Eastern Cape spends R1bn on road repairs

2012-10-10 09:23

Johannesburg - The Eastern Cape roads and public works department spent more than R1bn repairing roads damaged by floods, the Dispatch Online reported on Wednesday.

According to the department's 2011/12 annual report, the department has had to respond to a series of devastating floods since November 2010, which caused severe damage to the already fragile provincial road network.

The department had to delay other projects as funds were directed to the damaged areas.

There was however not enough money available, and an application for additional funding was made to the provincial treasury.

Department spokesperson Sisanda George confirmed an application for funding was submitted.

George said his department had been allocated an additional R1bn for the current financial year, with R166m of that earmarked for flood relief.

  • mosimane.letlalo - 2012-10-10 09:52

    I wonder how much of that will end up in the pockets of corrupt officials.

      bvniekerk - 2012-10-10 10:15

      SPENT the R1bn, so that 'how much' is already in the pockets.

      hendrik.verwoerd.94 - 2012-10-22 05:24

      I wish News 24 can publish how much the DA in WC spent on their stuff. Figures do not reflect the true position.

  • Vince.York - 2012-10-10 10:02

    How many "On Point Engineers" and Ratanang untrust or zuma-dynasty extended enrichment schemes and "similar to all mentioned" bank accounts will suddenly grow fat on this and yet no actual work or infrastructure happen? Eastern Cape is so well documented to making vast sums of public monies vanish without trace or result in every activity

  • tabisa.ndamase.7 - 2012-10-10 10:05

    I wonder which roads were fixed because most road are damaged and some are gravel especially in Mthatha, that town is poor on everything I don't see any service delivery at all.

  • tdshezi - 2012-10-10 10:08

    The key word in this story is 'SPEND'. And we in the Eastern Cape should be grateful that the Department of Roads and Public Works has found the ability and willingness to spend that money on road repairs. The amount quoted is of insignificance to the problem. I hate it when people quote huge amounts as if that proves anything, it doesn't. We all know that the money is squandered in some way or another as the tenders are inflated to benefit those who hold this government and its people at ransom.

  • Antipoaching - 2012-10-10 10:47

    I live in the Eastern Cape, I'd like the Provincial Roads dept to tell me what roads they have spent this money on because they sure as hell haven’t spent it on any of the roads I, or any of my friends, use!

  • bulelani.silangwe - 2012-10-10 11:52

    If they had added a little more and spent it on building proper roads, not patch pot holes with soil like they usually do, Eastern Cape would be in a better place. I bet most of that R1 billion got deviated to some tenderpreneurs' pockets.

  • giftmk - 2012-10-10 12:09

    Mthatha has potholes all over including the airport runway. We are just praying and hoping that the 11th phase of the project will include Mthatha.

  • benson.mzwamadodamadala - 2012-10-10 12:24

    That bns I can understand if we say we give Eastern Cape Officials to satisfied their fimilies not for repairing the road. As I understand some of the locations her in Eastern Cape the road are very bad to extend that if there's someone passed away we take the coffin by hands becuase the cars can not reach the place where the coffin go to. Then where is that bns work for. I mean this freedom since after Mandela's cabinet is for the top fimilys some of the people they don't know where the freedom is.We just keep on voting to put there pocket full.This goverment they know as when it comes the vote is around the corner then they start to come to the people and make them stupid after that and stay away from them.

  • benson.mzwamadodamadala - 2012-10-10 12:38

    I don't understand where the money goes to becuase each and every year they tell us about the budget. Our Hospital there in Keiskamma Hoek since make by u-LL. Sebe no progress after that even the wall is durty and that Hospitall is the biggest one becuase all the Locations under Dimbaza,Middledrif, Debe and some of them from Alice they use that Hospital. As I said the roads are worse. Then we tell us that Eastrn Cape we gave 1bn where is that bn? We give then to build their houses after that we say we fixed the roads we must'nt take us as a stupid.

  • pyn.appel - 2012-10-10 13:39

    So shock the ANC and give power to someone else during the next election ... they had their chances and did not deliver in 20 years! Black leader(ess), I don't care .. we need a government on all levels that put citizens of the country FIRST!!!

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-10 13:40

    And this makes news???? Isn't upkeep of existing roads, and the construction of new roads what they are supposed to be doing - every day? Not that they actually DO what they are supposed to do!

  • KCorsar - 2012-10-10 14:13

    Well where I live clearly not a cent has been spent, let alone received.....tarred roads are now worse than many farm tracks with potholes the size of 50kg cement bags and growing by the day, soon we can assign them as bunkers to the local MEC's

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