Disabled man fined for using disabled bay

2013-01-09 09:53

Durban - A disabled man is fuming after being fined R300 for using a parking bay for the disabled while on holiday in Margate in KwaZulu-Natal.

Pretoria resident Etienne Buys told Beeld he was in his brother’s car when they pulled up in front of a Wimpy while on a family holiday last week. A local traffic officer was standing in one of the two vacant disabled bays, talking on his cellphone.

According to Buys, his brother hooted to get the officer's attention so that he could step aside and they could park.

The officer then told them they couldn't park in the disabled bay because the car did not display a disabled sticker.

Buys got out of the car and into his wheelchair, explaining to the officer that he was in his brother's car which did not have a disabled sticker. A Wimpy staff member gave them a temporary disabled sticker to use, but this did not deter the officer from writing out the ticket.

"It was clear from the outset that he just wanted to be obstinate while having an 'I am in control' attitude," said Buys, who has been in a wheelchair since a car accident in 1993.

The Port Shepstone traffic department did not respond to a request for comment.


  • jbooyse - 2013-01-09 09:57

    I would have thought the sight of a person in a wheelchair would be proof enough...

      bruce.williams.1044186 - 2013-01-09 11:27

      I agree, That is disgusting!! It must be a power rush!

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 13:40

      You always complain that cops are corrupt, they take bribes, not doing their jobs, etc,etc. Now, this officer issued a parking ticket (and rightly so) you are complaining again? Give that officer a bells for standing his ground and enforcing the law. Would you have complained if the ticket was issued to an able bodied person (without any disabled passenger)who parked in a disabled person parking bay?

      jbooyse - 2013-01-09 14:20

      @Msika.bopha.9 F.O.C.U.S *Rolling eyes*

      Jane - 2013-01-09 14:31

      Msika, are you illiterate? The man was in a WHEELCHAIR. How much more disabled do you want him to be?

      riad.mahomed - 2013-01-09 16:22

      Something to ponder about hear guy’s, in essence what this traffic cop is trying to say is, provided your vehicle have the appropriate disabled sticker, it doesn’t matter if any occupants of that said vehicle is fully abled, you can park your car in a disabled parking bay without any consequences……… give that cop an award for stupidity.

      marius.j.rensburg.3 - 2013-01-09 19:47

      Msika - what part of "man in wheelchair" don't you understand?? wow, you as stupid as they come.....*sigh*. There is a HUGE shortage of logic in SA.

      Denise Papas - 2013-07-17 10:31

      jbooyse - that's exactly what I thought - clearly some people don't think like we do. @Msika - the man was in a wheelchair. That is enough proof of being disabled unless the 'Officer" has a problem with his vision

  • tersia.louw.12 - 2013-01-09 09:58

    Ridiculous! Give a small petty man the tiniest bit of power and watch him abuse it.

      Phyllida Bruckner - 2013-01-09 10:10

      HE SHOULD have been driving in his own car

      tersia.louw.12 - 2013-01-09 10:14

      So disabled people shouldn't socialise or, heaven forbid, go for a ride with their boet? Oh, please!

      george.frangs - 2013-01-09 10:31

      And you Phyllida, should wear a sign explaining how retarded you are...

      dianne.neyt - 2013-01-09 10:33

      @Phyllida Bruckner -I am dumbstruck at your insensitive and stupid remark!

      marianne.jacobszkapp - 2013-01-09 10:37

      @ Phyllida - Huh?

      lydonmcg - 2013-01-09 10:41

      And there you have it, folks. The face of pure idiocy.

      tracy.musto.7 - 2013-01-09 10:45

      We used to go through this a lot with my father. He had Parkinsons and could no longer drive PHYLLIDA so we used to have to take him everywhere. He was confined to a wheelchair and later also had cancer. His favourite place was the Wimpy but we also used to have to take him to handle business affairs, etc. Despite the fact that he was obviously in a wheelchair and very frail, we still used to put up with a lot of flack about parking in disabled parking areas. He had vaious people taking him around in different vehicles and it was very difficult getting him in and out of vehicles. Strange how when something is just so obvious, people still have to make themselves feel so great!

      ardenharvey - 2013-01-09 11:00

      @Phyllida Bruckner - you are right... he should have been in his own car.. because being disabled is such a PERK... you are such a B*TCH! Its almost such an insensitive comment... did you make a typo????? or are you standing by your statement???

