Eastern Cape initiate deaths rise

2010-12-14 13:35

Cape Town - The circumcision season death toll in the Eastern Cape has risen to six, the provincial health department said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said an 18-year-old youth died at an initiation school in the Mount Fletcher area on Tuesday morning.

The exact cause of death was unknown, but was understood to be circumcision-related.

The department had learned that a would-be initiate died at Waterfall village in the Mthatha area on Sunday.

The 19-year-old had fallen sick at the initiation school he was attending, and was taken home, where he died.

Kupelo said 12 youths were currently being treated at Mthatha General Hospital for circumcision-related problems.

  • wendymuller1 - 2010-12-14 14:48

    It so sad that in this day and age people are still in the dark ages- and so many have to pay with their lives. No accountability- only innocent victims. No one takes responsibility- indicative of the kind of people inhabiting the world today.

  • Mundu - 2010-12-14 17:12

    It's called evolution and is a great way to thin the herd.

  • johnstonel32 - 2010-12-14 23:17

    I think it's time the govt put a stop to this - bugger 'it's in my culture'

  • KarinWalker - 2011-06-16 20:36

    And so the killing season starts again. Imagine if this happened in the USA or UK! some drunk savage mutilating and killing young boys in the bush for R500 and a bottle of whiskey!But wait..its their CULTURE" ..God.. evolve already!

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