E-tolls: 'Govt has options'

2012-04-30 11:37

Johannesburg - The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) said there were four other ways the government could settle the R20bn debt incurred by improving Gauteng's highways, Beeld newspaper reported on Monday.

Outa listed four payment options according to its calculations, one of which was a fuel levy.

It said if the levy was hiked by 7 or 8c, around R1.7bn could be collected to pay for the infrastructure over 20 years. It would not have administrative costs attached to it.

SA National Roads Agency Limited head Nazir Alli and Transport Minister S'bu Ndebele had argued that it would be unfair for people in other parts of the country to pay for Gauteng's roads.

Outa chairperson Wayne Duvenhage however said if the e-tolling system was successful, it would be extended to Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. He said the second option was that the national fiscus be used to pay for the infrastructure.

The third option was long distance toll levies, where the person using the vehicle would pay, and not only the owner.

The fourth option was licence fees, which had already been paid, and could be utilised for the improvement of municipal roads.

  • JasonMichelleVanderbijlpark - 2012-04-30 11:42

    Or option 5 - SCRAP IT COMPLETLY!

      Mthuzimele Peter Silenga - 2012-04-30 11:48

      Peter - 2012-04-30 12:13

      Can't do that as we need good roads --- no proper public transport and all that? I personally think all politicians should be made to drive in ECONOMY vehicles and not luxury vehicles until such time as this country has enough money to care for the poor and build proper transport infrastructure? As to immediate needs flowing from this judgement --- increse VAT! Then it will TRULY be a shared burden for ALL citizens enjoying the fruits of this country!!

      James - 2012-04-30 13:02

      i wonder if its ever scrapped ,that the anc officials that got bribes, will have to give a refund .

      daryltt - 2012-04-30 15:07

      Or option 5 - ^stop stealing and^ SCRAP IT COMPLETLY!

      Stirer - 2012-04-30 18:02

      Something you don't realize. Whether you scrap it or keep it, we still have to service the R20 billion debt. The capital debt has already been committed. All that remains is how Sanral or the taxpayer is going to cover it.

      SaintBruce - 2012-04-30 19:20

      Stirer - Pravin Gordhan is already going out to BORROW R 360 Billion to spend as this is the 'extra' needed in terms of his so called 'balanced budget" ! What's another R 20 Billion debt for your children to pay? The way this whole thing was done smells of a very deep rabbit hole that has to be plumbed to it's depths and all those found sipping Johnnie Walker flavoured gravy - shamed publicly. Option 1 - Auditor General - close the wasteful expenditure gaps by PROPER Governance! There's the R 20 Billion ....for FREE !

      Ruan - 2012-05-02 06:34

      What do we pay taxes and annual license fees on our vehicles for ???????? Stop the anc's lavish lifestyles and looting of the coffers,why do we have to suffer with fuel increases and toll gates,remember government you work for us and we decide who works for us...nobody will have economic freedom at this rate,,,idiots.

      tyron.fawcett - 2012-05-02 11:37

      i thought thats why we paid a fuel levy?

      Ed - 2012-05-02 13:20

      or option 6: eradicate government corruption and the R50 BILLION Saved every year could build roads, sewers and toilets for everyone! and while they are at it, scrap the RAF. it is an absolute waste of corrupt money where only lawyers benefit...

  • Harley - 2012-04-30 11:44

    here is a fifth option: stop looting the coffers, driving extavagant vehicles, fly SAA instead of private jets with 2 chase planes, give contracts to the best bidder instead of your cronies and you'll have the 20 billion needed in no time at all.

      Alan - 2012-04-30 12:18

      Totally agree, Harley. This ANC government was wasted billions that could have been spent improving the country instead of inflating their own self-importance.

      mal10s - 2012-04-30 12:40

      Dis mos wat ek ook sê...