      Ignorance police - 2013-01-09 11:11

      @Manuel. Only by day. Only by day.

      Jane - 2013-01-09 14:33

      @ Phyllida, because you have never been a passenger in someones car?

      Denise Papas - 2013-07-17 10:33

      George Frangs - could not have said it better myself.

  • peter.ndamase - 2013-01-09 10:09

    He obviously wanted a bribe... You just didnt understand his "attitude"

  • rooibok - 2013-01-09 10:10

    U cant parkit here!

  • mahogany.wamukwa - 2013-01-09 10:10

    Viva democracy viva!Banana republic with arrogant police officers.

      george.frangs - 2013-01-09 10:34

      Damn bro, you need to see a doctor about that eye... :P

  • jj.jeno.1 - 2013-01-09 10:10

    Not the first time, not the last...the cops are always pulling this sh*t. I was stopped by a policemen completely sober and all my docs in order, but he kept threatening to take me to the station and get a blood sample. When I agreed but refused for them to drive my car, he became standoff-ish and eventually i just kept quiet and looked at my steering wheel. After 15mins of staring, he let me go. They want to be in control threaten or get bribes. I don't trust any of these okes.

      jj.jeno.1 - 2013-01-09 10:50

      Manuel, you're an, I am black and two, where did i mention the race of the officer? Why make it about race, you bigot idiot?

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 10:59

      Cry me a river

      jj.jeno.1 - 2013-01-09 11:09

      Hahaha, what for? You've already exposed yourself as an idiot making assumptions based on god knows what... Enjoy it, idiot...

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 11:12

      Manuel.p.quintino jy is a domkop.

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 11:19

      Stating facts, son. An assumption is calling someone an idiot for expressing their point of view in three words

      jj.jeno.1 - 2013-01-09 11:24

      Ahhh well "An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way." In my opinion, you are acting quite counterproductive (in the sense of our country) with that stupid comment about blacks loving power. So there you have it, I'm not making any assumptions. In my opinion and from the definition, YOU ARE AN IDIOT (as well as racist).

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 11:29

      Glad you took time to recite the definition in your dictionary. Touched a nerve I see. All is forgiven my boy

      jj.jeno.1 - 2013-01-09 11:37

      Yeah, I like to back up what I say with, you know...facts. Not sure who you're forgiving but I'm not dumbing myself down talking to an idiot anymore so good day to you.

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 12:03

      I agree JJ_D, never argue with a fool, people might not notice the difference.

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 12:11

      You two are the fools for not opening your eyes. Look at the ANC and all other government departments...

  • Mk - 2013-01-09 10:10

    How is this "News"

      george.frangs - 2013-01-09 10:22

      It's hilighting the ineptitude of the people meant to serve us, not swindle us.

      Mark - 2013-01-09 10:27

      How is it not?

      freddie.miff - 2013-01-09 10:41

      It highlights abuse of power, or at least complete incompetence of our public sector.

      Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-09 11:26

      Maybe let's hear it from moron, according to yuo what is 'NEWS'?

  • msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 10:13

    If the law stipulates that you cannot park in a disable parking bay without that sticker then the officer was right to issue the fine. When did the Wimpy staff give them the Temp sticker, after they have parked or before?

      andrew.arde - 2013-01-09 10:46

      The law also stipulates that vehicles cannot drive in the yellow line on a freeway.......Taxi's come to mind!!! Wake up you ignorant fool!!! There is a degree of reasonability that needs to be exercised by the authorities, but alas undertrained, underqualified fools will never have what it takes to see this!

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 11:17

      Yes Andrew.arde, those Taxis driving on the yellow lane should be stopped and issued with fines as well, you fool. The law is what it is, the law. So why should officers compromise because it's a disabled person?

      Billy - 2013-01-09 11:41

      lol guy, every day idiots take disabled parking spots that are not disabled, nothing happens to them. this guy, in a wheelchair, gets a fine for using what is put there for him. if wimpy gave him a temp sticker before or after he moved the car into the spot is immaterial. the sticker is there to show that you are disabled, when you are not at the car and that you have a valid reason for parking there. this guy still in the car, and with a sticker before he left the car. gets fined. its wrong.

