Domestic worker steals R1m from boss

2012-03-13 07:46

Johannesburg - A domestic worker allegedly stole R1m hidden in her employer's kist in Cape Town, The Star reported on Tuesday.

Linda Mabhengu was charged with theft after allegedly stealing the money from her boss Harold Manus in Plattekloof.

She allegedly used some of the money to buy a house and a car.

Manus claims she stole R1m during the six years she worked for him, although she has only been charged with theft of R150 000.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit has attached her house and car, according to the report.

Mabhengu was caught when a man identifying himself as her husband phoned Manus in May 2010 and tipped him off.

Manus took Mabhengu to the Parow police station where he laid a criminal complaint against her.

In a statement to police, she reportedly admitted she was guilty and had stolen R150 000.

Mabhengu had since disappeared.

  • Truthis - 2012-03-13 07:52

    How do you not notice a million rand disappearing...WTF!!

      Pieter - 2012-03-13 08:02

      because it probably was not a million rand... What you really should be asking is how does a million rand earn interest in a kist over a period of 6 years? (and why is it there, not touched for 6 years?) it probably was a million rand 6 years ago but today was only worth R150k, hence the charge...

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-03-13 08:14

      Wondered the same thing.

      Putin the " - 2012-03-13 08:18

      & how much in cash is one allowed to have?

      Stormkaap - 2012-03-13 08:19

      Mmmm and i hope the Receiver of revenue is reading as well!

      Stormkaap - 2012-03-13 08:20

      Wouldnt one keep the money in a safe as well..stupid, stupid

      celeste.rsa - 2012-03-13 08:37

      Well, with the exorbitant bank charges, I don't blame him for keeping it in a kist! Anyway, if it's your money, you can keep it where you like, there's no law that I know of that compels you to use banks.

      Pythagoras - 2012-03-13 08:37

      Why is this only making news now? He has laid a charge against her 2 years ago and was never seen again! WTF?

      Elle-Black - 2012-03-13 08:42

      @ Stornkaap I agree, i hope the receiver of revenue is reading.

      Peter - 2012-03-13 09:17

      It was R 1 million over a period of 6 YEARS. That is an avereage of R 500 per month that was stolen.. So if he put R 2000 at a time ( not every month mind you ) R 500 would not be missed. The tax man would have got his share of it any way when the guy was paid. But how stupid to keep that sort of cash lying with all the violent robberies that take place.

      Clayton - 2012-03-13 09:32

      Peter ure math skills are shocking, R500 a month for 6 years = R1million??? go back to class 1

      Tasneem - 2012-03-13 09:42

      @ Peter - It is an average of almost R500 a day, not a month. almost R14000 a month !!! Absurd to not realise you are being robbed.

      Paul - 2012-03-13 09:42

      @Pieter ... clearly Maths is not you strong point ... 6yrs x 12months = 72months ...72 x R500 = R36 000

      Pieter - 2012-03-13 09:47

      @ Peter - if you struggle to understand why your "plan" to invest a million rand seems like its not working as it should, maybe you should get a calculator or see a financial advisor. Might even be safer for all if you stay away from any kind of calculation...

      Rainbow - 2012-03-13 12:57

      why do you keep 1 million in a kist in a house....ludicrous!

      Paul - 2012-03-13 13:34

      @rainbownation If you see all the shanigans going on in the banking system maybe this guy is right ... only time will tell!

      Fussed - 2012-03-13 13:49

      Well I hope he KIST that money goodby

      Mattewis - 2012-03-13 13:57

      I fail to understand how you don't miss this amount of money, that someone else has to tip you off to the loss of your own MILLION! Also, if you "hide" this sum of cash in your house, you are clearly busy with suspicious dealings. People get killed in their homes for way less than that! Linda, I'm sure, eloped with Shabir Shaik and they're on honeymoon somewhere playing gholf! Tony Yengeni, Bheki Cele and all the others will catch up with them later.

      Penny - 2012-03-13 13:59

      Truthis - If you have a gizzilion in your bank account, what's a mil between friends? I would notice though!

      Mattewis - 2012-03-13 14:00

      @Peter Duh, bru!!! Only 6 years, not 166.67! Mega-duh!

      Thery - 2012-03-13 14:24

      I think SIU must investigate why so much Cash in the house? Tax evasion ???? To be alarmed by an outsider was that there is no tracking of expenses /expenditure.... Hey guys. She saw an opportunity and obviously stot it little by little but 150k. Sh must have been an envy of her friends and others in the industry.