      Martin - 2012-04-30 13:28

      Harley for president

      Richard - 2012-04-30 14:07

      Harley has said it and I agree with him. When the country was taken over by the ANC in 1994 the roads and all other infrastructures were in place and maintained. All that what was required was to maintain it but that would have required salting money away for those rainy days which never happened as the fat cats wanted it all. Now that the infrastructure is aged and needs maintenance there is no money for it. Wow you have to be a genius to have worked that one out. So how do we fix the roads for the World Cup Soccer. We tax the people. When they started this huge road upgrade did they then tell us that we will need to dig into our pockets to pay for it. No, not at all. We were told what a fantastic job they were doing to fix the roads. Electricity upgrades already had us paying more. Next is water. And so it will carry on until we are bled dry then the fat cats will leave with there millions and we will be as desperate as Zimbabwe for basic needs. It was never about democracy for the fat cats but about getting rich fast at the expense of the multitudes of poor people. But then we read that the whites have to much and must give more away. Well let us talk about all those fancy cars, houses and elite overseas trips and then take that away to help pay the bills. I believe that nobody will have a problem to pay their part if they can see that they are getting their money worth in terms of goods and services.

      Johan - 2012-05-01 04:41

      exactly ... we must not forget that we already paid the taxes for this maintainance and expansion ... the fact is it has been looted and must be paid back ... why should gauteng be singled out ... damn cheek!!

  • Lloyd - 2012-04-30 11:48

    how about improving public transport and moving road freight to rail...???

      David - 2012-04-30 11:50

      Easier said than done,Lloyd

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-30 12:39

      We've been hearing about the revitalisation of rail for 18 years now. Still waiting.... Meanwhile mining & industry have resorted to road, damaging the roads further. It's a comedy of errors for which we must pay

      randomhero6661 - 2012-04-30 12:42

      david we need positive thinking, where there is a will there is a way, us humans have forgotten about the hunger to succeed!

      derek.judeel - 2012-04-30 13:04

      and just where would that leave road transport companies?

      Awake - 2012-04-30 13:21

      @derek.judeel road transport would then be where it is in all European countries. It is an undisputed fact that heavy vehicles cause the most damage to roads, whilst at the same time not paying fully for this damage. The ideal way as proven overseas (and also previously in this country) is to transport heavy goods by rail. Once we start looking at the macro picture, maybe things will get better, but regrettably, defending heavy road transport is a micro picture.

      Martin - 2012-04-30 13:31

      @ derek... the road freight companies would do the supplier-rail-buyer delivery... much shorter, more efficient and the truck driver could actually have some quality family life, rather than living from truck stop to truck stop...

      Julio - 2012-04-30 15:16

      I totally agree, Lloyd. Since all the railway rolling stock was scrapped or sold virtually all the heavy transport is by road, wasting fuel and damaging the roads

      Barker - 2012-04-30 15:27

      Back in the bad old days everything went by rail. If you wanted to tow something for a long distance you used to go to the SAR&H office and get a permit for you to tow your caravan/boat/trailer to your destination. Freight companies moved goods from the container depots to the local customer. The existing rolling stock and railway infrastructure can cope with the current amount of goods being transported although the labour cost is too high.

      Stirer - 2012-04-30 18:09

      Lloyd, that's exactly what we need - and not only for freight. High speed rail among the main centres of the country would reduce both road and air traffic, and certainly be a lot safer. Some bullet trains reach speeds of well over 450Kmph. Thats Durban/Johannesburg in 1.5 hours; and Pretoria/Cape Town in 3.5 hours.

      Allison - 2012-04-30 21:14

      yes!...rail! it used to be before everything started falling apart after 1994!!!

      Johan - 2012-05-01 04:47

      julio is right ... a fortune's worth of rolling stock was sold ... does anyone remember that zinzi mandela and her swazi husband received a rail concession to zambia in the '90's as part of what i call a "dowry" ... go check it out ... as i recall some 900 wagons plus loco's were involved ... the rot started there already ... hence the fact that it cannot be addressed ... who will be left to "govern" ... hopefully only tumi, hey!!

      Lekke - 2012-05-01 08:43

      We dont have electrictyto feed the rail system and we make a living in maintaining trucks. A lot of people do.

      Martin - 2012-05-02 12:09

      @LekkePerd... if we can maintain trucks - we can maintain trains.

