Elderly couple found dead in freezer

2013-01-09 22:30

Johannesburg - An elderly couple was found dead in their home in Belfast on Wednesday morning, Mpumalanga police said.

"Their bodies were found by the police this morning [Wednesday] stashed inside a deep freezer in their house with their hands and feet tied with cables," spokesperson Colonel Leonard Hlathi said.

Rudolf and Elna Van Heerden were both 79-years old.

They had been beaten over the head with a blunt object.

Two firearms were stolen from the house.

Their Toyota Prado was found abandoned on the N4 near Middelburg.

No arrests had been made.

  • ernest.lwandle - 2013-01-09 22:40

    thers only one solution lets take law and justice into oure own hands cause its us who are the victims

      nmabuyakhulu - 2013-01-10 07:41

      SAPS, so useless..."no arrest has been made".....WTF

  • mathilda.williams.1 - 2013-01-09 22:44

    This is just too much. 79 years old. What resistance would they have put up? Why not just rob them and make a get-away? Tied up and stashed inside a deep freezer, it's too much to bear.

  • Vishen - 2013-01-09 22:46

    FFS man!!!

  • settie.zuweni - 2013-01-09 22:46

    So sad!Why ? Why? Why? May their souls rest in everlasting peace!

  • mathamso - 2013-01-09 22:47

    what has gone wrong in this country.. its enough now.. *sad*..

  • francoise.steyn - 2013-01-09 22:49

    Good Lord, this is just way way beyond anything anyone can handle or should handle or accept...where the hell are we as human beings going?

      charmaine.rowlands - 2013-01-10 00:10

      to hell in a handbasket, that's where! Shocking story

  • garth.philpot - 2013-01-09 22:53

    the spear of the nation strikes again.... this is what our freedom fighters are good at...

  • mzuvukile.maswana - 2013-01-09 22:57

    Oh South Africa you beautiful country with your beautiful people what has happened to you? Why not allow the 79year olds to gracefully live their remaining years. When are these tears and horrors ever going to stop?

  • Erna - 2013-01-09 22:57

    And the government wonders wy the people are bitter in this country. These are probably somebody's parents who deserve some kind of respect.

  • isabel.ashe.7 - 2013-01-09 23:00

    All I can say is Take them on a PLAIN RIDE OVER DURBAN AND TELL THE TO JUMP.. IF THEY REACH LAND they go free... SHARKS NEED TO EAT TOO.. THEY ARE SAVAGES... 79 years old what Harm can they do... And People still ask WHAT IS WRONG IN THIS COUNTRY... PEOPLE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR PEOPLE OR LIFE..

  • sally.lewitt - 2013-01-09 23:03

    RIP.. To think they have worked hard all their lives only to be bludgeoned to death in their Golden Years! Who ever is responsible, may only destruction follow you the rest of your life/lives.. Ffs!

      sally.lewitt - 2013-01-10 05:04

      For the thumbs down troll.. Fu!!!

  • debra.schonknecht - 2013-01-09 23:04

    This is so sad it breaks my heart, what is happening to our beautiful country...

      Vishen - 2013-01-09 23:07

      Correction Debra, "what has happened to our beautiful country?

  • iwillemse - 2013-01-09 23:07


  • joe.bizzah - 2013-01-09 23:11

    stray dogs on the loose

      ingi.raikes - 2013-01-10 07:49

      JOE.BIZZAH. NO! NOT DOGS..........! 'SAVAGES IS THE WORD YOU SHOULD USE. Leave faithful, loving dogs; animals altogether, out of this horrendous savage attack, for God's sake!

  • abdul.cassiem.9 - 2013-01-09 23:16

    And people still ask why do you want to immigrate from this beautiful country . What r u f...kin blind or what!!!!

  • ivan.skinner2 - 2013-01-09 23:25

    Where is it going to end. You are no more safe. History is repeating itself. I regret the apartheid years because we are targeted.

      sally.lewitt - 2013-01-09 23:57

      Ivan, we all regret the past but take into account the 'normal citizen' back then HAD NO SAY we/they were led around like blind sheep.. Let's hope things can change knowing now we ALL have rights and choices.

      omo.naija.750 - 2013-01-10 00:13

      ivan.skinner2 - Take heart brother,i assure you that there is no grand scheme by Africans in South Africa to target Caucasians.It is just a few demented souls who carry out these acts and give the wrong impression to Caucasians. Many Africans will never do a thing like this but out of many they will always be a few who are capable. Case in point the US shootings.Those crimes were committed by Caucasians against people of all races and ethnicity but they were not schemes just random lunatics who were armed and thirsty for blood.Every country has such people.You should see the stories coming out of the USA daily.They will creep you out.

      george.gervais.7 - 2013-01-10 03:49

      Ivan it will only end when every white person has been driven from South Africa. Do not listen to the propaganda rubbish of omonaija, the ANC could stop this genocide any time they wanted to. They do nothing. This is the African way, this is the african culture, savagery with no conscience. It happened in Zimbabwe, it happened in other african countries among african races. As long as there are whites in South Africa, the africans will target and use them as excuses to control the masses, by blaming all the shortcomings on the whites. When every white person has been driven from this country, then they'll start to kill themselves in tribal war. You're not even told half of the murders that occur on News24...

      prot.kpax.33 - 2013-01-10 08:49

      omonaija, are you saying Caucasians aren't african? Its exactly that attitude of the ppl that commits these crimes. It must bother you a lot that white ppl are more south african then your nigeria @ss.

