Eastern Cape tackling teacher vacancies

2012-06-11 22:00

Johannesburg - The non-payment of temporary teachers and the failure to fill 7 500 posts is being attended to, the Eastern Cape education department said on Monday.

"Concrete steps are currently being taken to ensure that this matter is laid to rest, and the functionality of our schools is fully restored through the required resourcing," said department spokesperson Loyiso Pulumani.

The matter was receiving the attention of Eastern Cape Education MEC Mandla Makupula, acting education department head Mthunywa Ngonzo, and former Mpumalanga education department head Ray Tywakadi, he said.

The department was responding to a call made by the Democratic Alliance on Monday to address the issue.

MP Edmund van Vuuren said the DA was seeking an urgent meeting with the portfolio committee on education to demand "concrete and final answers" on these matters.

"Morale among teachers is at an all time low... stress levels are unbearable, banks are repossessing vehicles and homes, and people have been blacklisted because they have not received their salaries," he said in a statement.

Van Vuuren claimed temporary teachers appointed in January had not been paid and the department had failed to fill 7 500 substantive vacant posts.

In addition, about R68m in outstanding leave gratuities had not been paid to retired teachers.

"There have been so many different responses from the department. No one is coming with a definite message," Van Vuuren said.

"One wonders how the MEC [Mandla Makupula] and his secretary general would cope without pay for six months."

  • Lacrimose - 2012-06-11 22:23

    It's an absolute disgrace that things have reached this point in the 1st place. As we've seen with other govt depts that just don't pay, a miraculous clearing of the books will take place. Meanwhile people are left homeless, carlos and blacklisted. One year out of the dept's life - 7 yrs to life for the victims trying to put their FICA records back in order. Never mind the overdraft rates, 32% loans etc they'll end up with just trying to survive. Next year, the same problem will be back on the agenda in parly yet again. & it's not even as if they never had the funds to begin with. It's absolutely outrageous that govt can mess with people's lives like this - and continue to keep their jobs.

      mlondolozi.matshini - 2012-06-11 22:29

      a very unfortunate situation. and in all this mess, children are denied their right to quality education.

      Sharon - 2012-06-15 18:12

      these clowns are the type to employ blind people to give driving lessons,when a accident happens then its eish sorrie we will launch a probe

  • mlondolozi.matshini - 2012-06-11 22:33

    never mind the fica records and unpaid salaries. what about the ec youth who continue to get poor education. the eastern cape government is to blame, no doubt.

      Dee - 2012-06-11 23:20

      An unholy mess to fix ... and realistically, even if it is 'fixed' this month, it will probably take a long time to attract business confidence and quality professionals back to the province. And the knock-on effect is also felt in other provinces being overloaded with unplanned E.Cape & Limpopo people crowding their education and health sytems.

      Sharon - 2012-06-15 18:13

      the current youth will never recover from this stuff up,their futures are ruined - THIS GOVT MUST GO

  • keith.recore - 2012-06-11 22:51

    it is absolutely shameful. much more energy goes into this dysfuntional system, justifying and defending one poor decision after another. If the politicians and department people would just do the right thing from the beginning, their jobs actually would be easier than it is for them now, it really would be. Who on earth would even want to be a teacher? how are you going to attract people to this profession?

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