      Zion - 2012-05-02 15:34

      agree with Lloyd. the basis infrastructure is still in place and needs to be revamped. this will save billions per year as heavy cartage will be delegated to rail.

  • teayance - 2012-04-30 11:50

    People shalll govern

  • Michaele - 2012-04-30 11:50

    Option 6: Liaise with the public before committing the public's hard earned taxes!!!!!

      Steve - 2012-04-30 12:02

      Liase with and LISTEN to!

      manningi1 - 2012-04-30 17:25

      Dream on = this is a dictatorship

  • bobi.tsotetsi - 2012-04-30 11:52

    They shud have tot about dat bfo dey build those tolls this corupt p.....

  • Gieljam - 2012-04-30 11:52

    This whole project must be investigated we cannot afford the waste of money on projects where the biggest part of the expenditure goes straight into the pockets of obscure people whose only work was collecting.

  • bobi.tsotetsi - 2012-04-30 11:52

    They shud have tot about dat bfo dey build those tolls this corupt p.....

  • Pieter - 2012-04-30 11:58

    Yes, I agree with mr Alli and Minister Ndebele . It is unfair for people in other parts of the country to pay for Gauteng's roads. It is better for people in Gauteng to pay R 20 billion rand for the roads and R 20 billion for the invoices. Creeps!

      Koos - 2012-04-30 12:07

      Gauteng taxes keep the other provinces floating.

      Burtfred - 2012-04-30 12:12

      And Mr 2cent - where do you think the money comes from to pay for all the social welfare grants given to the great unwashed in Eastern Cape and KZN, Limpopo, etc. Most of it comes from Gauteng taxpayers, who alone account for about half of all taxes collected in SA. The sick, lame and lazy or just plain impoverished won't contribute a penny towards the toll roads - they don't buy petrol or pay taxes.

      Nicholas - 2012-04-30 12:14

      By the same token I belong to a private medical aid why should I be taxed to provide free medical care for persons living elsewhere???

      Peter - 2012-04-30 12:15

      Koos --- I think you will find that Western Cape is also sharing that burden with Gauteng. And we are the next targets of the money-hungry-criminals in the cANCer.

      Pieter - 2012-04-30 12:17

      @Burtfred. It was said tongue-in-cheek. Obviously you do not understand that.

      Sharmay - 2012-04-30 12:41

      Gauteng contributes the most to keeping the other provinces going economically. We could use a little bit of payback.

      Sharmay - 2012-04-30 12:43

      besides, all that money spread over the how many million South Africans would not be as noticable as billions pushed on a few...

      Cecile - 2012-04-30 12:56

      It's NOT unfair for people in other parts to help pay for Gauteng's improvements. Gauteng is the HUB of South African economy. We don't have the luxury of living at the sea ... we work up here and generate income. If there was no Gauteng economy, how much would our country be worth?

      manningi1 - 2012-04-30 17:26

      Yeah and let the other provinces use Gautengs roads free.

      rlmbennett - 2012-04-30 19:18

      @Sharmay and Cecile; Sorry sisters but Gauteng is not keeping MY province going, economically speaking. We are doing quite nicely on our own, thank you. Btw I worked in Gauteng for a while and from what I saw the people from W. Cape work much harder with a much better grasp of what their job ntails.

      Johan - 2012-05-01 04:56

      just shows how quickly we draw battle lines ... the enemy is the rotten government and our man in "charge" ... NOT the other provinces ... it is true that some impoverished provinces contribute less, but then they pay the price for that, hey ... would any of you like to send your children to school in the eastern cape, for example?

      Johan - 2012-05-01 05:01

      i believe that this debacle is the start of a new era in south africa ... the taxpayer will not accept this bs any longer and the voters have at last brought it to the anc's attention that they are voted in to serve, not merely dictate ...and regimes have fallen for far less in the past ... now THAT is positive thinking, hey !!! a final comment ... wouldn't you all enjoy seeing the smug smirk wiped off the ceo of sanral's face ... thuoght he was protected, did he??

      Hallo - 2012-05-02 15:51

      Gauteng = almost 50% of GDP. Nuff said.

