Exotic pets scam exposed

2012-12-11 09:41

Pretoria - An exotic pet scam has been exposed by reporters who followed up on ads listed in the classified section of their newspaper.

The Pretoria News responded to ads advertising a lion cub for sale at $1 000 (about R8 658) and the two monkeys listed for sale at R8 500.

The advertisements had the same telephone number but different email addresses. Reporters tried to buy the animals and were told to provide payment first.

The pictures provided of the animals for sale turned out to be photographs of zoo animals or animals for sale elsewhere on the internet.

Onderstepoort vet Dr Dorianne Eliott said it was illegal to own indigenous exotic animals without a permit.

“In this case, it is most likely a scam,” she said. “These scams are very common. Often there are no animals involved, just people looking for money,” she said.

NSPCA communications officer Christine Kuch said scam ads took many forms, from wildlife to puppies for sale.

She said the matter had been taken to Interpol in 2008, but the scammers changed their details too frequently.

Acting editor of the Pretoria News, Val Bojé, warned readers not to respond to the advertisement as it was clearly a fraud and said a number of other “exotic pet” advertisements had been blocked.

  • rob.gunning.1 - 2012-12-11 10:00

    "indigenous exotic animals" ???!?!?!? Either they are exotic or they are indigenous. I'll think about this over a cold hot, wet dry beer.

      marc.moon.10 - 2012-12-11 10:42

      ha ha... :)

      BulletProof. - 2012-12-11 11:04

      There is the same type of scam with the dogs at we got scamed by them and after reported to police and banks nothing happened, we lost R6000.00,check at, there is more reports about this scam. This individual was was named Richard Dimare but the copy of the ID sent to us was a false one.They ask for a special deposit for a box to transport the animal by plane and that deposit should be returnuble, will never see the box the money or the animal.

      rohin.jadin - 2012-12-11 11:52

      there's more than enough dogs in the pound that need a home. don't shop - adopt.

  • customdesign - 2012-12-11 10:11

    They have been doing this for years.

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-12-11 10:12

    I dont really have sympathy for those scammed as these animals belong in the wild,not locked up in acage somewhere.! [Not that I for one momement think scamming is right! I hope they cathc these con artists and throw the book at them!]

  • sophia.kapp - 2012-12-11 10:19

    If you know it's a scam, why place the ad, Pretoria News?

      marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-12-11 10:29

      Pretoria News should refuse to post Ads like these they should also be held responsible for 'false advertising'.

      BulletProof. - 2012-12-11 11:32

      It is very dificult to trace this guys but they do have bank accounts and banks do nothing even with a police report on hand.

  • charmaine.dutoit.963 - 2012-12-11 13:02

    Nobody should ever buy any living thing from a classified ad in a newspaper,magazine or on the internet.

  • gladness - 2012-12-11 15:12

    We know that the scammers are from Nigeria.

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