      Peter - 2012-03-13 15:17

      Best place is to keep it under the mattress. When my nanny stole boodle from me i noticed the change in the lumps and couldn't sleep. Fired her the next day.

  • Lulama - 2012-03-13 07:54

    Wow! Who keeps that much money in a kist? Anyway I hope that woman will face the law for this. Although I must say, it's weird that he didn't see this for six years. If I had that much money in a kist I would count it all the time, just to make sure that it's all there.

      Lulama - 2012-03-13 10:20

      It was obviously not a million at the same time. She stole a million in six years.Either way I would like to keep track of how much I have.

  • Sharon - 2012-03-13 07:54

    Wow, she stole R1m and he didn't know until he was told about it? I think if someone took that amount of money from me I'd know for sure!

  • boerenooi - 2012-03-13 07:54

    How do you leave so much money unlocked?

  • chivas.tkz - 2012-03-13 07:54

    WTF are you doing with R1m in the house ?

      Charl - 2012-03-13 08:34

      More than R1m, because he didn't notice it.....

      Deon - 2012-03-13 09:56

      It sounds like she made this R1m up to see if she could get away. She admitted to stealing R150 000 in the beginning. Not many thieves keeps count of what they steal.

  • Jacques Moses - 2012-03-13 07:58

    how do u steal R1m? hw do u nt notice that much money disappear? y keepin that much cash at hme? eish

      Antipoaching - 2012-03-13 09:08

      I look forward to seeing this story unfold. Its highly unusual to keep that kind of cash in ones house and the fact that this lady could steal over R1million and the householder had to be tipped off to realise what was happening makes me wonder just how much cash was going through that kist and what the source of the cash actually was.......

      Garth - 2012-03-13 11:53 Sorry NEWS24, you just don't cut it.

  • Sika - 2012-03-13 07:59

    why the hell do you keep so much money in a kist? the boss should be charged with money laundering.....!

      Marion - 2012-03-13 11:00

      @Sika - the money was in a kist, not a washing machine... (just joking)

      Sika - 2012-03-13 13:18

      @Marion LMAO that's a good one *dead*

  • Sebonelo - 2012-03-13 08:01

    R we allowed to keep such amount in doors - i am not an accountant but how will money circulate in a kist? The owner needs to be charged too for tempting the employee n keeping money in doors instead of letin it rotate, so she stole R1m which was stolen from us d public - SQUARE, CASE CLOSED, NEXT CASE PLEASE!

      Andrew Sheppard - 2012-03-13 08:10

      Because the banks are scum ... That's why.

      Peter - 2012-03-13 08:20

      Hmmmmm ..... Sebonelo ... thank goodness you are only allowed out after noon each day! So I must go to jail 'cause your sister cannot control herself? And by the by .... it is MY business what I keep in MY house! If I choose to keep a few diamonds in my house, I automatically stole them? I think not chop.

      Stormkaap - 2012-03-13 08:22

      Sebenelo are you thick or what..You can keep as much money in ur house as you wish! No need for an accountant for that!

      Bob - 2012-03-13 08:30

      It's mindset like yours that is sinking this country fast!

      Hlumela - 2012-03-13 08:34

      Hahaha!@Sebonelo, what a dumb comment,hahahaha!

      Edwhynot - 2012-03-13 09:18

      You might aswell argue that a hijack victim should be charged aswell for tempting the criminal. F off you idiot. Get out of my country please. Because of people like you, this place is turning to SH1T!

      Pieter - 2012-03-13 09:55

      It's been a long time since I have read such a ridiculous comment on news24. I almost choked on my coffee. I still cannot decide whether it be so cleverly written as to sound dumb, or whether it just truly was what you were thinking? charged for "tempting the employee", "keeping money in doors", not "letin it rotate" hahah!!! "stolen form us d public" - you crack me up! SQUARE!

      George - 2012-03-13 10:21

      Shame. That is why Sebonela only has 4 friends.

      Denny - 2012-03-13 10:31

      You want a person to be charged for saving? I suspect pointing you in the direction of financial planning or economic literature would be a waste of my time. Perhaps have a look at section 25 of the Constitution? All I hope is that your mindset is limited to a tiny minority.

      satanslord - 2012-03-13 11:52

      Sebonelo,your mother called,it's time for your medication.

      Kobus - 2012-03-13 11:53 sound like a clever man

      Greg - 2012-03-13 11:59

      Please Sebonelo, try and make rational comments in the a news reader, I thought you would've been able to come up with something that actually made sense and wasn't totally retarded!!