  • revaro.winkler - 2012-04-30 11:59

    people must just pay for this where must the governmant get money for the better roads in south africa

      Melania - 2012-04-30 12:06

      They allready took it from the people over and over through taxes you idiot. Where must the people get more money to fund government parties and corruption?

      Peter - 2012-04-30 12:16

      Revaro --- nice to be a member of the ANC isn't it? Means you can sit there, gushing bull-cr@p with no consequences? What car do you drive? What does your MP drive? And his wife? And his other 10 wives?

      Alan - 2012-04-30 12:21

      They must get rhe money from not trying to act like big chiefs with their unnecessary first class overseas trips, 5 star hotels when their house 'has mosquitoes' (yes, this happened!) and generally not stealing the public's funds for their own pockets. THAT'S how.

      James - 2012-04-30 12:52


      Angelica - 2012-04-30 12:56

      you are so pathetic! please! why must we pay for other rich government officials to have parties!?! they spent the money supposed to be for the roads etc.. on their fun parties and lanie cars.. NOT OUR freeking problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      manningi1 - 2012-04-30 17:28

      They already get a roads levy in the fuel levy. If they need more to waste then increase the fuel levy

  • TrueTenacity - 2012-04-30 12:00

    In 2011 the government wasted in excess of R30bn just in parties and misappropriation of funds.... how about they misappropriate some of those party funds into SANRAL and make the debt go away...

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-30 12:01

    stop looting the coffers and you will have all the money you need. Morons.

  • Percy Rashiringana - 2012-04-30 12:04

    it was also not fair when Sbu and company, committed to Sanral with our hard earned money, makes me wonder why is He pushing for E-toll at all cost?

  • mogale.tshidi - 2012-04-30 12:09

    GP must sort out it's own problems.

      Angelica - 2012-04-30 12:55

      right where are you from then? surely ur not a south african! Go back to where u came from.

      Zengfuey - 2012-04-30 15:41

      We're sorting it our alright. No political party will ever make empty promises and then continue to loot our coffers and take food out of the mouths of our children and the poor beggars and informal traders we support daily.

  • Alfred - 2012-04-30 12:17

    "SA National Roads Agency Limited head Nazir Alli and Transport Minister S'bu Ndebele had argued that it would be unfair for people in other parts of the country to pay for Gauteng's roads" Ofcourse it's completely fair that motorists all over SA have to pay for YOUR pension plan, isn't it, Nazir?

  • Gavin - 2012-04-30 12:19

    If the ANC stop stealing - this will free up about a trillion rand in revenue, we can then sort out eskom, the coming water debacle (which scares me more than anything else the ANC have f'ed up) the roads, the national broadcaster, SAA, basic income grants, national healthcare and last but not least - the roads in the whole country. We might even have enough left to build more prisons, into which we can put all of the corrupt politicians. The ANC isn't about improving the quality of life for all, it's focused on self enrichment, jobs for pals, corrupt officials in positions of power, releasing their chums from prison early, reducing the sentences of those who played ball with the ANC's dark agend to usher in a new version of aparthate. Our government is a joke - they have no honor, no pride and no respect for this beautiful country of ours. Zuma is another Mugabe, he's just more subtle. He draws your attention away from the matters that need URGENT attention - by doing things like letting prisoners out early. You wanna give SA a decent freedom day gift dude ? Why not give us another public holiday or something. Now you want to put Satan in charge of the police force ? God help us all.

  • maama - 2012-04-30 12:21

    forget about it dont even come up with options.first the government/anc was supposed to know anation is not a family house where u just wake up and change the color or design of ur sofa's in the sitting room,next time they need to do some consultation with public or parliament its not like firing malema.

  • martin.obrien1 - 2012-04-30 12:22

    If they use the money we are ALREADY paying for on fuel levies and taxes this shouldn't be a problem, why are we paying for a road that was already there? If the just stop steeling from the taxpayers they could pay it of in one year! And if they switch the lights of that are burning during the day since they started working on it it would also help, keep the lights on, a nice big F-U to citizens! One stretch of road at the Glenn has been re-tared 3 times WTF??? I'm not paying even if they make it law!

      martin.obrien1 - 2012-04-30 12:24


  • SkyMarkyMarkD - 2012-04-30 12:23

    Why dont they just raise the fuel price in Gauteng - then its fair?

      derek.judeel - 2012-04-30 13:10

      then we should pay for something we did'nt want in the first place? how is that fair?

