Driving lesson becomes rape ordeal

2011-10-17 10:14

Johannesburg - Five men attacked and robbed a 19-year-old woman and her grandfather during a driving lesson on the West Rand over the weekend.

The woman was repeatedly raped and their car was stolen.

The grandfather was teaching the woman to drive on quiet roads in the Randfontein vicinity on Saturday afternoon when they were attacked.

Police spokesperson Captain Mosotho Phaahla said three of the men raped her and she was hit on the head with a rock.

A cellphone, wallet and watch were stolen before the men drove off in their car. Police found the car but not the rest of their possessions. No one has been arrested yet.


The woman and her grandfather walked in the direction of Randfontein after the attack. A man in a yellow bakkie gave them a ride to Uncle Harry’s Roadhouse in Main Road. Here the grandfather told the owner’s wife, Jean Pappas, what had happened.

“They were in tears and badly traumatised,” said owner Jimmy Pappas on Sunday. Their hair was messed up and there was blood on their clothes. He described the young woman as a “petite victim from a good family”.

The grandfather called family members and they were taken to hospital.

Phaahla said they were discharged that same day.

“It was a nice thing that her grandfather wanted to do, to teach her to drive. Now neither of their lives will ever be the same again,” said Pappas.

  • Joanne - 2011-10-17 10:36

    What is there to say, really?

      Ann - 2011-10-17 11:03

      It is just disgusting that no one seems to be safe any more. I hope these people recover from this dreadful ordeal and that the perpetrators are brought to book.

      Fred - 2011-10-17 11:29

      Unfortunately we have the scum of the earth living in this country. Every single day there are reports of rape and gang-rape. What is wrong with these people? They are far worse than animals. Time for the death penalty for ALL rapists !!!! At the very least this will whittle their numbers down, if it doesn't deter them.

      karen.glautier - 2011-10-17 12:59

      !?!! I wouldn't know where to begin... as you say Joanne, I'm speechless. When will the tide turn and the majority (good people) be protected from the minority (scum of the earth)

  • Jason - 2011-10-17 10:37

    Its disgusting what this once so great Country is coming to!! You cant even go for f%cking driving lessons, and this is what happens - I need to understand why they couldnt have just robberd them, and left, rape for what?? sick BASTARDS!!

  • Dean - 2011-10-17 10:56

    Kill 'em all. I've had enough. Kill 'em all.

  • Grant - 2011-10-17 10:57

    Yes, five men, and what colour are they... Bloomin barbarians. Bring back the Death Penalty to sort these Maaifoedies!!!!

      czovczov - 2011-10-17 11:43

      What colour they are is not the issue here. Whatever colour they are, they are animals that deserve to be put down. They are less than human and dont deserve mercy when they are caught. Death penalty must be brought back to deal with these animals.

      koo.doyle - 2011-10-17 12:29

      @czovczov do not compare these monsters to animals. Since when do animals rob, murder, gang rape??????? Animals are MUCH nicer creatures that most humans, so don't insult them.

      Lindiwe - 2011-10-17 13:19

      What colour they are is of NO importance here Grant!!! They are pure ANIMALS, wether pink, black, yellow...they are just ANIMALS who deserve to be dealt with by mob justice or death penalty that's it!!! So stop bringing racial issues into this. Or maybe whats your take on the Louise case coz the guy is white, does it make it ok than if he was black??????????? I dont think so he is still an ANIMAL!!! That's my 2c worth of opinion!!!!!!!!

      koo.doyle - 2011-10-17 14:31

      @ Lindiwe, don't be a moron. Animals do not behave like that, only people do.

      Suspook - 2011-10-17 15:08

      Colour is extremely relevant, regardless of what certian people might say. The fact of the matter is that 92% of crime in S.A is committed by blacks. You can argue and cry your liberal tears all you want but facts are facts and facts don't give two sh*ts about you or your opinion, and neither do I.

      Lize - 2011-10-17 15:17

      I agree, race is important because of racial hate crimes. Raping a 19 year old to the point of destruction is VIOLENT, AGGRESSIVE, HATEFUL. We need to understand why and the races of the victims and rapists will give us a clue.

  • Mark - 2011-10-17 11:09

    sick creatures , we need the death penalty in SA . hang all these rapists.

      Sunett - 2011-10-17 11:37

      @mark & Karena - I agree 150%. Enough! How do we get the stupid government to organize a refurendum, and let the people decide on the death penalty issue. These monsters should be hanged, shot, stoned to death, face the electric chair, whatever!! Am I going to have to drive around armed when it's time to teach my girls to drive...??? Kill these raping bastards!! Poor girl is probably never going to want to drive again. Madafakahs.

      karencrusoe - 2011-10-17 12:17

      Trouble is, before you can hang some one, you'll need to catch them.. "No one has been arrested yet" is an all too common occurrence!

  • Karena - 2011-10-17 11:23

    3 head line storys of three men raping woman, last week about men raping babies ...COME ON this is toooooooooo much DEATH PENALTY MUST BE BROUGHT BACK FOR THE BASTARDS THAT RESIDE IN THIS COUNTRY AND ARE CLEARLY GETTING AWAY WITH IT..... SOUTH AFRICA LETS STAND TOGETHER ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...

  • Linda - 2011-10-17 11:26

    Good Lord. What have we become? I hang my head in shame.

      Omrisho - 2011-10-17 11:32

      yip, i agree... proudly south african... ppfffttt

      TSR01 - 2011-10-17 12:38

      We should not hang our heads in shame, we should hang the heads of the rapists - with very sturdy nooses! Death to these rapists! Enough is enough!

  • Robi27 - 2011-10-17 12:28

    That's so sad. It's a reminder to always be vigilant. Even when the area seems safe enough.

  • Erica - 2011-10-17 13:07

    Again this type of headline re-inforces the opinion that the outside world has of the SA male - an animal drven by its lust to force down its male domination on the vulnerable and weak. Sadly it tars the decent SA man with the same brush. Only one solution - a trip to the Vet to have those found guilty neutered. Colour has nothing to do with anything.

  • Zayne - 2011-10-17 16:08

    These f@#$%&s need to be raped by machines...... why kill them? let them feel the pain that they cause to others...... Just wait these so called men are going to prison sooner or later and then they'll end up someones little hole....

  • nino.ciani - 2011-10-18 16:25

    The world and this country is a sick place, now wonder i carry a weapon/s on me at all times!

  • Mike - 2011-10-28 06:36

    SA needs to bring back apartheid. If that is not 100% clear then I don't know what is.

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