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 14:25

      Msika is a dom kop

      Jane - 2013-01-09 14:38

      Msika, why don't you stop typing before you look like even more of an idiot. He was getting a lift with someone. His brother would not have a disabled sticker on his car because he is clearly not disabled. What was he supposed to do, run out and go get a disabled sticker before he could give his brother a lift. You seem as retarded as the officer who was so dumb he couldn't understand that a man in a wheelchair is disabled!

      Musa Simelane - 2013-07-17 11:01

      I studies excepts of the traffic law (Traffic Act 93 0f 1996), no where does it say "Parking for the vehicles with Disabled stickers", rather it say "Parking for the Disabled Persons". There is no differentiation as to whether driving or driven to the bay. The purpose of the parking bay is to allow ease of access to the person, not the vehicle.

  • gregory.jurgens - 2013-01-09 10:14

    Another arrogant pig.

  • Teuneman - 2013-01-09 10:15

    if I don't have my drivers license when i get pulled over, i get fined. i'm going to be honest, i don't like the idea of special parking for disabled people. they are always saying how they can help themselves. if you can get out behind the wheel and into your chair, you are fine to park 50m from the mall. also, it once happened that i picked up my wife from work just before the centre closed and parked in one of 5 disabled bays. i did it intentionally because the rest of the parking is opposite a busy road. And a disabled guy parked there and came to shat me out about how I'm not allowed to park there and I'm inconsiderate. i asked him if he thinks 5 disabled people will come shopping 15 minutes before the centre closes...

      Teuneman - 2013-01-09 10:30

      calling someone that sort of makes you one too...

      MJS1234 - 2013-01-09 10:30

      The point of disabled bays are not close access to the shops but because the spaces are bigger, thus allowing people room to get out of their cars with ease. Lucky you that you can get out of your car on your own two legs, idiot!

      Teuneman - 2013-01-09 10:33

      That's the point but how many malls have you been to where they actually ARE bigger?

      jenny.t.buchler - 2013-01-09 10:35


      Leonore Engelbrecht - 2013-01-09 10:35

      @T: are u serious with your comment?? disabled bays are much larger than a normal parking, so that they have space to get into their chairs. but please, you have my permission to park there as you are clearly disabled by your huge ego. and when they chase u away, tell them i said u could park there. really, u wont get fined, I promise.

      Teuneman - 2013-01-09 10:37

      Please explain how I'm being inconsiderate?

      tracy.wray.98 - 2013-01-09 10:40

      I often drove my father around as he did not have the use of his legs and was wheelchair bound. I remember once arriving in a parking lot and the disabled bay had just been taken. The alternative was parking on the other side, which required me pulling/pushing my father up the traffic ramp, or somehow getting him to crawl up the stairs. The chap that got out of the car in the disabled bay walked away without any signs of physical disablility so I can only assume that his disability was brain damage.

      marie.delarey - 2013-01-09 10:43

      I had a disabled mother - wheelchair etc - It made me so angry when able bodied people parked in the disabled parking- there was NO WHERE else to go! Disabled parking is close to the entrance of the building AND it is wider than the normal 2,5m parking bay TO ACCOMMODATE A WHEELCHAIR! Able bodied people parking in DISABLED parking are BRAIN disabled!

      lydonmcg - 2013-01-09 10:45

      Clearly you're either a blind fool and should be parking in disabled parking bays as a result, or you don't get out much. Disabled bays are much larger than standard parking bays. And even if they weren't, the fact that you're suggesting disabled people should have to mission from goodness knows where in large parking lots because you're too lazy to get off of your own ass and walk is astounding.

      freddie.miff - 2013-01-09 10:50

      @Teuneman, you are an ignorant, self centred, inconsiderate little person. People like you who are full of themselves make me sick. My wife is disabled and we are continually confronted with the likes of you who think the rules don't apply to them. I often hear "we only used it for 5 minutes" from the likes of you when we have had to park far away from the entrance at centres, the fact that there are other free bays open when you parked is immaterial. STUPIDITY IS NOT A DISABILITY, you arrogant moron.

      marianne.jacobszkapp - 2013-01-09 10:50

      Teuneman, don't look now, but your ignorance is on display. Disabled parking bays are wider so that the cardoor can be opened wide enough to allow room for a wheelchair. Not only that, but getting in and out of a car may be possible even if someone is not able to push themselves far - depending on which muscles are affected. Also, disabled parking bays are also available to people with other ailments provided they meet the criteria - for example, someone using crutches, or with a chronic lung condition is able to get in and out of a car quite easily, but unable to walk far. And yes, people with disabilities are able to help themselves provided the environment is designed to facilitate equal access. Not everyone is as fortunate as you, so why don't you cut those who aren't, some slack and instead respect the rules that try to give everyone a fair chance!?

