Dominee's son to plead guilty to murder

2012-11-13 10:55

Bloemfontein - The adopted son of a Free State dominee arrested for his death intends pleading guilty to murder charges, Volksblad reported on Tuesday.

Martin Brits, 28, and Elliot Mhlambi, 41, appeared before Magistrate Harold Pratt. Brits indicated he would not apply for bail and intended pleading guilty to the charges.

The two men were earlier both in the Frankfort prison - Mlhambi for hijacking and Brits, who was released on parole last year, for theft, police spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said.

The two men face charges relating to the murder of Dutch Reformed Church Dominee Willem Brits, 60, in Harrismith, last Thursday.

His future son-in-law Gerhard Vermeulen, 25, was also killed in the attack in the dominee's home. Vermeulen was shot in the head and died on the scene.

The dominee was wounded and taken to hospital where he died on Friday morning. His 59-year-old wife was injured.

Mhlambi was arrested walking on the N3 in bloodied clothes. The case was postponed to November 19. Mhlambi would then apply for bail. Both men would use Legal Aid representation.

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2012-11-13 10:59

    He's pleading guilty yet the case gets postponed???

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-11-13 11:16

      Only 1 of the 2 plead guilty.

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-11-13 11:22

      HOW DO YOU KILL YOUR OWN FATHER?????????????????

      Johan - 2012-11-13 11:26

      It is not so simple. Magistrate's courts do not do murder cases. Case will probably go to the High Court. Indictments have to be drafted. Evidence must be collected in case the guilty plea is changed to one of not guilty. His previous conviction record must be obtained. Legal representation must be arranged.

      watsongeorgejan - 2012-11-13 11:32

      He \intends\ to plead guilty. The case hasn't yet gone for a pre-lim.

  • talana.malherbe - 2012-11-13 11:24

    This is so sick! How do you do that? Hope he rots in jail!!!

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-11-13 11:59

      That's the thanks you get for adopting a child ! Poor bastard must have had issues, baggage, and god knows what else ! And all this he will use in his defence !

      sarah.bouttell - 2012-11-13 12:16

      Sometimes, the child is taken on by new parents, and it's too late. The child has been damaged, and it can't be fixed. Sometimes, creatures are just born bad. One incident like this, should not be the deciding factor as to whether people adopt or not.

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-11-13 11:26

    From where I'm sitting they both look kapout. They need mental evaluation. I don't think they are both right in their heads. It's either drugs, ganja, mbamba and mampoer they are a toxic combination.

  • facts.peter - 2012-11-13 11:33

    Ok he is pleading guilty so get rid of him. Treat him the same way he treated his family and broadcast it one way or another. Case closed. Stop wasting money on these creatures. Make an example of him otherwise we will read about another incident tomorrow. He has no right to live.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-11-13 11:35

    Just another day in South Africa. One f*cked up country and becoming worse by the day. We are heading for the pits, that's for sure.

  • patrick.mampane - 2012-11-13 11:38

    Debates on this page are becoming fewer and fewer lately. I am wondering why?

      facts.peter - 2012-11-13 11:58

      Because this country is getting sicker and sicker. The bigger your crime the better life you will have in South Africa.

      anthea.lagrange - 2012-11-13 12:33

      Because we all seem to be in agreement for a change! Take that as a good sign, we should not be fighting each other, you are my ally in this war against crime and corruption, not my enemy.

  • Riaan Venter - 2012-11-13 11:52

    HANG die blixem!!!

  • derek.bredenkamp.3 - 2012-11-13 12:22

    Why do we never ask the question "What has this individaul been subjected to to drive him to this exteme behaviour?" I think they need to delve a bit deeper into the circumstances around his family life.

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-11-13 12:23

    For the first time I can say I feel sorry for this two. I think there is something wrong with them. They need help not condemnation. They must be evaluated and put on a strict programme.

  • ingrid.oberholzer - 2012-11-13 12:38

    Why is it the parents are always to blame for the bazaar behaviour of lawless children??? I'm sixty years old and know I've done the best I can to raise my son, this young man was adopted so they gave him a home and probably an education as well, surely he could have left them alone and gone to another town.

  • modernmetaphysicist.modern - 2012-11-13 12:41

    when in jail, and under the influence, your mind is pretty much sick and will stop at nothing to pursue your own evils. this man is very sick, and doubt he will ever recover from his own downfalls, very weak individual.

  • helio.paulo.7 - 2012-11-13 12:43

    THE DEATH PENALTY WOULD BE SO APPROPRIATE RIGHT NOW!!!! if you can kill your own father then you are really beyond any possible redemption.

  • tyroymike3 - 2012-11-13 12:50

    The one looks more stupid than the other ! I think the silence from the peanut gallery is an indication of the hopelessness many people feel regarding crime in SA . Every new crime story has to be more heinous than the last one before we are provoked into more blaming rants . This kind of behaviour is a social issue that requires research and intervention . Focused attention on parenting skills and childhood care will go some of the way to preventing this type of outrage but , hell , one just gets more depressed as these misfits try and rationalize their behaviour !

  • Andrea - 2012-11-13 13:12

    Did I miss the motive part?

  • ulandi.potgieter - 2012-11-13 13:16

    its shocking on how people are becoming so ugly thats not even the word to use when someone takes you in and you kill them you are not worth having around.

  • ulandi.potgieter - 2012-11-13 13:16

    he is not a son at all in my eyes

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