E Cape doctors not paid for 6 months

2012-05-29 15:38

Johannesburg - Eastern Cape doctors protested on Tuesday because the provincial health department has failed to pay their salaries for almost six months, the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) said.

The picket, held at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha, was led by the SA Medical Association (Sama), said Numsa provincial spokesperson Phumzile Nodongwe.

Numsa supported the protest because it threatened the quality of healthcare for the poor.

"In as much as doctors should provide service to poor patients and the elderly, it would be unfair to expect them to execute their duties with perfection without being paid for almost six months."

The union called on Sama to strike if the matter was not rectified.

Eastern Cape health department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said the department was working to resolve the technical difficulties that caused the delay in wage payments.

Of the 7 000 staff affected, 4 000 would receive their salaries on Thursday after payments were processed on Monday night. The remaining 3 000 would be paid soon, with the department working overtime to speed up the process.

"The majority are volunteer community health workers who are entitled to a R1 500 monthly stipend, but some doctors and nurses were also affected."

He said the problem was related to a system change, which involved putting in place measures to centralise payments to root out fraud and so-called "ghost" employees.

The new system also required workers and local health institutions to submit documentation before they could be paid. Kupelo said the doctors picketed during their lunch hour because of the salary backlog.

"We are continuing to do everything we can to ensure the salaries are paid," Kupelo said.

  • Hermann - 2012-05-29 15:52

    I wonder if they are going to pay the some 300 and more Cuban doctors coming to help South Africa out. No hablanda Espanol so I will stick to the private sector if I need a doctor.

      Squeegee - 2012-05-29 16:32

      Ask SARU for an advance on the gravy train.

      Keith - 2012-05-29 17:17

      you dont need to habla just smoke the hubly bubly peace pipe filled with weed and some tik boy.Or shove a Coheba ciga up ur poepsak they will understand you.hahahaha

      Squeegee - 2012-05-29 18:21

      Soon we will have more 'refugees' coming to the Western Cape.

  • nduduzo2 - 2012-05-29 15:53


      danny.levin.351 - 2012-05-29 16:50

      Nduduzo, why are you shoked? it is well known that the ANC run provinces are run by corrupt thieves. after all only last week it was uncovered that over 15000 employees of the Health Dept in the E Cape were involved in a scam that stole over R200M. the money was already allocated some scam or another so they have to "deal with challenges to make the payment"

  • nduduzo2 - 2012-05-29 15:53


  • procold2 - 2012-05-29 15:53

    feel sorry for these guys but the money is gone, stolen with corrrupt deals,EC not far behind Zimpopo and MP

      Annette - 2012-05-29 16:26

      There is money, if the ANC can spend money on court cases for the proverbial spear and organise demonstration paying for their minions to come to JHB, they should pay the health workers instead. But thats cool they will loose the Eastern Cape in the elections

  • eil33nn - 2012-05-29 15:56

    And our government wastes money on silly court case over a damned painting!

      Sisa - 2012-05-29 16:14

      @eil33nn its ANC money and an ANC lawyer that hav gone 2 court. Rest assured ur taxes havnt been used in this court case.

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-29 16:17

      yiiiiiip... id like to see a report on how much is being spent on court fees & what the striking miscreants are costing the economy.

      eil33nn - 2012-05-29 16:21

      @Sisa, somehow i really doubt that they are not missapropriating tax monies

      ntando.zangqa - 2012-05-29 17:06

      @ sisa. U , along with the anc baffoons, are an imbecile. U are justifyng a piece of art, who's balls and phallus dnt evn resemble zuma's dick, over dr's nt bein paid? Are u 4 reall? Wheather they usd taxpayrz money or nt is irrelevent. If only they cud chanel the same amnt of energy in ensuring that public servants are well lookd afta. These are essential services. Stop defending your myopic political views and affiliation. These ppl hv blls to pay, bonds, etc. Zuma needs to grow a pair of balls and stop being hurt by a painting. Madness. Madness! I tel u.

      colin.dovey - 2012-05-29 17:32

      @Sisa - WE don't pay? - Who pays for the Judges and the court Officials please? - Certainly not the ANC!

  • theresa.pickering.1 - 2012-05-29 15:57

    6 MONTHS to get a technical difficulty sorted to pay the Doctors their salaries is BULLSh#T. This is not on and needs to be sorted. Provincial Hospitals need these Doctors !!

  • Nosiphom - 2012-05-29 16:01

    Is there a provision in the constitution to disband a whole Provincial Government? Guys this is not ON!!! Let the Govt. of KZN or Western Cape take over - not that it would be easy, but the EC government does not deserve to be there! Why are they getting paid - everything is in shambles!! It is not a technical difficulty it is incompetence - a technical difficulty can be resolved within two weeks worst case!