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-09 11:23

      Teuneman your anti social behaviour and lack of manners is telling. What a jerk you are.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-09 11:25

      Teuneman you are inconsiderate by using up our oxygen.

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 11:28

      @tracy.wray.98, at least now you know who that able bodied chap was?

      steve.maynard.121 - 2013-01-09 13:26

      Teuneman you are the type of person that hovers around the entrance to a mall waiting for parking as you are too damn lazy to park further away and walk. I've seen the likes of you hovering and I have walked into the shop and come out 15 minutes later and are still there!! My sister and sister in law are disabled and your attitude makes me puke.

  • ishaad.mohammed - 2013-01-09 10:19

    I have a daugther (7yro) in a wheel chair. I got a sticker only valid for east rand but i live in the south becos jobure metro does not have their act together to issue valid stickers - our various depts are &*^%%$.

  • brian.dureuck - 2013-01-09 10:19

    you have to have the sticker boet!! Its like Joost walking in at Loftus without a ticket and claiming his face is proof enough that he should be allowed into the stadium ... you know you are disabled, so wtf, go fetch your sticker!

      paulus.deboer.3 - 2013-01-09 10:27

      I think they need to have a special category of disabled, for people with attitudes like you.

      george.frangs - 2013-01-09 10:29

      You too must be disabled, because it seems like you can't read...

      MJS1234 - 2013-01-09 10:32

      Do you have ANY idea how hard simple things can become if you are in a wheelchair, shame on you!

      Sonnyjakes - 2013-01-09 11:34

      You disabled between the ears?

  • bob.small.7547 - 2013-01-09 10:24

    Arrogant piece of crap in a uniform..>!

  • eyesears.handsfeet - 2013-01-09 10:29

    Just don't pay the fine. The officer has got a chip on his shoulder and needs to get rid of it very quickly. If I were the traffic departmant I would dicipline him. Does it mean that, if one of my family members comes and visit me and I am not disabled, but my family member are, that I must carry a sticker with me, just for "incase"? Or if someone else gives me a lift and I am disabled, that that person must have a disabled sticker (again just for incase?) Absurd!

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 11:31

      Unfortunately the officer was doing his job.

      compos.mentis.58 - 2013-01-09 11:54

      Msika, the traffic officer was not doing his job. If you are given that type of power you must apply your mind as well. It has become a South African @get out of jail@ card to say I am just been doing my job, or this is policy. Think!! But then again... common sense is not so common....

      steve.maynard.121 - 2013-01-09 14:34

      @msika. If you drove over a solid white line to avoid an accident and a Traffic Cop gave you a fine would you happily accept it. It's called "use your common sense".

  • malcolm.james.macleod - 2013-01-09 10:30

    I feel both sides are at fault here. On the one hand the police officer sounds like he may have reacted poorly, on the other hand it sounds like it was the only available disabled spot. Would it have killed this gentlemans brother to drop him off at the entrance and then go park elsewhere and walk? Was it really an absolute necessity that they should use this spot? Even if technically they were entitled would it really have been the end of the world if they had "manned up" had a bit less arrogance and just made the best of the situation - like the rest of us do every day? Technically the officer is right and the sticker is required, I'm not going to go so far as to say the officer was right here, it's difficult to say without more information - but I am really struggling to have any sympathy for the so called "victim" here either.

      paulus.deboer.3 - 2013-01-09 10:34

      Yip. when petty bureaucracy triumphs over humanity and compassion then comments like this are made.