  • BulletProof. - 2013-01-09 23:26


  • michael.mckinon.1 - 2013-01-09 23:54

    Time to vote - if we stand together we can beat this fiasco!

  • StanSenamo - 2013-01-10 00:02

    Not to put a blame on any one but the problem of SA is lack of Border Force, we allow every thrash in our country. There are lots of heartless people who enter our country illegal who do not have regard for human life. For them taking a soul of another person is like stealing a sugar at home, they have been through hell before they got to SA. I know my comment might be construed to be xenophobic but I don't care. I have lots of good friends from our neighbouring countries and I think they will share the same sentiments. Look what is happening to our Rhinos, these people are not from here. SA must put stringent immigration controls and maybe this barbarism will reduce if not eradicated.

      Franschua Finch - 2013-01-10 00:41

      sorry to say this but crime is totally out of hand its sick if the Death Penalty was still around this wouldnt have happened nor would our country be in this mess but do the politicians care NO they have securities and big houses with major alarms and are covered

  • charmaine.rowlands - 2013-01-10 00:15

    Deeply saddened by this story. Yet another arrow into the heart of the Beloved Country. May they Rest in Peace. Condolences to the family and friends

      sally.lewitt - 2013-01-10 00:57

      Who ever gave the thumbs down on this comment, you are an insensitive troll!

  • Christo Zikie - 2013-01-10 00:17

    this has nothing to do with ANC or DA this is crime that we all have to fight it as South Africans full stop.

  • joy.clark.794628 - 2013-01-10 00:36

    This could have been anyones parents or grandparents. Is'nt it time that South Africans rose up with one voice about the dreadful crimes that happen in the country.

  • zoe.j.ward.7 - 2013-01-10 01:49

    To those who still draw the race card especially whites being "anc victims" wake up and smell the coffee, killings are happening to every race, it effects us all. Not just white people. Seriously put that rubbish in the past there should be no more white/black, there should just be good/bad. Simple

  • lhfick - 2013-01-10 01:58

    They say or claim that they or we avoided a civil war. This is one. It is all this country consists off, in the form of violence, crime and BEE. There is no fairness in this country. It is nothing but a circus. The laughingstock of the world.

  • makhanthisa.mastert - 2013-01-10 02:55

    Who on earth would have balls to murder a 79 yrs old? some lost souls ofcourse,

      sally.lewitt - 2013-01-10 05:08

      A spine less psychopathic cowardly dimwit that has no balls..

  • Mzondi Wakwa Maqina - 2013-01-10 04:21

    If our forefathers had the same opportunities as boere had during apartheid, they would a also left us wealth like the now existing boere. Fast forward to today, crime is a mentality of an individual, not ANC(useless), DA or Mandela's fault. Please racist fellows get that through your thick skulls.

  • Niekie van Heerden - 2013-01-10 04:23

    Savages! Sub-human scum! Animals!

      Miles Willemse - 2013-01-10 07:07

      Sad ,

  • jacqui.c.baumgardt - 2013-01-10 04:26

    We HAVE to bring back the death sentence, harsh as that may be. Retributive justice is the only workable system - a life for a life.

  • eve.hemming - 2013-01-10 04:52

    Horrific !

  • gary.doyle.520 - 2013-01-10 04:57

    Very sad indeed, not nearly enough being done to discourage these violent criminals from committing these murders or any crime for that matter.

  • peter.mokoena.31 - 2013-01-10 05:00

    I am saddened by the murder of the elderly in such a cruel manner. Condolenses, but again in a country where fathers rape their children, house robberies galore, where there is lawlessness, there is bound to be racial hatred, there is always, because the black people don't want theirs to vote the DA, the whites does the same, I do not blame any of u, but the kind of leadership that saw hatred through their speeches and comments. We are on collision course..that is sad.

  • precious.yumyum - 2013-01-10 05:17

    shocking! what has happened people's humaninity or lack thereof?

  • lynne.barker.7 - 2013-01-10 05:25

    This is the most terrible thing to happen and the killers are normally let out on bail IF they are caught!

  • Madelein Prinsloo - 2013-01-10 05:42

    to Abner.Malema: i'm sick & tired of blacks thinking that whites don't like blacks ruling!!! We wouldn't mind if they ruled properly!! And it's not only the whites complaining, i have a lot of black friends and they complaining too! They must catch these criminals & do the same to them!

      karl.vanrooyen - 2013-01-10 06:32

      Fezile just wait a little .it will show

  • nico.eksteen.7 - 2013-01-10 05:54

    I'm sick of hearing this neverending story of killings everyday and nothing is being done to stop it. Worst of all is that some people are actually encouraging it. I want to leave this mess. Any job offerings overseas welcome.

