Dog's legs cut off for 'stealing'

2010-10-28 10:01

Johannesburg - A man apparently chopped his dog's back legs off because she "stole" food from a neighbour in a squatter camp outside Sabie.

The female Africanis dog lay helplessly for more than a week behind the hut of her owner, Alfred Maganzi, 65, before residents of the Fok-fok squatter camp called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

"It made me sick and I was shocked when I saw this animal," said Sabie SPCA inspector Petro Oosthuizen.

"She was very weak, dehydrated and completely disorientated when I got to her at the hut.

"When I asked her owner why he had chopped off her legs, he told me initially to ask the dog."

Maganzi later said he chopped off the animal's legs because he wanted to "punish" her after she had stolen food from his neighbour.

"Now she can't run about anymore and she won't steal anymore," was what Maganzi, an unemployed Mozambican citizen, apparently told Oosthuizen.

Put down

The dog was taken to a vet in Mbombela who decided to put the animal down.

"The animal was in shock and the wounds to her paws had started becoming septic," said Estelle de Villiers, SPCA chairperson in Mbombela.

A charge of animal cruelty was laid against Maganzi with police in Sabie.

Police confirmed they were investigating the case.

The SPCA also confiscated Maganzi's other dog.