      malcolm.james.macleod - 2013-01-09 10:56

      As I said, it sounds like it was the only remaining bay. This gentlemans brother could have dropped him at the entrance and then (probably in the time spent making a scene) gone and parked elsewhere. Instead he insisted on taking up a bay, possibly the last bay leaving subsequent actual disabled drivers stranded. Where is your "humanity" and "compassion" in that? What is inhumane about the abled bodied brother enduring a minor inconvenience? Please do explain... On the one side I see potential bureaucracy, on the other side I see disregard for others, lazyness and self entitlement. I am undecided which side is worse, but I find people like you who automatically cry compassion to be just a tad hypocritical and narrow minded.

      malcolm.james.macleod - 2013-01-09 11:21

      @Manuel - Quite ironic that first you accuse a whole race of having "just come down from the trees", yet the instant you are confronted with a logical argument your first resort is to act like a cave man. You are a complete disgrace, and the ironic thing is that I highly doubt you would even have the guts to actually confront anyone in real life, let alone "klap" anyone, you look and talk like a sad little twerp of a kid. Clearly actually discussing stuff in a sensible way is far above your intellect, perhaps you should rather go back to your cave where you can focus on trying to invent fire.

      manuel.p.quintino - 2013-01-09 11:43

      For such a comment you deserve a cheap response. So protective over black people but no sympathy for this disabled person who got fined by an arrogant officer. By the way, I have no problem to meet up with you in person and repeat what I said.

      compos.mentis.58 - 2013-01-09 11:56

      Malcolm your argument lacks the very logic that you are requesting.

      malcolm.james.macleod - 2013-01-09 12:46

      @Compos - Yet you haven't actually pointed out why you claim this, you haven't answered a single one of my questions and you have not rebutted a single one of my points. If there is a Logical flaw in what I have said it should be easy enough for you to point out, or is it that you yourself confuse logic and emotions?

      Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-09 15:43

      Goodpoint malcom, both sides lacked simple understandig and if that happens then we ask ourselves, what does the regulation say. That's when I come to a conclusion that the officer ticked all the boxes in terms of his job description even though he could have done better than that. As for Mr Buys I do feel for him but then he must blame the system not the cop!!

  • Mark - 2013-01-09 10:30


  • m.adrian.schofield - 2013-01-09 10:33

    If you are an able-bodied driver, you do not have the right to a disabled bay simply because you have a disabled passenger. You can pull up to the door, let out your passenger then go to a normal bay and park. You can also push the wheelchair to and from the parking area, if need be. The bays are for disabled drivers in their own vehicles who have no assistance.

      george.frangs - 2013-01-09 10:37

      Thats a silly rule, but it makes sense. Thank you for explaining this to us :)

      brutus.roy - 2013-01-09 10:37

      Thank you Sir

      marie.delarey - 2013-01-09 10:46

      Not always Adrian - my mother could not drive as she was too disabled - how do you get her to the bank/chemist - leave her in the road while you park the car??????

      abbie.beyers - 2013-01-09 10:52

      @Adrian: WRONG. Not all disabled people can drive but will have adesignated driver and by law will have a sticker on the car.

      atomasicchio - 2013-01-09 10:52

      So what you saying a traffic cop is too stupid to use his own discretion even after Wimpy gave the temporary sticker????

      compos.mentis.58 - 2013-01-09 12:06

      A few years ago, a new parking disc for people with disabilities was legislated. It is pale blue with a wheelchair on it. It is displayed in the window of the vehicle and is not limited to a particular car. It is valid, whether the person with a disability is a driver or passenger. If he is a passenger, the driver cannot use it without the disabled person accompanying him. The idea was to have a uniform system and disc, recognisable throughout the country. Only people who are severely mobility impaired qualify. This not only includes wheelchair users but people with various walking aids. Too many aged persons are making applications.

      freddie.miff - 2013-01-09 14:51

      Adrian, you are completely wrong, the disabled bay is for cars with anyone who is disabled in the vehicle. Disabled people are vulnerable and you want us to leave them alone while we drive around looking for some remote bay?? Wake up!! I do and will continue to use the diabled bay legally, when my disabled wife is in the car with me. The ignorance of people who like to comment when they have no experience in a matter astounds me.

      paulus.knighted - 2013-01-09 16:17

      m.adrian.schofield you are incorrect, go and check the law as it was changed! If you have a disabled person in the car you can park the car in the disabled bay and leave it there....