  • Thoka - 2012-03-13 08:01

    1 million in a kist, why not put money in the bank. saps must turn the table. something smells rotten, Is the employer tenderpreneir.

  • Matsa - 2012-03-13 08:05

    i dont think the lady would have stolen if domestic workers were paid well. what was he doing with more that R1m in the house. He deseves a house and a car as well. Greedy bosses, nxaaaa

      Andrew Sheppard - 2012-03-13 08:08

      You make no sense...

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-03-13 08:15

      Sheer madness. Cannot believe the comments you cats are pulling off.

      Mzwandile - 2012-03-13 08:21

      I don't agree with yur argument. People never get satisfied about what they got paid. Lets not speculate about how much she was getting paid I think that is irrelevant. The fact is that she took something that does not belong to her - that is stealing. She must be arrested, her house and car repossessed and be sentence to not less than 15 years.

      Luke - 2012-03-13 08:21

      @matsa your'e a 1st class example that the education system in the country is in trouble....your brain incapable of a clever thought(not surprised)...payed well or not, that maid would have taken the money anyway why?...because she is an animal and hopefully does us a favour and kills herself.

      markdoubleu - 2012-03-13 09:03

      @Matsa, Two problems with your comment. 1. A crime was committed here, and you're justifying the crime and judging the victim based on assumption. This is perilously close to the same thinking that leads to racial generalisation. 2. Once earned, how one chooses to deal with one's money is surely a private matter? It seems there is judgement (and this not only from you, but from other black posters) against Mr. Manus's decision to keep his money. This is a very communist way of thinking, and seems to point to a belief that the government will take care of you in your dotage as long as you keep putting every cent 'back into the economy'? This tribal, communal way of thinking may work wonders for the black diamonds out there, who are sitting on a heap of money that people who buy this nonsense keep handing over, but for everyone else, it can only lead to poverty.

      Edwhynot - 2012-03-13 09:21

      So did you buy your domestic worker a house and a car? And pay her a salary of R10k p/m+? Highly doubt that. If that is the case, I will gladly come work in your garden, sleep 8 hours of the day and work for one hour... Now THATs more like the reason they get paid so little. My maid wants more money? But whenever im at home I find her in front of the TV, stuffing her face for the better part of the day while there is still much to do. Oh thats probably what you do aswell eh?

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-13 10:53

      but yet you probably support Male-ma carrying that sought of cash all the time? you know...buying farms worth a couple of million CASH etc. idiot

      Lisa - 2012-03-13 11:43

      Edwhynot, you say your domestic sits on the couch eating most of the day? why don't you fire her and look for someone else? There are plenty of un-employed lovely ladies out there who would appreciate the opportunity...

      Greg - 2012-03-13 12:11

      Honestly @Matsa, your comment seems to suggest that Mr. Manus is 'greedy' for keeping his money (probably his life savings) at home and that this woman deserves a house and car even after having stolen money from an individual who put his trust in her in appointing her a position that allowed her free access to his house and personal belongings...and she then takes advantage of that trust and totally abuses it... Yes, she is very deserving of a lot of things, just not a car and a house...but I suppose she is a struggle victim, so she should get what she wants, and even if she steals it, she deserves are honestly retarded dude!!

      Paula - 2012-03-13 12:57

      Criminal promoter you dumb ass.Taking something that does not belong to you is stealing...People like you who put claims on things that are not yours makes me feel sick...I dont know who is more foolish you,Malema or the greedy domestic

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-03-13 08:06

    atleast she invested the money in a house , hopefully the full amount can be recouped from its sale.

      ReunionofIntelligentMinds - 2012-03-13 12:30

      Mgayi, there is a big difference between R150 000 and one million. They will only recuperate a small fraction of it and maybe she has already bought new property with the balance she kept stashed. Remember she disappeared, at the moment living in the lap of someone else's luxury.

  • Miriam - 2012-03-13 08:08

    I had a nanny that worked for me for 5 years......she stole gold coins from out of the safe over a year....while my husband was confined to one section of the house due to an op....I had spend a fortune on her dentist and medical fees..helped her when she got raped (more than once)paid her a decent salary...we are pensioners and can never recover the coins that she stolen as they had been bought years ago....I wish her misfortune every day of her life and will never trust another nanny or gardner again....

  • phathuchicos - 2012-03-13 08:10

    ...1 million disapearing and your domestic worker living the miami life while you are not noticing it...i'm sure there are still stashes on the loose in his house...

