Dog attacks Free State boy

2011-09-20 18:01

Bloemfontein - A 12-year-old Free State boy suffered serious injuries when a dog attacked him in Virginia on Tuesday, paramedics said.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeffrey Wicks said paramedics arrived at the scene to find the boy in a critical condition, with severe head injuries from multiple bites.

He was stabilised and taken to a hospital in Welkom for further medical attention.

It was believed the dog attacked the boy while he was walking down the street.

A man and woman went to his rescue.

  • Mike_L - 2011-09-20 18:24

    May the owners of that dog be sued to the fullest extent of the law!

      Yoni - 2011-09-20 19:53

      Who let the dog out?

      morentebo - 2011-09-21 08:21

      the owner

  • Gadafi007 - 2011-09-20 18:27

    Shoot the dog and fine it's owners ,

  • Louis - 2011-09-20 18:49

    I hope and pray the poor little guy will be ok.

  • Mike - 2011-09-20 19:35

    WHY are the dogs not trained? Socialising is SOOO important!!

  • Styvie - 2011-09-20 19:37

    Dogs do not attack humans in a natural state of mind. It is humans that make the dog aggressive because they are the ones that want the "protection". Sad, sick state of affairs. Bring back the dog licences! That way there is leverage to hold idiots accountable. Helps with backyard breeding too. It is so sick to see what people are allowed to do with regards to breeding dogs. And why? To make a few bucks. Sick wankers.

  • Barries73 - 2011-09-20 20:44

    You are all against the owners and the dog. There are children in my street that wil also be bitten one of these days. Every time they walk past they would throw sticks or rocks or shoot them with BB guns.One of these days my dog will see that the fence is not that high and then every body will say that there is something wrong with the dog and owners. People , please educate your children to respect dogs.

      Ian - 2011-09-20 21:20

      1000000%, i see these punks too and how they tease dogs, just leave them alone, if they bark, let them bark, just walk on by

      morentebo - 2011-09-21 08:23

      you think a 2 yrs old knows what you are talking about?

      Flee - 2011-09-21 08:31

      Live near a Primary and High school, and could absolutely crap myself every morning when you get these brats, throwing things and spitting on my dogs... Saw two High school pupils the other day daring each other to put their hand in the gate.. I say Bring it ... put your hand there and when my dog bites the crap out of your arm.. lets see who gets into kak, esp since I have a camera pointed right at the gate... little chops should be taught some frikkin respect.... Morentebo.. this kid was 12.. Old enough to bloody understand,

      Jezabbela - 2011-09-21 08:44

      As true as that may be, I was attacked by a dog when I was 12 years old. I was walking on the other side of the road. The dog came out of the gate, crossed the street and it was already in full attack mode. Luckily only my pants were torn and I had little scaring on my thigh from its teeth. AND I BLAME THE OWNERS TILL TODAY!

      Flee - 2011-09-21 08:52

      Jezabbela... Unfortunately there are the occasions where a dog might have been taunted, teased and irritated to a point that it associates kids as aggressors.. But had this dog not been subject to previous abuse I bet you it would not have attacked you for no reason..

  • Roy - 2011-09-21 08:37

    It is called "parenting", you teach your 2 year old, or do you let him put his hands in the fire and learn for himself?

      Flee - 2011-09-21 08:54

      true.. and in any case this kid was 12... not 2 he should have known better...

      noodle1 - 2011-09-23 13:00

      What Flee, should have known better than to walk down the street? I'm confused...

  • Dave Walters MPowerP - 2011-09-21 08:48

    My Dad brought me up that if the dog bit me, I'd be the one in trouble. @Gadafi007, you so almost got that right...

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