  • brutus.roy - 2013-01-09 10:35

    Everyone seems to missing the point. He should be happy, not fuming, that action is being taken against these offenders and that somewhere in this contry something is being policed. His fuming is the same as my fuming when I get a speeding fine, I was wrong, he was wrong.

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-09 13:27

      Well said!!

      paulus.knighted - 2013-01-09 16:19

      brutus.roy he was not wrong, he s disabled therefore he has the right to park there. Please show me in the law books where it states you HAVE to have a sticker on your car.....

  • marianne.jacobszkapp - 2013-01-09 10:36

    That's just ridiculous! I hope he contests it. Even so, it's time and effort wasted on a silly man's quest to be important.

  • thadelphukem.completely - 2013-01-09 10:44

    Now thats harsh... He must refuse to pay!!! Thumbs up to the Wimpy for trying to help...

  • Pete7930 - 2013-01-09 10:46

    @adriantoo You make sense ! I do agree with you

      abbie.beyers - 2013-01-09 11:01

      WRONG. Not all disabled people can drive but will have adesignated driver and by law will have a sticker on the car.

  • atomasicchio - 2013-01-09 10:49

    This makes me angry when I see able citizens clearly parking in disabled parking! Where are the cops then! Incompetent idiots!

      garth.jones.581 - 2013-01-09 11:43

      Thats why he gave the ticket, the driver was not disabled and therefore had no need to park close to the door. Drop off the disabled man and piss off and park somewhere else! Next time remember to take the other car or bring the permit, simple hey? Would they have felt the need to get a temp sticker from the venue if the dumb ass cop was not standing right there and they had just pissed him off? Probably would have ended up as just another car parked in the disabled parking with no sticker....taking up space that a disabled DRIVER may have needed.

      steve.maynard.121 - 2013-01-09 13:47

      @Garth. You heartless person. From your comment I presume you are disabled?

      paulus.knighted - 2013-01-09 13:51

      @ Garth.jones.581 Do you have a disabled sticker on your car? Why not???? You might find yourself giving a lift to a disabled person so I think you should put one on your car just in case. And by the way the law was changed to allow an able bodied driver to leave the car in the disabled parking bay if the passenger is disabled...... Get your facts straight before shouting your mouth off...... Now piss off and have a nice day in spite of yourself

  • jaco.pretorius.560 - 2013-01-09 10:59

    That's disgusting...and the cop will just get a slap on the hand! On more than 1 occasion I have seen guys in flashy cars pulling into handicap parkings purely because it's closer to an entrance. People just have no regard for those less fortunate and should be pulled into the street and stoned. Shocking that this pathetic cop is flaunting the little power he has. How spiteful...

  • freddie.jones.58367 - 2013-01-09 10:59

    Can't this stupid traffic officer understand it is NOT the car that is disabled but the person.

  • naeem.dollie - 2013-01-09 11:03

    Abuse of authority! That's what they do!

  • daniel.motlhatlhedi - 2013-01-09 11:11

    most of this fools dnt knw their job, they only enjoy to issue out tickets.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-09 11:17

    They should fine all the able bodied people using using these places for the disabled. It's disgusting.

      garth.jones.581 - 2013-01-09 11:46

      Yes his brother should suck it up and pay the fine....maybe use his brains next time

  • john.bollie - 2013-01-09 11:17

    Just another bunch of idiotic brainless SPIETKOPS!!! Dont expect them to reply! They all are targetting "soft - easy money making targets" rather to be out on the road where people are killed!

  • hellopat - 2013-01-09 11:19

    Give "certain" people power and they try to lord it over others for revenge for the past.

  • ako.gutshwa.7 - 2013-01-09 11:34


  • brent.bartlett.98 - 2013-01-09 11:36

    Rightly so. The law is the law and should be obeyed by all. The fine was probably issued when he was not present anyway.

  • liezl.haramis.7 - 2013-01-09 11:42

    Walter, you are so funny...consider becoming a stand up sure dont display any other "talents". Eish!

  • sean.goldie.9 - 2013-01-09 11:46

    Not that i would intentionally wish harm on anyone, but in this case maybe a taxi should ride over the mofo and put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his miserable life..........