      Rob - 2012-03-13 08:52

      So what if there aremore stashes? I choose to store my assets is my business! Stealing from an employer, even taking pens, sugar or teaspoons, is not simply criminality, it is a breach of confidence. Highly offensive!

      Rob - 2012-03-13 09:43

      mokwena@ I do understand the implications of hoarding! Nevertheless, it is still a matter of choice. Whatever your own views on hoarding and its effects, it does not change the fundamental issue, theft is crime. And by the way, you are entitled to form your own opinions but it is not ok to assume what I know or do not know!

  • Born - 2012-03-13 08:11

    shame poor mabhengu,she was tempted i guess.but what she did is against the law she must face the law.i she could be given a fair trial.

  • Lazola Galo - 2012-03-13 08:11

    yho! how don't u notice a million bucks miss'ng & why stash it in a kist?

  • Nigel - 2012-03-13 08:11

    how to thank your Umlunghu for employment, now she has nothing & is a criminal. There are not short cuts to wealth.

      Michael - 2012-03-13 08:31

      Of course there are...... its called Government and tenders!!!!

  • Stan - 2012-03-13 08:12

    that will teach ya'all a lesson you lazy bums... do you rown cleaning and all your dirty work!

      George - 2012-03-13 10:25

      Stan. You probably stole the money you used to buy your merc to.

      Garth - 2012-03-13 11:50

      And who will employ tour mother/wife/girlfriend then?

  • mashudu.mashau1 - 2012-03-13 08:15

    Is 1 mil in 6 years period, not once off.however the employee is unfaithful & employer is careless for not be able to detect it.

  • Bomb - 2012-03-13 08:17

    Its unfortunately true, but we let our domestic also go a year ago. Very sad, she basically raised my two kids and looked after them since they were born. Gave her the prescribed salary, bought her a cellphone, paid her kids school fees, and bought her a trolley full of groceries each year. But she still stole food and money from our house. Denied it and got caught on hidden camera. My point? I don't really know, but how do you trust your next domestic? The good one's are very far and in between.

      Makabongwe Christopher Ntlahla - 2012-03-13 08:29

      You try live off the minimum wage that domestic gets paid. Just try live off the same salary you paid your domestic for a month

      Carol-lynne Roos - 2012-03-13 08:30

      You may mean 'few and far between'

      TBlogger - 2012-03-13 08:57

      Makabongwe.. No one says it is easy living off what a domestic earns nowasdays.. some people even give their domestics below the prescribed wage but are you seriously saying its ok for anyone to steal just because they living on a minimal salary? Get another Job on the side or sell clothes or do something honest.. Dont give me the bull about how difficult it is living off the salary you earn!

      Garth - 2012-03-13 09:09

      So make-a-bongi, by your rationale, or rather lack of it, poor people everywhere should just steal what they lack? Idiot!

      Lee - 2012-03-13 09:13

      @Makabongwe I understand where you are coming from but many who still have domestic workers are battling themselves and give whatever extra they can to them and have kept them employed just so that they at least have some money and many domestics would rather have that than nothing. In fact what really upset me was when a friend had to appear in court with a breakdown of earnings to say why he couldn't pay a debt back had his gardiner on his list and the attorney said "that is a luxury". That attorney was quite happy for them to get rid of him just like that yet what about the law that you cannot just get rid of someone without a reason and she didn't even worry about how he would survive afterwards. I can do my own work at home but then I worry about my domestic worker so have kept her. I agree that it is difficult for many though but please keep in mind many of us cannot even afford a domestic but keep them on to at least help them. The Government should be stepping in to help over and above the help they are getting yet they have not come through for them.

      Gaby - 2012-03-13 13:33

      It's easy to spot a good one. Tuck R100 into the side of your couch. The result will speak for itself.

  • Philip - 2012-03-13 08:22

    How much money does this guy stash that he only finds out after years!

  • Bianca - 2012-03-13 08:27

    Simnikiwe you are truly annoying with your pointless comments

  • Terrence - 2012-03-13 08:30

    Looking for employment as domestic helper. Preferably in household with millions hidden in the kist (or some other obvious place).Salary negotiable.

      Perfume - 2012-03-13 12:05


  • Cathy - 2012-03-13 08:32

    Why would anyone keep tht amount of money in a kist? Simnikiwe, you are a fool! Were you even around pre 1994? To carry such hatred is a wasted emotion and to your detriment!!!