      Stirer - 2012-04-30 18:16

      Derek, we've got to pay for it any way, and no it's not fair. Gauteng has more taxpayers than the rest of the country, and we've been sponsoring the other provinces for years. It's about payback time. The other provinces can now start funding something that eventually benefits them in the long run, any way. Just raise the petrol price by about 5 to 7 cents per litre, cut out the inevitable backhanders to the greedy politicians, and we'll pay it off in 20 years.

  • pat.bromilowdowning - 2012-04-30 12:29

    I am sure that I am just stupid but I always thought that the levies and taxes on fuel and motor licence fees were used to finance the upkeep of existing, and the building of new roads. If not then where has all that money vanished to?

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-30 12:36

      Apparently there is a R149 Billion shortfall between revenue from taxes and the work needed to be done. Just goes to show what happens when you don't continually maintain and develop the road infrastructure

      Bomb - 2012-05-02 10:48

      @Lacrimose.......the government has over committed itself by promising free water, electricity, all the different grants and different subsidies, continuously bailing out SAA, Eskom etc and selling off electricity to other countries at lower rates, granting loans to the likes of Zim and Swaziland and paying a rediculous percentage of GDP to civil servant salaries. All of this costs money, and the government are currently cross funding everything from different areas. A project, which impacts on the taxpayer and end user, should have been approved by ALL involved. Even though the public objects frequently through the relevant forums, the government simply ignores the taxpayer. Look at the percentage of taxpayers in the country that have to support 47 million people. Its out of balance, and unsustainable.

  • flysouth - 2012-04-30 12:32

    The tolls must be scrapped in their entirety. SANRAL must be bankrupted and closed down after distribution of it's assets by the liquidator and the gantries must be cut up for scrap metal. A criminal investigation must be opened into the actions and decisions of certain cabinet members and of SANRAL directors - follow the money for evidence of treason! We have been paying and paying since 1994 in terms of the fuel levy and none, or very little of that cash has been used for road improvements or even regular maintenance. The AA has pointed out this fact for many years and has pleaded with government to reinstate budgets for road upkeep and improvements - budgets which this government scrapped years ago when they took a conscious decision to allow our precious road network to crumble! Ask any road-building contractor and you will be told that this is, incredibly, all true! We want that money of many years accumulation back - that amount will fund all these improvements without the need for tolls or even an additional levy on fuel now. What has government done with those funds? We want answers!

  • George - 2012-04-30 12:39

    Toll roads can only exist where a reasonable alternative road way exists and people have a choice whether or not to use it. ANY existing toll that does not comply with this basic democratic principle must be shut down. The fiscus is there to take care of large projects. How did the previous government give us some of the best roads in the world? The so called public private partnership practiced by the government has been nothing but a cover for massive corruption and waste. Those responsible must be brought to book. Dept of Labour and Siemens, Gijima and SITA and Home Affairs, SCAMRAL and a funny Swedish/Austrian outfit, the list goes on and on. Then the government has the gaul to preach poverty relief, employment, education. SCAMRAL but be confined to fixing potholes, they are incapable of anything more complex.

  • thabi0209 - 2012-04-30 12:42

    option 7 : They must cut on expenses like blue lights -- one car, one bodyguard and one wife !!!!

      Zengfuey - 2012-04-30 15:43

      You forgot 0 mistress

      nokwanda.ramncwana - 2012-05-01 10:52

      Well said Thabi i agree wth u.

  • Sirdefcon - 2012-04-30 12:48

    Government is already making enough through taxation

  • Angelica - 2012-04-30 12:53

    @revaro.winkler you are so pathetic! please! why must we pay for other rich government officials to have parties!?! they spent the money supposed to be for the roads etc.. on their fun parties and lanie cars.. NOT OUR freeking problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lacrimose - 2012-04-30 12:53

    Increasing the fuel levy - when we give Malawi free petrol in the same month we get a 28c petrol hike? No thanks. Whatever means are used to maintain and develop road infrastructure needs to first become transparent before we hand over another cent.