  • - 2013-01-10 06:09

    M tired of people sayinf i have got black friends or i have got white friends, what must we about that? We talking murder here not race jeez people grow up

  • willie.botha.9480 - 2013-01-10 06:12

    Bastards !! You will be at the receiving end sooner than you think !! The wheel always turns ...

  • craig.munro.50 - 2013-01-10 06:15

    This is genocide. Read up on Prof. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch. The 8 stages of genocide.

  • jaco.holtzhausen - 2013-01-10 06:24

    I want everybody on this comment forum to quickly sit still,take a deep breath and then think about what I'm about to say.Be honest with yourself... If 2 elderly black people were killed by white men,what do you think would have happened? A manhunt would have started,international media wouldve been on this case,etc etc.4 guys that haven't been found guilty is in the news every day,but the slaughter of whites is kept silent.I don't see whites jumping walls killing innocent people.More people died,got raped,robbed in this so called democratic country than in the 40 something years of Apaaaaathaaaait.THOUSANDS x THOUSANDS more! If you want to go against me on this then rather shut up.Statistics and facts have proofed me right.

      nhlanhla.msiza.9 - 2013-01-10 08:33

      Another foolish pesin calls it racism while we call it crime.

  • Asdiedamwalbars - 2013-01-10 06:44

    Cowards attack grandma's and grandpa's...and the Gov participate by doing nothing and saying nothing. Beasts and barbaric excuse of wanna be humans.. do it like these cowards do to defenceless people. These people feel safe in their homes where they trust the Gov and the constitution who must guarantee a safe and peaceful environment to the law abiding taxpayers who they Govern.. One day they must and will answer to the Human rights up holders in the high courts of the world.

  • chumachienda - 2013-01-10 07:00

    “No arrests had been made“typical of the SAPS

  • bcluley - 2013-01-10 07:21

    Its not race its culture.

      Phathutshedzo.mabirimisa - 2013-01-10 08:00

      I agree

  • ncesh.gali - 2013-01-10 07:28

    I'm black and I have white friends whom I haven't robbed and killed yet...still contemplating it though Come on...Just reading through the 1st page,there's so much anger, frustration,recentment and hatred of human kind. We are all hopeless irregardless of colour and who is in the government. There's nothing reported about killers being either black/white/coloured/or out the asians cause so far they only kill black/white rhinos! Criminals are colour blind when robbing and killing...we all are affected by this violent crime, from squatter-camps to posh-suburb! Let's kill each other then...then what? Or we arm ourselves like americans and attack each other at schools, in malls, etc.. then we'll blame or defend 1st or 2nd amendments of the right to keep and own fire-arms in our constituition. We sound like road signs that says-Pot-holes for next 10km instead of fixing the damn road! May this couple rest in peace-amen. No comments please...I'm busy thinking about killing my boss right now!

  • eugene.mulder1 - 2013-01-10 07:32

    People died of dehisration and the whole world knows about it. When a couple is so brutaly murdered, nobody knows about it. And still the government looks the other way. How can God bless this government if they are not adhearing to God's Word?

  • godfrey.mushwana - 2013-01-10 07:38

    This is a very sad story. Crime affects us all as south africans. Ppl get killed in the townships everyday and it doesn't even make it into the papers. As a south african it saddens me when ppl are victims of violent crimes, whether they are white, black or green. I therefore feel very offended when a person think that just bcos I'm black I will celebrate the death of another human being.

  • Malehlonolo Kgomojoo - 2013-01-10 07:39

    oh here we go again ,blame it on the race black or white i'm getting tired of this .what this people did is wrong and they should be punished for what they did regardless of their skin color!!!!!

  • wendy.barnett.1238 - 2013-01-10 07:46

    Sick f...... savages

  • Simon Maabe - 2013-01-10 07:50

    Police have already identified the suspect. The Grandson of the couple, Piet de Kock, 23 was apprehended in Pretoria in possesion of the elderly's life cover documents and other valuables. He's accomplices are his two childhood friends.

      joy.moloi.3 - 2013-01-10 08:07

      Dude you are messing up white genocide theorist's proof. What's wrong with you?! Some highly skilled white investigators have already determined that the killers are black.

      ncesh.gali - 2013-01-10 08:41

      Well I hear about white genocide inside South Africa in these comments more often, and I'm not disputing it. My question to both of you...'what category is a black criminal killing a black helpless couple then...? That white boy who killed his parents and his sister a few months ago; is that also white-genocide category?

  • cobusvanstaden0506 - 2013-01-10 07:54

    Maybe the ANC should introduce race quotas on farm murders

  • esme.jacobs.940 - 2013-01-10 08:03

    Hoe verwerk 'n mens so iets?? So wreed en dit met mense so weerloos?