Don't withdraw abuse cases - minister

2011-05-26 21:16

Johannesburg - Minister for Women Lulu Xingwana on Thursday urged women in abusive relationships not to withdraw cases of abuse but to allow the law to take its course.

Xingwana and Deputy Health Minister Gwen Ramokgopa were visiting the family of a woman mutilated and killed allegedly by her partner in their Soweto home.

"We call on the police to intensify the investigation of this case and ensure that the murderer is apprehended and face the full might of the law. We have to tighten our law to ensure that people involved these types of cases do not get bail or parole," Xingwana said during the visit.

Moji Tsekedi, the daughter of the Corinthians Apostolic Church Archbishop, Nchime Tsekedi, was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner on May 15 after an argument at their home in Jabavu, Soweto, department of women spokesman Sibani Mngadi said.

"Tsekedi was not seen for four days while her partner went to work and returned to their home as usual.

"On Thursday May 19, some neighbours decided to go to her house to investigate. They opened a locked door and found her murdered body in the house with several wounds," he said.

Mngadi said the woman's eyes were allegedly missing and her wrists and ankles were cut. Her partner had disappeared after the murder.

Matter of urgency

During the visit Tsekedi's family expressed concern that the couple's 18-month-old son was taken away by the father before the murder and his whereabouts was unknown.

"We appeal to anyone who may have information about this case and about Moji’s child to contact the police and assist in the resolution of this case," Xingwana said.

She was visiting the family because domestic violence was a matter of urgency and she wanted to make people aware of the challenges women faced, he said.

Most attacks on women were perpetrated by people close to them.

"The minister is visiting this particular family because of the peculiarity of the situation. She would like to be able to visit all families but that is not possible," Mngadi said.

"The minister wants to call for an end to violence and violence against women."

Soweto police were unable to confirm details of the murder.

  • HereToStay - 2011-05-26 21:59

    Great, this Minister with an excuse for a portfolio said something this month. Her contribution to this country is gigantic. She definately deserves her R1.8m tax-free salary and other benefits.

      Kgwadi - 2011-05-27 09:41

      We men in general must change our attitudes/believes towards women.Real men are practical and not believing in("bible"/"culture" etc)stereotype kind of treatment to women.Abuse is committed by men to the so called loved ones,all races do that,yu see it malls,work,family homes etc.Real men plse lets stop this.

  • Horza - 2011-05-27 07:52

    You cannot believe the torment some women go through just trying to report the abuse (from the police themselves).

  • Hope - 2011-05-27 08:17

    Why does she even waste her time. Get the police to do something about it. Woman go to the station, get ridiculed. They only do something if you get killed. If it's your spouse or partner, then they really do nothing. Been there, done that, still have not heard a word from the cops with regards to the charge I laid and in the meantime the MF still walks around like he a demi god.

  • godsavesa - 2011-05-27 12:27

    I was being held hostage in a room, my child taken away from me, being hit and abused. I managed to get hold of a cellphone and smsed my sister to go fetch the police. She went to the police station immediately, which by the way is just 4 blocks from our house. She got there, explained the urgency of the situation, and they laughed at her. They told her that I probably did something wrong and was just being punished. She waited at the station for 3 hours before a police vehicle was despached, leaving enough time for me to get another beating. wtf. And then this bloody minister says domestic violence is a case of urgency? bullshit. Oh, but the reason might be that I'm white too. Bastards.

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