Education: NGO takes ministers to court

2012-03-08 14:30

Port Elizabeth - Equal Education (EE) has approached the Eastern Cape High Court in Bhisho to force the government to provide equal infrastructure at all schools, according to a report on Thursday.

The Cape Times reported the non-governmental organisation filed papers on Wednesday against Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and all education MECs.

"The papers seek an order compelling Minister Motshekga to prescribe minimum norms and standards for school infrastructure. This is the most far-reaching court case about the right to basic education to have been launched in democratic South Africa," the non-governmental organisation's Doron Isaacs told the newspaper.

He said the proper standards would force schools to spend their budget, avoiding the massive under-spending by provinces like Eastern Cape.

The court papers do not prescribe what minimum standards should be implemented; this would be the minister's prerogative.

Her spokesperson Hope Mokgathle was quoted as saying the department was still studying the papers and could therefore not comment.

  • Nick - 2012-03-08 14:44

    What in the name of all that is holy are the idiot cANCer goverment up to. At leastNGO's are seeing the the cANCer is purposly keeping their supporters uneducated and gullable. When will the voters learn?

  • Nick - 2012-03-08 15:11

    It has not appeared on news 24 yet, but it seems that SABC is about to enter into a contract to air their 24/ news programe. Does this mean that SABC is not capable, thanks to cadre appointments, I think not, SABC,the cANCer mouthpiece, has found a way of keeping the truth of cANCer's dishonstry and gross failure from their voters. We say cANCer is stupid but they are not,in fact very cunning. They will do anything underhand to stayin power. Unfortunately this forum is too small, the people that need to hear the truth, do not. Censorship is alive and well and lives in SA. Come people, everyone you meet tell them the truth.

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