Enraged Pakistanis march to US embassy

2011-12-20 19:20

Pretoria - Pakistani nationals based in South Africa marched to the US embassy in Arcadia, Pretoria to protest against the recent US-led air strikes on northwest Pakistan, police said on Tuesday.

The Nato airstrikes reportedly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed two Pakistani border checkpoints in November.

"Approximately 200 people belonging to the Pakistani community of South Africa took part in the protest to highlight the recent air attack," national police spokesperson Captain Dennis Adriao said.

The protest was peaceful and a memorandum of grievances was handed to US embassy representatives. After handing over the document the protesters dispersed peacefully.

The November 26 attacks sparked a diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and the US. Top US military staff were quoted as saying the attacks were not deliberate and an inquiry had been launched.

  • Thouca - 2011-12-20 20:42

    dudes, take yr issues, politics and religion back to yr home and leave us alone.....

  • Garysyd705 - 2011-12-21 06:26

    Ja foot sack back to Pakistan thy just want more money from USA

  • sandra.j.rennie - 2011-12-21 09:46

    Can't remember SA ever being part of NATO airstrikes. They must have the wrong Embassy ! typical !

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