  • Cecile - 2012-04-30 12:56

    It's NOT unfair for people in other parts to help pay for Gauteng's improvements. Gauteng is the HUB of South African economy. We don't have the luxury of living at the sea ... we work up here and generate income. If there was no Gauteng economy, how much would our country be worth?

      rlmbennett - 2012-04-30 19:39

      @Cecile; and what do you we do down here in the Western Cape, twiddle our thumbs whole day? We can show you guys up north a thing or two when it comes to productivity. We play hard AND we work hard. Think before you write sweetie.

  • luke.krishna - 2012-04-30 13:00

    what about the aliens (neighbouring provinces and countries), that share our roads, why should they use our roads for free, we may be living in the city of gold, but the majority of us in Guteng have not seen the gold pot as yet,,,

      Julio - 2012-04-30 15:31

      You sound hopeful. Don't hold your breath!

  • Justus - 2012-04-30 13:09

    No, there actually is far better options to pay for the roads. Government can sell of everything in SAA, let them be on their own legs ( wings) and make it work instead of waiting to be bailed out by government. Then there is Telkom a bottom less pit - not even to mention SABC. Surely by selling it that would be more than enough money.

      chanki.modise - 2012-04-30 13:12

      And metro and transnet

      Fhedzani Sadiki - 2012-04-30 13:32

      Justus, government cannot afford to sell off South African Airways. Their indirect contribution to the economy is huge...I use to think the same way, until I saw the numbers...

      Ignatius - 2012-04-30 14:27

      They should sell ACSA, why is the airport tax sometimes four times the price of the airfare. We go to the airports to fly, not to visit expensive shopping malls.

  • anesh.philip - 2012-04-30 13:14

    All on this forum have different opinions, however,the common defence is that we pay taxes, govt shud be accountable, thats wrong. Independant studies show dat heavy commercial vehicles cause the most damage on roads. 1 Horse and trailer damage, equates to 200 000 cars travelled on the same terrein. So i think businesses should be responsible for this repair costs, and not individuals or motorists. The AA's first line of defence shud have been, charge truckers, yet they look confused about simple statistics as i have provided.

  • George - 2012-04-30 13:31

    Those that still think e-Tolling is a doable plan and are still working to implement it must seriously reconsider and know that the ancestors will not tolerate the further abuse of their children and the tokolosh will visit many of these people. It will not be a happy time for them.

  • Carry - 2012-04-30 13:45


  • Aidan Berry - 2012-04-30 13:47

    F@^! man. we paying tax on top of tax, on top of tax. this is madness

  • CoenraadvanderZanden - 2012-04-30 13:49

    Yes, lets take more existing highways, add another lane and then toll you on the whole lot for the use of these "new" roads....

  • Richard - 2012-04-30 13:55

    Oh yes there it is now. If tolls are scrapped then it will be taxed somewhere else but taxed it will be taxed. What happened to the days when the tax based was hugely smaller than today but could afford to maintain and build roads. Consider that every road had to be built before it had to be maintained. Maybe that is the problem, the tax base has not grown or the tax base has grown but the money is being corrupted away.

  • Carry - 2012-04-30 13:57


      Mike - 2012-04-30 17:41

      But it's the government that has misappropriated the funds so how interested will they be to investigate themselves?

  • Davin - 2012-04-30 13:59

    I already pay for the roads with my taxes... why do I have to pay more?

  • AdamdeSwardt - 2012-04-30 14:00

    Let only the persons who pay tax have a right to vote. Government only use our tax payers money, thus it make sense that taxpayers can vote who “spend” (more like waste) our money. People, who don’t pay tax, don’t care how much the government waste. So they will keep on voting for this corrupt government.

      George - 2012-04-30 14:52

      Yes another fundamental principle of democracy is NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. The minority in this country has no effective representation but carries most of the tax burden. Not a sustainable situation.

