, it was all about him."

She said Prinsloo forced her to get his names: "Diederik Prinsloo" tattooed on her labia and instructed her to use his picture as a template for a 10cm by 8.5cm tattoo of him on her pubis.

She discovered later it was the photograph circulated by Interpol after he fled South Africa in 2006.

Marked women

"He marked the women to show they belonged to him. 'You are a bitch, you should be marked,' he said to me."

Anastasia's descent into "hell" began with a chance meeting on 10 April 2008 at Coffeeberry, a popular café in Minsk's upmarket Stolitsa shopping mall.

Prinsloo was at an adjacent table. "Do you speak English?" he asked Anastasia.

"I just wanted to tell you, you have a very beautiful hairstyle and look very upper-class."

They struck up a conversation. He told her his name was Michael Grant and that he came to Minsk from time-to-time on business. "He said he was an advocate from Australia with thousands of degrees."

Prinsloo began text messaging her, writing that he was "so happy that he felt he should come up to me to talk".


"He said he had met a lot of women in Belarus and had relationships with some of them."

He said she was "different" because, until he met her he had believed "there is no worse woman than a Russian woman".

"All they want is sex and money," he told her.

Three days after they met Prinsloo sent her a long e-mail telling her about his family and included photographs of himself and his dogs at home in South Africa, his brothers and, strangely, a portrait of himself and Cézanne Visser naked.

In the e-mail Prinsloo wrote: "YOU are very different to me from all the other wonderful women I had...I TAKE U SERIOUSLY, and I actually WANT to hear u TALK...I prayed many nights to find an intelligent but sexy wife."

"[Cézanne] gave me absolute freedom in sex, and this made me NEVER betray her."

Prinsloo continued: "Such a pity I didn't meet u some years ago, then I would've made all your dreams come true at once."

Says Anastasia: "I don't know why my instinct of self-protection didn't warn me then. Yes, he gave me 'everything in the world'; every terrible thing.

"I fell in love with the image he portrayed. He created a very good impression. I once told him I wasn't so sure he was an advocate because he was such a good actor."

Master of the house

Prinsloo moved quickly. He asked her - on one of his trips to Minsk - if he could stay in her flat. Unthinkingly, she agreed.

"He came with a bag and behaved like the master of the house."

He kept pushing her to have sex with him. She said she didn't want to rush into it. But he was persistent and she gave in.

"I had the impression he was at a crossroads where he could go the right way or the wrong way.

"I didn’t know then that he was on the wrong path long before meeting me. I told him I could help him but he cannot change. I met too many walls that cannot be broken.

"He got what he wanted, a free flat, he made the rules and insisted we are a family and will have children. If it was to be a successful family, I should be submissive, he said."

The abuse and beatings began soon afterwards.

Bondage and domination

Prinsloo gave her a copy of a document widely circulated on bondage and domination websites on the internet, titled the Submissive's Creed.

"It was my Bible and I had to obey it."

Prinsloo quickly let her know he needed to have sex with other women.

"He said he was an upper-class person and he can assure me he will always come back to me even though he has sex with other women.”

He told her Cézanne "allowed everything".

"She was his goddess, but he also hated her for betraying him.

"My sex life was torture. He made me crazy. My psyche was not ready to do that. He pushed me to do terrible things. He had a very strong and manipulative power.

"Everything I knew as right, was now wrong. He told me we were so special, we should not obey the rules of humankind. Eventually, I couldn't distinguish between what was good and what was bad."

On the computer, Prinsloo had a file detailing sex crimes in 79 countries, "just to know what is legal and what isn't".

"He told me it is totally normal to have sex with children, they are even more sexual than adults."

Prinsloo ordered her not to use contraception, although - secretly – she took contraceptive pills. "Thank God, I didn't get pregnant.

"Prinsloo uses children as a leash around the neck of his girlfriends so they will help him until the end of his life.

"Every month I had to do a pregnancy test and every month he was very disappointed when he found out I wasn't pregnant."

In bed, he would throttle her to "the moment when I was about to lose consciousness". He spat on her face and slapped her. He forced her to say: "I will bring you other women to fuck", and "I want to have your baby."

Obsessively filmed sexual encounters

If she failed to do so he would dismiss her, saying "Fuck off, you are guilty because you turn me off."

He obsessively filmed their sexual encounters, but was careful to ensure his face did not appear on the videos.

The first time he hit her occurred when she tried to talk to him about their relationship. He was on the computer. " 'Don't you see, I'm trying to work,' he said...

"He got up and came towards me with a smile. Then he hit me in the face... 'I will beat you because I see you have a poor upbringing and don't know how to obey your man,' he said...Whatever was under his fist, he hit."

Prinsloo also began demanding changes to her appearance. He coloured her hair dark purple, had her tie it in braids and ponytails.

"He would make me walk around without a bra and panties. He said: 'I want your nipples to be visible.'

"He made me look like a prostitute, actually. He made me call him 'God' and 'Daddy'. He wanted to make as if he was having sex with a teenager.

"He taught me to say in Afrikaans: 'Daddy, ek wil piel suig.'

Breast enlargements

Prinsloo wanted her to get silicone breast and lip enlargements. "Fortunately we had no money for that."

He also wanted to have her entire body tattooed. "There would be all kinds of devilish symbols, Masonic stars, dragons and, of course, his name and his face. He wanted 'Dirk Prinsloo' tattooed across my breasts.

"The word "God" would have intersected with the "D" of Diederik.

"He filmed me being tattooed, he took it all."

"He was so happy afterwards, he would make me walk naked so he could see them (the tattoos). He wanted to show my body to everyone. 'Now, my bitch, you are a super bitch,' he said.

"I was in total desperation. He cut me off from my friends and family.

"I didn't know how to get out. I knew if I went to the police, he would kill me. I wanted to kill myself. I once overdosed on pills, but he just smiled and left me."

"I became indifferent. I didn't care what he did to me. After beating me, he would often have sex with me. It turned him on."

"After beatings, I would run away and walk around the city till 04:00. I didn't care that I could be harmed at night in the city because the monster was sitting right there in my apartment."


He tried to get Anastasia to lure young women to the apartment for threesomes. "I had to call girls we met, tell them I was his model and that there were modelling opportunities for them. Most were very suspicious."

Prinsloo frequently talked of robbing a cash-in-transit van and described violent Satanic fantasies in which a woman would be tied up, raped and killed in the centre of a pentagram painted in blood.

He wanted to have sex with her on her father's grave and suggested she turn to prostitution to make money.

Prinsloo also violently abused her dog, Egoza. "Her inner organs were damaged. He killed my dog for nothing, just because he didn't need her."

In early January last year, she finally told a friend who insisted she speak to her mother.

They hatched a plan to arrive one day and create the impression they would stay with Anastasia and were planning on moving to Minsk.

Unnerved, Prinsloo packed and left, but said he would be back.

She changed the locks on the door. Prinsloo was enraged, threatened to kill her and said she had betrayed him.

But she mustered up the courage to tell him that "I expect no more calls from you, if you do, I'll go to the police."

"I hate this person. But I also feel sorry for his terrible soul. I don't feel safe.

"I know that if he gets out in 10, 20 or 30 years, he will find me and kill me. I will have to keep an eye on him my whole life."