Ex-pupil sues after 'beating left him disabled'

2012-08-06 11:46

Johannesburg - A former Limpopo pupil is suing the department of basic education and a former teacher for R4m after he was left disabled by an alleged beating, The Sowetan reported on Monday.

Selly Oupa Mokonyama, 22, filed papers at the North Gauteng High Court, alleging that his teacher at the Molemo Primary School assaulted him with a broomstick when he was 8.

He said the teacher hit him several times on his buttocks, injuring his spinal cord.

"It was the most painful beating I was ever subjected to. I fell to the ground and could not get back up again," he told the newspaper.

"My screams drew the attention of a teacher next door, who came to my rescue. I have been from one hospital to another, but there is nothing the doctors can do for me."

He told the newspaper he eventually had an operation and was now able to sit, but that his balance had not been restored. He claimed he could not walk without the aid of crutches.

"I have had training from physiotherapists, but it is like riding a dead horse. I dreamed of being a soccer player and a mechanical engineer. She [the teacher] destroyed my life."

According to the newspaper the case was postponed to allow the department time to respond.

  • john.h.viljoen - 2012-08-06 11:53

    sorry,but it takes you 14 years to come forward?

      wayne.hardaker.3 - 2012-08-06 11:55

      He's disabled John, not as fast as he used to be.

      mervin.birss - 2012-08-06 11:56

      I agree totally

      jako.merwe - 2012-08-06 12:01

      i also smell bs

      mantothieve.missingman - 2012-08-06 12:12

      Was waiting for he's free lawyer the anc promissed him

      tebo.w.ganyani - 2012-08-06 12:47

      the kid waz trying to get over-it\r\nwell to me sounds like he did all he could to get back into hiz feet.\r\nAnyway gorvemnt are wasting our tax money. Why not pay this poor guy hiz 4m.

      festivalj - 2012-08-06 13:09

      Ja !! you can ask that again let him prove it with Doctor s report if its not a scam hahaha !!

      avuyile.ramncwana.5 - 2012-08-06 13:20

      His parents most probably did not have the necessary know how on how to pursue a case against the department.U c John wen u dnt have a formal education,some things dnt come quite easily as logic.His older now he is pursuing the case himself!

      gordon.trevat - 2012-08-06 14:41

      @tebo They need to enrich their lawyer friends first, so will probably put them on the gravy train for a few years, then only end up paying.

  • JASEVEN156 - 2012-08-06 12:09

    Sorry dear for what happened,but why did you take this long to come forward and where you all these years??? I am happy that you come up and i support you!!!!

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-06 12:10

    If this is to be true then this guy needs a lot of support !

  • mj.jansevanvuuren - 2012-08-06 12:11

    I think this matter has prescribed, and therefore it will most properly be dismissed.

  • johan.vanheerden.737 - 2012-08-06 12:12

    14 years ago and only now he complains???

  • crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 12:34

    ... a mechanical engineer... lol bwaahahaha

      gladlad - 2012-08-06 12:43

      whats there to laugh about.....@clarissa????????????

      sekwati.robinson - 2012-08-06 12:54

      gud question

      crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 13:27

      So because he has BACK PROBLEMS, he can't go study mechanical engineering?? WTF

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-08-06 13:41

      Yes Clarissa, he's probably spent all his money trying to get treatment and can't afford to study anymore. Honestly some people are just mean...

      crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 13:58

      What about applying for a loan to further his tertiary studies? Just look at what Oscar Pistorius achieved!! Where there is a will there will ALWAYS be a way, no matter what!

      angela.monaghansandells - 2012-08-06 14:10

      Studying is one thing - although a mechanical engineering diploma would require practical studying too. Performing a job as a mechanical engineer is another. I work in engineering at one of the vehicle manufacturers. You cannot sit behind a desk and be a mechanical engineer. You run around, solve problems on the production line, liaise with and visit your suppliers. And physically fit parts to vehicles!!!! A person who cannot walk would just not be able to perform the job. One of our engineers had an unfortunate accident which also left him with a damaged spinal cord. He has been medically boarded. Don't see how anyone could find this story something to laugh about. You obviously have never spent any time with a disabled person or you'd know the difficulties they are faced with daily.

      crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 14:38

      @ Angela: Okay, so we ASSUME he can't walk and that he is disabled? HE CAN WALK WITH THE USE OF .... Jeez, I missed that bit! Also, I did not show NO RESPECT to disabled peeps?! What are you on about?! Stick to the facts conveyed in the article at hand! Thanks for explaining to me what a mechanical engineer does... Never knew... *scratches head..* Rather ask News24 for a follow-up story, since we are all speculating on the little info conveyed here...Remember one thing: There are always two sides to a story!

      angela.monaghansandells - 2012-08-07 08:51

      How is laughing at anyone a sign of respect? If indeed the teacher caused this disability, she needs to be held accountable for her actions, regardless of it being 14 years ago. Clearly the disabled man does not have the funds available to further any sort of career and possibly spends what he has on pain medication etc. You try walking with a disability with the aid of crutches. It's not an easy task. It could take him 15 minutes just to get up and go to the loo. You have no idea! How would you like that and how well would you perform your job - assuming you even have one. I cared for my disabled father for 15 years, I know what I am talking about. I have also worked in this industry for 24 years. I suggest you go away and grow up and do some research on the hardships people with disabilities face, before you LAUGH at them! Maybe you will find some compassion for people less fortunate than yourself.

  • galeboe.lekone.3 - 2012-08-06 13:16

    It took him 14 years to realise that he is disabled or the memory was disabled 2?

      Rupert van Sittert - 2012-08-06 13:28

      lol... I think you'd do your best to forget a beating like that...

  • maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-08-06 13:37

    It probably took this long for him to exhaust all possibilities for getting treatment and then someone informed him that he has a right to sue. Good for him, its illegal to beat children and the govt needs a wake-up call that when they are negligent they will be hit where it hurts.

      crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 14:06

      It is not the govenrment who will cough up... If you are a tax payer you will know this. Yes, he sues the Department of Basic Education, but where do you think do they get the money from?? And, yes, respect to him if he was indeed beaten. BUT, I have seen these type of cases over and over... Some opportunistic lawyer probably saw an opportunity and then pushed the boy into dragging the department to court... I suspect the kid is exaggerating big time! When was corporal punishment banned?? According to this article he was eight when he got what he probably deserved??, and, that would make it the year 1997, I think...

      crazyjourno - 2012-08-06 14:18

      Ahhh, banned in 1995! So, yes! If he has proof and evidence that she assaulted him, then by all means! Sue the dress off her!!

      angela.monaghansandells - 2012-08-07 09:19

      Clarissa - how does any 8 year old child \probably deserve\ being beaten so severely that their spinal cord is damaged? You don't have any children, do you? No

  • Sakhumzi Vapi - 2012-08-06 13:52

    some people are being negative and with their negative coments there are cases who even take morethan 10years to come up and most of them are lighter than this so you negative take this case into you childs shoes and see how will it feels to you when poeple throws negative arrows like these into your face

  • Margaret Bosch - 2012-08-06 14:24

    i hope he wins his case, its terrible that teachers hit kids like that

  • Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-08-06 15:03

    Its neva too late for justice...even after 30years he can still sue...

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