  • Barefoot - 2012-03-13 08:33

    Learning from the best you gona get caught like them- i notice R10, lost R1million and you didn't notice it? you should hire me as your accountant i will keep it safe for you.

  • JacquesClaassen - 2012-03-13 08:34

    I have q question, how did the banks not question her payment habits??? Not like you can just walk into a bank, make your mark and the house is yours. Brilliant part is now she has no house, no car, no income and no life as she has to hide from the police. The average intellect in this country is shocking, not only for this woman but every place you go!

  • Blane - 2012-03-13 08:35

    Laundering money perhaps , who keeps a R150G in a kist ?

      Deon - 2012-03-13 08:57

      Many people lost money previously from banks going under. Some people just prefer keeping cash than paying admin fees towards banks.

  • werner.smidt - 2012-03-13 08:35

    Suddenly, SARS investigation.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-13 08:35

    Over a period of 6 years? Why didn't this guy say or do anything when he first noticed 6 years ago? Something doesn't quite add up here.

      TBlogger - 2012-03-13 09:08

      It was said to be his life savings..You don't exactly count it everyday..Do you not read the article properly? It said someone contacted him to tip him off.. Clearly he didnt expect someone who worked for you for six years to steal from him..

      Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-13 09:22

      So you keep more than a million rands in a kist, and you don't bother checking it occasionally if it's all still there? I'm sorry but that sounds very dodgy to me. Nobody can be that stupid.

  • Yolanda - 2012-03-13 08:35

    Why would you put so much money in the Kist? Dodgy!

      Bomb - 2012-03-13 08:57

      Why not?

  • Jason - 2012-03-13 08:38

    how do you steal money 1 Million without it been notice that is madness

  • brionyl.french - 2012-03-13 08:41

    Firstly stupid is as stupid does, easy come and easy go... For both parties involved....

  • Paul - 2012-03-13 08:42

    Comments like Simnikiwe's is the reason this country can not move past the racism and intolerance of other people. White, Black, Pink or Purple stealing is wrong. Why should one person find it that easy to steal money while others work their entire lives to achieve?

  • Warren Cowley - 2012-03-13 08:44

    You people are too serious! This is hilarious. Who the hell keeps R1million in a kist? What if his house was robbed or burned?

      Emily - 2012-03-13 08:51

      Hahaha his house was robbed....

      Johan - 2012-03-13 09:02

      It is obvious the he kept the money in the kist because should he put it in a bank, SARS would come to know of it and want their share of the spoils as well. Hell he worked very hard for his money, why share it with SARS and the Gov. to waste it on the ministers lavishally lifestyles.

      Warren Cowley - 2012-03-13 09:29

      There are other normal ways of keeping your money safe. Like buying property...

  • Yolokazi Lethabo Langeni - 2012-03-13 08:44


  • Nomakhwezi Ngoma - 2012-03-13 08:46

    why is Manus keeping R1m in his kist or was it obtained illegally and why is his kist accessible to his domestic worker? this does not make sense.

  • Moses - 2012-03-13 08:46

    lets not make a black\ white thing ,but rather lets see this issue and this woman for what it really is . this woman is a thief and belongs in jail her assets is rightly being forfeited should be sold and given to the man she stole from.

      Lucia - 2012-03-13 12:11

      Moses, ten out of ten. Your comments gave me lots of respect for you and I wish that more people can be so solid and open minded as you are.

      ReunionofIntelligentMinds - 2012-03-13 12:40

      The police should publish a name and shame photo of her and for that matter all domestics who stole from their employers so that employers can be vigilant not to re-employ them again and so preventing similar fate.

  • Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-03-13 08:48

    Someone was doing something illegal, hence that money wasn't in the bank... Someone was evading tax... Someone must be charged with money laundering.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-03-13 08:57

      Perhaps he withdrew the money after paying tax? Ever thought of that?

      Bomb - 2012-03-13 08:58

      Is there a law that says you must keep all your earnings in the bank?

      Garth - 2012-03-13 09:26

      Duncan your ignorant racist anc colours are on show again for all the readers to see. `Someone was doing something illegal, . . .', yes, a black domestic worker stole the money! That is the reported crime! Racist idiot!

  • Christopher - 2012-03-13 08:50

    it guy like you that promote crime if i was you i will hang my head in shame and what if this had to happen to you then you will sing a differbt tune

  • Karabo - 2012-03-13 08:51

    Theft has never been clever!

