Durban DJ case postponed

2011-08-03 14:05

Johannesburg - The Equality Court in Durban postponed the hearing of a R10m discrimination and defamation lawsuit brought by Ukhozi FM DJ Ngizwenkosi Mchunu, The Times reported on Wednesday.

"The court [on Tuesday] gave us until August 24 to exchange papers and affidavits," Mchunu's lawyer, Mbuyiselwa July, told the newspaper.

Mchunu is suing Durban's King Shaka International Airport, the customs division of Sars, and the Department of Agriculture, after airport security officers allegedly confiscated his traditional shield in April.

In his affidavit, Mchunu says he was dressed in full traditional Zulu attire when he boarded a plane to Dubai, and on his return, security staff wanted to spray his shield because it "carried foot-and-mouth diseaseā€.

Royal family upset

"We demand R10m in compensation. But people must understand that money is not the issue here because one cannot put a price on the Zulu nation's dignity," July said.

In court, Mchunu was clad in traditional regalia and was accompanied by similarly attired Zulu warriors. Representatives of Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini were also present.

Royal family spokesperson Prince Mbonisi Zulu told the newspaper that King Zwelithini and the royal family were upset at the treatment allegedly meted out to Mchunu.

"What is even more humiliating is that this airport is named after King Shaka, the great-grandfather of the king. The royal family views it as very demeaning to the entire Zulu nation," he said.

  • jeremy - 2011-08-03 14:16

    Glad I wasn't sitting next to him on the plane. He might have wanted to take out his traditional weapon! Seriously, isn't there a basic dress code for aircraft which would preclude Zulu "traditional" gear?

      Linus - 2011-08-03 14:49

      Lets all sing together now... High zigga zoomba, zoomba, zoomba High zigga zoomba, zoomba, zay High zigga zoomba, zoomba, zoomba High zigga zoomba, zoomba, zay Hold them down, you Zulu Warriors Hold them down, you Zulu chief Chief chief chief chief. [Boys repeat "chief". Girls repeat verse.]

      BOFFINBOB - 2011-08-03 15:03

      Linus...LOL. Bunch of frukkin idiots. Money not the issue.... The kings people do enough to demean him & the Zulu nation, day in & day out, then to worry about a bloody shield being sprayed. " Eish...heres 10 million O' King. " " He, he......Our dignity has been restored. "

      IC1 - 2011-08-03 15:14

      @BoffinBob and Linus, TOP DRAW stuff gents, who do these twats thinkk they are, I mean really!

  • Thunukenenxe - 2011-08-03 14:17

    This is a disgrace, every culture is important to their people.

      dwnwitjuju - 2011-08-03 14:23

      There are aviation rules for a reason - just because he is a Zulu does not give him a pass.

      onthefence - 2011-08-03 15:12

      If my culture breaks aviation rules - I must then be content to either adapt or catch a bus, then a train, then a ship etc. to get to and from my destination. Port authorities may also have had an issue with his shield......sounds rather like a spoilt brat to me.

      IC1 - 2011-08-03 15:15

      O get over yourselves, you live in the 21st century, not the frigging 18th

      sardonicus - 2011-08-03 15:58

      I totally agree with the DJ, the Chinese should be allowed one fan, Japanese should be allowed one katana, no wazikashi (we don't want any hara kiri on the plane!)Indians should be allowed one kukhri knife or one cane cutting machete and Australians one boomerang.

      Goose - 2011-08-03 17:39

      The judge should simply dismiss this case as a waist of court time and money and remind the plaintiff that in the civilized world, our ancient cultures are no excuse to dress up like a fool whilst attempting to board a modern aircraft. Costumes and associated props may be packaged appropriately and transported with the rest of the luggage. My ancestors were Viking. Imagine if I were to try board a modern aircraft dressed up in smelly leather leggings, a horned helmet, and wielding a 1.5 meter long claymore.

  • Izaan - 2011-08-03 14:24

    oh paaaaaaaaleeeeezE!!! yeah sure the money is not the issue here. Why don't you pledge that money to charity then? To you 100's of zulu brother's dying in the townships?

  • Banana_Republic - 2011-08-03 14:33

    Oh FFS, get over it! He wouldn't have been able to bring the stuff into Dubai anyway and if he'd tried to get into Australia he would have lost it and featured in a reality TV program as a another hapless fool who didnt bother reading the rules. Amazing how culture gets trotted out when convenient (and when there is a quick buck to be made).

      Zama - 2011-08-03 15:46

      umm correction, it was on his return to South Africa, clearly customs in Dubai didn't object..

      Mundu - 2011-08-03 18:59

      @ Zama- The guys in Dubai were too busy laughing at the chops dressed in animal skins. They knew their asses would get hot in the desert.

  • Tokkel Loshi - 2011-08-03 14:35

    Cant Baleieve !!

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-08-03 15:13

      Can't believe!! Now you can

  • dingane - 2011-08-03 14:41

    If as historians state, Shaka did not have any children how is he the great grandfather of the present king Zwelethini?

      IC1 - 2011-08-03 15:16

      Shaka's wife had friend called JZ

      sardonicus - 2011-08-03 15:58

      I thought that was rather foolish making that claim, especially from 'historians' (where do they find these sttoges?)

  • Steven Gains - 2011-08-03 14:52

    Discrimination? Screw you! Malema discriminates on National television against whites, and I don't sue him because I am white.

  • jock - 2011-08-03 14:53

    what a p[onker and what a waste of time

  • Ek_Ruik_Rot - 2011-08-03 14:56

    Please! There are certain morals elsewhere in the world. If you want to celebrate your culture in your backyard, fine, but dont expect people to tolerate you on a plane to an international destination. You were looking for trouble idiot!

  • Braddle - 2011-08-03 14:57

    And this constitutes as new???

  • Yislaaik - 2011-08-03 15:05

    He should have travelled by donkey cart and arrived at Ulundi and nobody would have turned a hair :D I'm picturing this thing coming down the stairs at an international airport. I hope he didn't frighten too many tourists.

  • onthefence - 2011-08-03 15:08

    Doesn't Shield give 24 hour protection??

  • Jason - 2011-08-03 15:16

    R10m...hahahahahaha...sumbudy give that zulu a bells

  • nobokjoy - 2011-08-03 15:43

    another one,never worked before ,but wants to sue to become a donkeys ass.

  • george.engel - 2011-08-03 18:59

    None of you are listening to the issues before you unleash your tirades. He was not carrying a weapon but a shield. Every one has the right to own culture and so DO YOU. If you have grown up barefeet on a farm wearing khaki then they were barefeet wearing cultural dress. All these tirades are plain discriminatory. How could you take a moral high ground if you do not live by the same code. If someone attacked your culture Iam sure you would go to the Supreme High court to demand your constitutional right to practice it. So disappointed in my fellow South Africans.

      Yislaaik - 2011-08-03 23:21

      When in white man's plane, wear white mans clothes. If traditional dress necessary, go by donkey cart and stay in the rural areas until you learn to dress properly. The authorities were doing their job properly by spraying for foot & mouth disease. Do you know what that does to a country when it spreads? Obviously Dubai has the disease there or they would not have wasted their time.

      lynnea.gough - 2011-08-04 11:21

      its not about the fact that he was dressed traditionally.... there are health and safety rules and regulations. He could just have had the shield sprayed and then returned to him..... he made an ass of himself. no one else.

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