Expect more tremors - experts

2014-08-09 19:11

Johannesburg - Seismologists said more tremors are expected to hit the country again over the next few days, the Saturday Star reported.

"I expect there would be at least two or three magnitude four events coming up within the next week or two," technical director of earth science consulting company Umvoto Africa, Dr Chris Hartnady told the newspaper.

"Very often one finds in quake areas the main shot delivers a damage blow to some buildings but then quite often it’s the smaller aftershocks that finish them off."

Hartnady said if people reoccupied damaged buildings before the aftershock sequence closed, they would be putting their lives in danger.

Council of Geoscience seismologist Michelle Grobbelaar agreed that more earthquakes were expected, the publication reported.

"The rule of thumb in seismology is that history repeats itself. We can get those magnitudes (of 5.5) coming back. We can't say when it will happen but we can expect another one," she was quoted as saying.

A 31-year-old man was killed in a mining village near Orkney, North West on Tuesday when the 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region.

At least 34 miners were injured by the earthquake, and more than 600 houses were damaged.

Grobbelaar said mining areas like the North West province had more than 80% seismicity.

Aftershocks in the Orkney and Klerksdorp areas were being monitored, she said.

  • Tian Nel - 2014-08-09 19:30

    I will bless those who bless Israel and i will curse those who curse Israel.wake up Sa.the defender of Israel is watching you!

  • Kholo Warren Jesus - 2014-08-09 19:36

    i am not gave God the middle finger a long time ago.murder,rape ect all contribute to this.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-08-09 20:27

      Erm, it's geology.

  • Sibusiso Elimzwezwe Mlungwana - 2014-08-09 20:13

    oh well ......#mute

  • Nenio Makhosini - 2014-08-09 20:30

    Apparently Julius Malema is complaining that sum provinces didn't receive the earthquake .this is what he had to say.... It is not fair that some places dd not receive the earthquake, this is how poor the delivery of services in South African has become. The ANC is corrupting us and taking our natural disasters to themselves due to greed . We wil not sit down and watch the president Jacob Zuma and his people take our things .if u voted EFF these things would not happen . We will fight for our rights because we the Economic freedom fighters its our mission to fight against the ANC and its corrupt leaders... #bring back our earthquake#

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-08-09 20:59

      Hahaha :) Excellent!

      Michael B da Silva - 2014-08-10 10:58

      At last , someone with a sense of humour. Careful you do not label yourself as racist. There is always one tit out there who cannot see the forest for the trees and will attack your wit with furious misguided stupidity. Otherwise known as a troll. Thanks for the entertaining comment.

  • Makhokolotso Mk Nkeane - 2014-08-09 20:36

    Assumptions, speculations, predictions whatever whatever...@ the end of the day, its God's world, only he knows*

      Anthoula Joshua - 2014-08-10 06:53


  • Marianne Goulden - 2014-08-09 20:38

    Has no -one been watching this ? No - one in this country been keeping an eye, even though we’re not a country with this kind of incident. Surely someone dropped the ball !

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-08-09 20:49

      So far, scientists haven't been able to find a signal for earthquakes - there is no obvious sign to say that an earthquake is coming very soon. Vibrations can be detected just before an earthquake occurs, but this doesn't give enough time for people to escape. The processes that cause earthquakes mostly occur far below the Earth's surface. There are many tectonic plates - sections of the Earth's crust that rub together and cause earthquakes - and their interactions are complex. This makes earthquakes very hard to study.

      bob - 2014-08-10 10:19

      BEE by ANC

  • Nndweleni Sigonde - 2014-08-09 22:18

    Mara ndi u chuwisa vhathu muc izwo,hukhopfi riyo dzula thavhani kani hah

  • Rui Obed Muchenga - 2014-08-09 22:50

    Amen 2 tht

  • Mfanafuthi Mtolo - 2014-08-09 23:40

    sad.....depest condolences to the family of the deceased may his soul rest in peace.

  • Anthoula Joshua - 2014-08-10 06:55

    If this is true, then they should not send any miners underground in that area for a while. Also find temporary housing for the people who should not move back home. The aftershock can be more dangerous due to the damage from the first quake done.

  • Willem Proost - 2014-08-10 07:14

    Experts expect more tremors or less tremors ,that's why they are called experts

  • Fanie Mthethwa - 2014-08-10 07:43

    My prediction is that there will be more predictions in the next few days.

  • bob - 2014-08-10 10:17


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