      Dee - 2012-05-29 17:54

      Yes .... Let us put politics aside on this. On a purely humanitarian level, there needs to be some extreme crisis intervention on the collapse of local governance and administration. Those poor, poor people.

  • avanwyk2 - 2012-05-29 16:01

    Can only be the result of apartheid.....

      eil33nn - 2012-05-29 16:28

      I see what you did there...(chuckles)

      colin.dovey - 2012-05-29 17:33

      Apart 9, 10, 11 and 12 as well......:-)

  • Dhavandran - 2012-05-29 16:02

    anc and its stooges instead of marching and toy-toying for your president's spear,call your govt to get on with service delivery. monies wasted on your fruitless marches and and praveens wastage of taxpayer's money in the con court to push for scamral's e-trolls should be used to better the quality of life of its citizens. no,but you and praveen gordhan find petty issues of greater importance than the wellbeing of its citizens.

  • franco.beukman - 2012-05-29 16:07

    I want to see if this gets the same attention as the spear. March ,threats ,ycl,anc. The works. These doctors work hard .is this the way to treat hard working wonder they leave our country so easy

  • luzukotosh - 2012-05-29 16:07

    They are owing me a two months salary from may 2010, incompetent, worse department in the country

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-29 16:07

    This is terrorist country.Even steal lives dayly.Zuma you are dead.Did you know that you are dead.?As long as Zuma gets paid every thing is ok.

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-05-29 16:10

    This is a disgrace!! Our so-called leaders are happy as long as their pockets are filled. They've got 'more important' things to worry about,like whether the Spear should be up or down. I'll say it again and it won't be the last time:'This country is going down and it's going down at breakneck speed' Mr. President open your eyes and see what's happening. SMELL THE DAMN COFFEE.

  • Nigel - 2012-05-29 16:11

    Will the Trolls please come and explain / lie / cover up / twist / whatever, because I suspect this is also because of Apartheid. It must be since everything is because of apartheid right?

  • Theo - 2012-05-29 16:16

    meanwhile lets put all our rage, emotions, energy, time into fighting the Zuma spear. The ANC has SOOOOO lost its direction and priorities. What about the dignity of the patients and doctors in the ECape healthcare system??

  • Faizie - 2012-05-29 16:20

    If you want to see grime go to the Orange Farm Clinic in Gauteng, eish the toilets. No phones working, staff bring fax & photo copy paper, tea, coffee, kettles, the list is endless. The nurses dispense medicine & are not paid the prescribed allowances. In fact industrial action is pending.

  • profw - 2012-05-29 16:23

    Sorry but the report is incorrect - they are NOT Doctors. They are VOLUNTARY Health Workers... Someone should check their facts.....

      Linda - 2012-05-29 21:09

      Does it make a difference who? The fact remains ppl were not paid

  • pjcbs - 2012-05-29 16:39

    OH well done dear ANC!!! Keep up this good work, please!!! One of these days the people will see how useless you are and you will not be in power . . . we hope

  • Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-05-29 16:45

    The Eastern Cape department of health must be dismantled, all the officials involved in this must be brought to book. These are the people who make our black leaders seem bad. It seems Limpopo and Eastern Cape officials are determined to sabotage the work of the government.

      Dee - 2012-05-29 17:59

      Indeed they let the entire country down. I think we need to put politics aside and as South Africans, look to a humanitarian intervention by appointing people best qualified (not best connected!) for the job. I cannot help think of the 100's of bright young graduates who have no employment ......... and even I would come out of retirement to lend some management mentorship / guidance. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

      ntobeko.ngcobo.7 - 2012-05-29 18:00

      No,Kagiso!I don't think they are subotaging the government's reputation,they just need help.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-29 18:24

      Kagiso, the black leaders have to answer for all the problems - the buck stops with them. If the people they appointed to those positions are not performing - then they must be dismissed. But they are not. Whose fault is that? Management - and so on up the ladder. It stops with the president - actually.

  • danny.levin.351 - 2012-05-29 16:52

    And watch the same poor SHEEPLE who suffer under the cANCer reign in these provinces vote for them again in the next elections.

      Michael - 2012-05-29 17:04

      Soo sad,but so true.I do feel genuine empathy for these brainless drones

      Senzo Mathebula - 2012-05-29 18:22

      Those " brainless drones" u talk abt would rather vote back a government that won't pay them for six months than put racist like Michael in power

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-29 23:18

      Senzo, please tell me your definition of a racist? I need to understand this. Not picking a fight, just want to know.

