Dumpsite drink kills teen - reports

2011-10-05 07:21

King William’s Town - A teenager who died in King William's Town in the Eastern Cape may have ingested a toxic substance at a dumpsite, according to a report on Wednesday.

Athule Blom, 13, died on Sunday morning after he complained about stomach cramps, dizzy spells and a headache, the Dispatch Online reported.

Just before he died he had told his grandmother, Nothini Mvelashe, that he drank something he found while scavenging at the dumpsite on Thursday.

Blom started bunking school with friends two weeks ago so that they could go to the dumpsite, where they scavenged for food, empty cans, metals and other discarded materials, Mvelashe told the Dispatch.

  • Julia55 - 2011-10-05 08:08

    A very sad and unnecessary death.

      Julia55 - 2011-10-05 11:00

      Why the thumbs down for my comment? People are friggin heartless - quick to judge and jump to conclusions. Nobody knows what his circumstances were. He was a child for goodness sake!

  • Duwetse - 2011-10-05 08:12

    May his soul Rest In Peace.

  • Scarlett82 - 2011-10-05 08:14

    Sorry But i ned to Ask.... was he not geeting food at home ? This is really sad :(

      Liesbet - 2011-10-05 08:47

      My question as well! Did hunger push him towards the dump site? Sad indeed!

      Geraldo Mc phu - 2011-10-05 08:52

      The sad truth about poverty is that you would never undertstand unless you have crossed that bridge...

      MojoBa - 2011-10-05 15:02

      What I don't get is that children who really suffer at home get food from the school. But if he was bunking school, he couldn't get food, if that was the real problem.

      KanaMay - 2011-10-06 17:38

      @MojoBa --- I think the school lunch programme was only for primary schools, and even that was suspended / discontinued in many regions due to incompetence or negligence. Ironically, some developed countries (usually in Asia) feed their rich children better at nominal fees. Meanwhile, American kids throw away the sandwiches that Mom provided them so that they can go to the school canteen ... and play with their food.

  • Ulrich - 2011-10-05 08:30

    Rest in peace....

  • LittleMiss - 2011-10-05 08:56

    so so sad, but as many have said was he not being fed, that he was scavenging, trying to get money for food, or for his family's needs!! RIP little man!!

  • Antwahn - 2011-10-05 09:15

    The symptoms and circumstances tell us much; most likely here is: Ethylene glycol poisoning (antifreeze) It tastes sweet, renders you intoxicated -but later on you get into trouble. And when you take enough, sans medical care, you die. (LD 50 4700 mg/kg for rats. So aglass full could well kill a child.) Pity that he did not receive medical in time -would have been saved. (Mother was used to see him intoxicated, thought not much of it initially.)

  • whatno - 2011-10-05 09:21

    Some schools have feeding schemes, perhaps his does not otherwise he would not have been bunking school just to go scavenging. Very sad indeed.

      Nunya - 2011-10-05 09:52

      I do not think that the food scavanging was what realy happened...The grandmother said nothing about him being hungry...maybe just a news24 trick to get reaction. They were probably looking for scrap to sell, I think. Anyway, sad that a kid has to die when he should be in school.

  • Ingie - 2011-10-05 09:36

    Well it is a dump and children should not be playing there. He was old enough to know that. The parents shold also know that there are a lot of toxic waste etc and the children taught not to go there. Sad anyway

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