Duvet, photos link suspects to murder

2012-10-24 21:05

Pretoria - A murdered German pensioner's duvet and photographs found on her computer linked two of her alleged killers to the crime, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard on Wednesday.

Mamelodi task force member Constable Stephanus Fouche testified that he had found Frans Madiba sleeping on a red and white duvet cover with Japanese symbols belonging to murdered Ute Maria Wiing when he was arrested a week after the murder.

He also found 40 photos of Madiba's co-accused Amos Mokgabudi on Wiing's computer, which was recovered from Madiba's room during his arrest.

Mokgabudi was arrested later that day near the security complex in Equestria where Wiing was murdered in her house, and where Mokgabudi worked as a security guard.

He and Madiba had lived in rooms on the same premises in Mamelodi and goods belonging to Wiing were found in both men's rooms.

Madiba, Mokgabudi and Brian Mathebe have all denied guilt to charges of robbing and murdering Wiing on 27 May 2010.

Fouche testified that Madiba was arrested after police interviewed Mathebe, who was arrested near Dennilton while in possession of Wiing's black Kia Picanto car.

Mathebe pointed out a man called Elias Magana as having given him the car, but Magana said he got the car from Madiba and took them to Madiba's room.

Madiba was asleep on a duvet cover which was later identified as Wiing's property.

Her computer, camera, photocopier, kettle and other goods were also found in his room.

Madiba pointed out Mokgabudi's room across from his, where police found a knitted handbag, gloves, shoes and a wallet belonging to Wiing.

Mokgabudi was not present, but the police received information that he worked as a security guard at the complex where Wiing was murdered, and arrested him in the street near the complex.

Fouche later found 40 photos of Mokgabudi either alone or with friends and family among the 126 new photos loaded onto Wiing's computer.

He also found a watch belonging to Wiing in the possession of a man who said Madiba had given it to him for repairs.

Madiba earlier admitted that his fingerprint had been found on the outside of a bathroom window at Wiing's house.

Elias Magana testified that he had driven Wiing's stolen car to Dennilton at Madiba's request, only to be robbed of the car at gunpoint by Mathebe.

The State asked that Madiba and Mokgabudi be conviction on charges of murder and robbery, after they closed their case without giving evidence.

The state also asked for Mathebe's conviction for the illegal possession of a firearm, ammunition and Wiing's stolen car.

Judge Bert Bam will pass judgment on Thursday.

  • andre.nell - 2012-10-26 15:49

    Let the punishment fit the crime

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