Dogs attack Pretoria woman

2012-07-17 19:34

Johannesburg - A Pretoria woman suffered critical injuries when several rottweiler dogs attacked her in Garsfontein on Tuesday, paramedics said.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeff Wicks said the domestic worker was working in a garden when she was attacked.

"They dragged the woman down as she frantically tried to fend them off with a hosepipe," he said.

"A security guard, hearing her frantic cries for help, rushed to her aid and managed to drag the woman to safety."

Paramedics placed her on a manual ventilator before airlifting her to a nearby hospital.

  • Muhammad - 2012-07-17 21:06

    The Paramedics airlifted her. I'm on my way to airlift the dogs. (Shacks) this make me very angry

  • Linette Myburgh - 2012-07-17 23:14

    @Fannie...Its because of ignorant neanderthals such as yourself that the country's in the state it is - just use your peanut and THINK... hint Animal Cruelty

      bernard.tome.7 - 2012-07-18 03:55

      The reason so many people get attacked by Rottweilers, is because of people like Fannie who do not respect them. They are very intelligent dogs. If you do not respect or like them, stay out of their way. Is this too much to ask???

  • Moi - 2012-07-18 09:30

    Hope the poor woman makes a speedy recovery.

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