      Senzo Mathebula - 2012-05-30 11:33

      Let me put it like this for u: ANC is there only black political party with sound written policies in SA and then u have DA which is mostly white. Now u have a lot of white ppl who still blive that they r a superior race and can't tolerate other races and religious/ believes( which by the way is a definition of a racist) . Given our history utterances made by Airheads like Michael make us to continue voting for the ANC until Jesus comes if u like

  • Andrew - 2012-05-29 16:55

    And this stupid ANC wants to introduce the NHI when it can't even pay its doctors. What and inefficient and sick bunch of cadres they employ. Absolutely disgusting. I would love to see what would happen of the Ministers weren't paid for 6 months. An uneducated, incompetent bunch of fools they all are.

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-05-29 16:56

    I am so pleased about having News 24 and the electronic media worldwide. It is something the ANC cannot destroy.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-29 18:21

      They might try. Like banning Internet ..

  • lisa.evansdominick - 2012-05-29 16:58

    Well done ANC!!!! milk the country, rob and steal, milk each and every department until we are in a state to total collapse... how can the ANC explain that doctors have not been paid for 6 months!!!! totally unaceptable...

  • Chrissie - 2012-05-29 17:00

    No not shocking, reality! Where in the world do you have to make sure to rule out "ghost" employees before you could pay your staff?? Gravy train galore! They do have money I agree, just spending it the wrong way, bling-bling and stupid ego boosting stuff like the spear circus!

  • Michael - 2012-05-29 17:02

    I blame Apartheid I blame Apartheid....oh wait wtong story.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-29 23:09

      No Michael you are quite correct. Because apartheid was bad (and it was - we know that and have been made to pay for it in many ways) those in power have a sense of entitlement. One day when they have taken enough money to feel satisfied that they are now compensated, they will stop stealing funds that are meant for the needy. We just have to wait for each and every civil servant to be compensated. It could take a while.

  • tricia.sutherland1 - 2012-05-29 17:09

    OMG!!! imagine any minister of government not being paid for 6 months???? how can anyone work and not get paid for 6 months!!! no wonder our people with PHDs are leaving SA. thankfully their doctorites are still recognised worldwide - but with our plummeting edcucation standards who will be look to in the medical world for treatment - herbal doctors???

  • mncedisi.budaza - 2012-05-29 17:11

    Goverment have fail ppl of eastern cape, the double standard that ANC goverment show, they were quickly to take over departments in limpopo n yet they fail to do the same in eastern cape,Zuma n his company want support at the expense of the poor service delivery in eastern cape. Think its tym we have strong black opposition party. Or else viva madam

  • Khanyi - 2012-05-29 17:48

    Anc now this is something you can toytoy about not genitals in the statue.

  • Pieriewaaier - 2012-05-29 18:19

    How on earth is this possible? It seems only in ANC controlled provinces. Then blame the system. How can you change a system and implement it when all the information required to do so effectively, is not ready and available. So blame the system (run and managed by seemingly grossly incompetent cadres) or if all fails, play the racist card and then blame aprtheid. A system cannot run on its own; it requires information inputs and informed, intelligent decisions all of which can only be performed by thinking human beings. Yet I am sure all the junior clerks, clerks, senior clercks, typists, PA's, deputy directors, directors, etc etc ad nauseam sitting in the EC DOH departmental head office have been paid promptly every month or else they would strike. Yet those performing essential health services face to face, taking care of the sick and elderly, unfailingly and short-staffed as they are, they do not get paid? I hope all these incompetent cadres will be brought to book: They brought the government into disrepute. Like Malema, who brought just the the stupid ANC into disrepute and got fired, fire the whole caboodle of them and the sooner the better!

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-05-29 18:20

    What is it that keeps the ANC in power? They are not doing their jobs, they are misusing funds and their people are suffering. What does it take for this to stop? How come the government cannot be told to step down - a vote of no confidence? People are dying because of their lies and coverups and corruption. It's time they were brought to book.

  • nofikathiniskeyi.eunice - 2012-05-29 19:08

    haybo Mr Kupelo kanjani kaloku ababantu banentsapho zabo ninga zitya ntoni kutheni iphondo lempuma koloni liyabola usuku nosuku

  • Linda - 2012-05-29 21:19

    Is there no HR section in the Health Department? How can there be \ghost\ employees? Someone plz enlighten me! I'm sure these ppl were paid while the workers ddnt becoz Ppl are not doing their job.

  • shaylene.stenger - 2012-05-30 10:26

    Yup because Mr Zuma is so busy using our tax money for his court case for his penis and for his six wives. When are people actually going to wake up and smell that the anc is bleeding this country?

  • bob.robertson.3363 - 2012-06-30 09:44

    I imagine Kupelo has no problem receiving his obscenely high attendance pay (I can't call it a salary for services rendered) every month so obviously there is no crisis as far as he can see. To which provincial hospital would be go in the event of the need for surgery? Break a leg Kupelo so we can see where you go, and what attention you receive.

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