  • - 2013-01-09 12:16

    What an idiot. Is the fact that he is in a wheelchair not enough? Hate really irritates me, on top of the fully abled people parking in these bays, is when a disabled parks in the disabled bay, and then he/ she sits in the car while their fully abled passenger gets out to do whatever. I feel if you are not planning on getting out of the car, go park somewhere else. I see this more and more often, it's not cool.

  • richardnealejohn.underwood - 2013-01-09 12:54

    i once found a cripple parked in a normal bay so i bugged him up !

  • hyney.dick - 2013-01-09 13:29

    I so humble wish that officer well because he made everybody miserable with his attitude. On the other hand. Give him a golden globe for being the biggest self-proclaimed LOSER in the history of mankind.

  • andre.kritzinger.9 - 2013-01-09 14:37

    Quite right, actually, since everybody and his little bro' can get hold of a sticker and misuse it, and often do. The proper disabled permit is an ID document, with a picture of the holder on the back, meant to be carried in the purse/pocket of the disabled person and made to hang from the rear view mirror of whatever vehicle the person is travelling in while it is parked. It's obtained by getting a doctor's certificate and then going for an interview with the authority that issues the permit, which is classified in terms of the nature and grade of the disability. When displayed on the rear view mirror, the vehicle is also exempt from parking meter fees. After being disabled for ten years, Mr Etienne Buys should know the rules by now and he was actually at fault by not having the permit on his person. Since people do not remain with their vehicles when it's parked, there's no way that anyone can tell in the absence of the permit whether it's parked legitimately or not, so he should not be surprised to return to a car with clamps on the wheels and a ticket on the window. And the traffic officer did slip up. The prescribed fine is about R3,000. While on the subject, take a peek at the "Robbing the Disabled" page on Facebook at:!/RobbingTheDisabled

      andre.kritzinger.9 - 2013-01-09 15:30

      No, jaques.spuy, read again. The cop wasn't parked, he was on foot. The one displayed at the top of the Robbing the Disabled page, on the other hand, was not. And got clamped...

  • Tando Maku - 2013-01-09 15:07

    a person cant tell his side of story correctly,may be there was no one in the car.Traffic fines r issued when u do wrong,if u can try nd do ryt u will never get it

  • Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-09 15:31

    The disabled gentleman had no entitlement to the bay because of the absence of the sticker, however the officer in question could to an extent have given Buys the benefit of doubt only if Buys had used the right approach.... As a nation we seem to be at times lacking some basic communication skills hence the arrogance and lack of ubuntu.

  • Boika Function QJ Jakuja - 2013-01-09 18:31

    stubborn zulus!

  • nyikamn - 2013-01-09 23:36

    Lucky he didn't fine you for driving a wheel chair without a license because with such a thick head , who knows what he was going to do next. And on the other hand his bosses must make him pay the 300 fine for the poor guy as punishment for being shallow minded

  • vandal.svz - 2013-01-09 23:49

    Yet another new low in stupidity, is there no end to our patience?

  • ivan.schoultz - 2013-01-22 10:58

    Do not pay ANY "fine" " ... Many police officers are probably themselves ignorant of the fact that statutes are purely optional and no human is actually bound by them. ... " read more:

  • rick.cottle.33 - 2013-02-15 15:08

    just what was Mr Buys thinking .... we all know that these parking spots are for Traffic Police, Cops and MP's having breakfast at the Wimpy.

  • Denise Papas - 2013-07-17 10:23

    "I'm in charge" attitude from the "Officer"

  • Denise Papas - 2013-07-17 10:26

    Masika - please, dont be so obtuse. The"officer" saw the man the wheelchair for goodness sake.

  • Musa Simelane - 2013-07-17 10:47

    Give that cop, and Msika a Bells. Proof that you don't have to be corrupt to be traffic cop, stupidity is enough. You don't have to read the whole story to comment, just say something anyway. Mamparas of the Month

  • Renier van Rooyen - 2013-07-17 11:31


  • Stu McLean - 2015-08-18 21:57

    Over and above all else the lack of compassion by the officer is disturbing. As a product of so much that is broken and corrupt by us, for us and to us, we are fast becoming all very bitter. Also wimpy producing a temporary p/disk and then still proceeding to ticket the man displays a very angry and apathetic individual. Who, should I point out, main purpose is to serve and protect the public.

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