  • Riad - 2012-04-30 14:12

    In my opinion, URBAN TOLLING would only work subject to Government providing the uses with alternatively cheaper, safer & reliable public transport. If all these criteria’s are met, which is similar to what they have in the rest of the world where URBAN TOLLING exist (Europe & US), then such a concept would not be so widely denounced by the people of Gauteng. So there we go, another option that can be added to this list is, give the people alternatives instead of rebuking “Register, it's the right thing to do” and just for the record, the mentality portrayed by the dogmatic stance by SANRAL & the DOT is synonymous to how all departments within the public service sector of Government operate and that in layman’s term, they are there to do us (the public) a favour.

  • seaterp - 2012-04-30 14:25

    Cut the fraud, backhands, bribery, extravagant lifestyles, fancy cars, houses etc., etc., and there will be more than enough money to pay for the road infrastructure. Besides this, 7c onto the fuel bill or up the VAT.

  • amacala1 - 2012-04-30 14:34

    The othe option is to deduct that money from all parliament members, stop yearly salary increase from parliament members, stop bying luxury cars and drive up and down for nothing.They have been doing as they lilke for a long time, now is the time to liston to people who have put them in that position.

  • cindy.vanvuuren1 - 2012-04-30 14:46

    They are just thinking off new ways of robbing the poor and making the rich richer (Government officials)! We have to count and try and save every penny to make sure others can still live in luxury.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-30 15:11

    We have to keep standing together people.

  • mlucejko - 2012-04-30 15:17

    The "4th Option" ?? Collect licence fees??? We already pay these,! so what the H3LL are they doing with our money ??? I was always led to believe that we paid 'Licence Fees' so that there was money to keep our roads in good condition. So where is this money being wasted ?? Or is it being used for Government Luxuries??

  • Zengfuey - 2012-04-30 15:38

    I guess, it is time for taxpayers to request a national, provincial and municpal spending plan from our honourable elected members. I believe that if you cannot make magic with little, you are not qualified to spend much. Step one - encourage everyone to contribute to the fiscus. Stop this Let us Rob the Rich to Pay the Poor politics. Step two - it is about time we ask honourable members to acccount for the paperclips and the stapels used in government. Time to tighten the government belts. Step three - if you cannot upgrade infrastructure with at least 85% cash, then you have a huge problem as a government budgeting a budget. Come on Pravin - set an example. You want us to save and budget. Let the government set the trend. My simple choice would be to use the fuel levy; with a slight increase in vehicle license fees to be used on proper training for the metro police. And since we will probably never have decent public transport a little levy from and compulsory insurance for the taxi associations (industry)

  • melt.olckers - 2012-04-30 15:49

    There has been no word from SANRAL. why?

  • Tomas - 2012-04-30 16:09

    Are these people rally that stupid? You could have a different per kilometer rate on fuel only in Gauteng. They do it anyway. Petrol in coastal areas is cheaper. Sir "Nazir Alli" you need to think before you speak. So increase the fuel only in Gauteng by 7c to 8c per liter, issue resolved without any overheads. Use the overhead tolls for speeding, average speed over distance (just like in other countries), and the officers that sit under the bridges can do some real police work and not waist taxpayers money. It is time that public servants realize that they get paid from our taxes and therefore indirectly work for us. I think this should cover it.

      Zing - 2012-04-30 20:44


  • kasper.mbayi2 - 2012-04-30 16:42

    Yes gorvenment must use any other options to pay back the money as long as he will stop e-tolling. Because Sanral want to use e-tolling because it can be their profit for their lifetime. They are too greedy they don't even scared for God for eating the money for poor people.

  • manningi1 - 2012-04-30 17:23

    Add to the fuel levy OR Add to the Gauteng petrol levy. So if you fill up in Gauteng you will pay for the Gauteng roads.

  • branden.hart - 2012-04-30 17:42

    If this was China,the embarrassed and Disgraced head of SANRAL and the twat who signed the purchase order would have committed suicide rather than live with the shame of a complete mess that costs the country billions, but no here in the banana republic, all is well and everyone takes a salary and backhander home. I say string the lot of them from the gantries as a warning to other government officials not to put the country at risk for the betterment of themselves.