  • jose.zunguze - 2012-03-13 08:52

    Simnikiwe and supporters! You will never understand what it means to be liberated. Wrong will never be corrected by another wrong. If we remain in the past we will never grow to build a better future and that of our children. we will be doomed to sucumb in the hatred of past. For the boss, I wonder if that money was entirely clean. These days monies are kept in the bank acc. let alone for over 6 years. What did he wanna do with the money? Sponsor it to terrosts. I wonder. does he pay tax for this money? Had he invested it it could have helped improve our country's economy. Anyway, stealing is wrong. But one must not expose him/herself to vulnerability.

      Lucia - 2012-03-13 12:21

      Jose, in the old days the elderly kept their money in a suitcase(or kist) under their beds. The only explanation I have is that this is an excentric elderly maybe senile old man who do not believe in banks, etc. His relatives must really get someone like a curator bonis to act for him.

  • Maarten - 2012-03-13 08:53

    Who has a Million rand lying around in a kist? And let us be honest.... Who of us regular working people would not be tempted?

      Perfume - 2012-03-13 12:07

      Exactly, I agree :)

      Brian - 2012-03-13 12:44

      Perfume you stink!

  • Mzwandile - 2012-03-13 08:53

    No matter how we look at this, there is one fact we know at the moment, its that this lady took something that does not belong to her where she was placed in a position of trust (she was left at home everyday alone) and in plain langauge that is THEFT. She has to be arrested, the house and car be repossessed, be sentenced to not less than 15 years in jail. Whether this man was involve in money laundering is a matter should be investigated and he must also face consequences of his crime. Keeping money in your house is not a crime but he could be questioned about the source of the money that in terms if the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA)

      Heiku - 2012-03-13 12:45

      Your comments are so damn boring

      Lucia - 2012-03-13 13:11

      Heiku, it's because it makes sense! His explanation is probably too long for you to understand. Take it step by step and let your mom helps you!

  • Lee - 2012-03-13 08:57

    You don't have to put your money in a bank and it is quite possible he put any extra money or part of his salary away every month which can add up to a Million over the years. Policies and wills could have also have been paid out to him for him to say the amount he claims his domestic took from him. And it is quite possible to not notice if she was taking smaller amounts, especially if he kept adding to the savings. Also she might have only started stealing over the six years but he could have been saving mony from years before to claim that he had whatever the figure is he claimed to have had. Many people don't like to keep money in a bank and there is no law that you have to.

  • Mervin Skeef - 2012-03-13 08:57

    ok,how did this become a race topic

  • Diana - 2012-03-13 08:59

    It sounds disgusting to me some people can justify the crime and moreover they use old stinky issues. As long as you guys are stuck in the past you'll never move forward.

  • daryltt - 2012-03-13 09:00

    If this dude has a million bucks stashed away in his kist and hardly notices that it was missing, then he deserves to have it re-appropriated to someone else.

      TBlogger - 2012-03-13 09:14

      um.. re-appropriated?? Is that even a word?

      Garth - 2012-03-13 09:27

      Are you also a supporter of the useless, worthless anc?

      charmaine.pauwels - 2012-03-13 14:57

      and another idiot is born - daryltt

  • Emily - 2012-03-13 09:02

    this is ridiculous. This is not a race issue. Why people are making it one is beyond me. This is an issue for the judge, and I hope she does get convicted. You people that are hoping she dies or kills herself are inhumane and need professional help. Seriously, what is wrong with you. She committed a crime and should be punished accordingly, through the proper procedures. and Simnikiwe, if you get a high from starting arguments and killing peoples good moods, please do so elswhere. We are not here to judge so please, I'm sure everyone has their opinions, but please think them through before you post it on a public forum?

      Lucia - 2012-03-13 13:30

      Well done Emily!

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-13 09:03

    I always say that you can never justify theft. Ever. In Zulu we say, "Cela uzophiwa".

  • looneylani - 2012-03-13 09:07

    It's sick to read the comments on News24... you racists should go and find an island and live with like-minded racists... perhaps then you will get sick of yourselves and change or kill each other off!

  • Leko - 2012-03-13 09:09

    R1m within 6 yrs., each year she allegedly pocketed R166, 667, monthly R13, 889 and daily R463. All this is tax free. Wow MAMA, I feel sorry for you but you deserve a jail term. You disgraced the black community. I am sure JZ is your idol. ####What puzzles me is why this guy keeps so much money in a Kist? Is he involved in money laundering? I think police should also probe his business dealings.