Elderly couple murdered on Gauteng farm

2011-07-02 10:02

Johannesburg - An elderly couple was murdered on their Heidelberg farm on Saturday morning, Gauteng police said.

Constable Tikoane Sonopo said a towing service called the couple's son after their car was found overturned on the R42 road near Vereeniging.

The son went to his parent's Houtpoort farm just after 05:30 and found his 60-year-old mother tied up in the living room with multiple stab wounds. She was already dead.

He found his father, also with multiple stab wounds, dead on the bedroom floor.

Sonopo said the house was ransacked. A rifle and electrical appliances were stolen.

Police were investigating, he said.

  • John D - 2011-07-02 10:12

    This is shocking, absolutely horrific, sincere condolances to the family, I cant imagine what sadness they are going through today. It would be very interesting to find out to what extent the rhetoric concerning land grabs plus "shoot the boer" songs played in the motivation behind this atrocity. These must stop otherwise this tragic incident wont be the last one.

      Ross - 2011-07-02 10:27

      Another savage murder together with the first farm invasion in the Free State does not bode well. Zimbabwe is on our doorstep. Buy Kruger Rands to counteract the pending exchange rate. Our sincerest sympathy to the family.

  • JOGGIE - 2011-07-02 10:23


      Ian - 2011-07-02 10:39

      no Joggie, animals dont behave this way, please dont insult our wildlife or whats left of it, they are barbaric , disgusting savages

  • inyoka - 2011-07-02 10:23

    There is at average at least one farm murder per day and the ANC government is doing NOTHING! Maybe all the conspiracy has some truth to it. This is an orchestrated strategic plan to get people scared and for Julius' plan to work. Shocking! Strongs to the family - Typical modern South Africa..

  • marco - 2011-07-02 10:26

    Say News24 what'a the point of publishing K@K like this.We all know this K@K keeps happening in South Africa day in and day out so why do you editors still allow this sad events to make the headlines.Are you,News24,being deliberately repugnant and repulsive in your attitude towards such sensitive,ugly and unpleasant events.

  • Iran999 - 2011-07-02 10:28

    While Zuma runs off to Russia, in an apparent quest to get NATO to withdraw from Libya, his humble Nation must fear murder, rape, armed robbery, assault …….. And must live in squalor … Jobless ….. Pot Holes …. Deal with corrupt officials …. Blah Blah Blah My deepest condolencwes go out AGAIN to another family ….. Wonder if Zuma and Malema sent theirs ?? Its call priorities you numb nut !!!!

      Anonymous Thinker - 2011-07-02 10:38

      Rumor has it Malema is sitting in India....maybe that's why he's been so quiet this past week....

  • Shadow - 2011-07-02 10:32

    This isn't news anymore, this is a daily occurance and why? Well because nothing happens to the murderers anyway, even if they get caught.

  • SAdefender - 2011-07-02 10:38

    I am completely horrified by this act. This family will be in my prayers.

  • Jakes71 - 2011-07-02 10:42

    Sincere condolences to the family.

  • fraserm - 2011-07-02 10:53

    Im so sorry for your loss. I respect farmers and smallholding dwellers as brave people who are exposed to savage and barbaric attacks with no help from government. May God be with you at this time, and I pray for protection of others who are at risk. God bless and protect.

  • Bokkie 36 - 2011-07-02 11:02

    I have started my comment over and over again, because I just cannot find the right words. How many more times is this going to happen, and how may times must we ask for the re-instatement of the death penalty, because in the end, this is going to be the only way to get it to stop. My sincere condolences to family and friends of these two people, God bless you.

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