FF Plus not against liberation songs

2011-01-27 14:05

Johannesburg - The FF Plus on Thursday continued its campaign to stop the singing of "shoot the boer", complaining about a call by ANC Youth League president Julius Malema to resist attempts to have liberation songs banned.

"The Freedom Front Plus and other organisations' protests are not against the singing of liberation songs, as Malema is trying to incorrectly portray. It is about the singing of phrases such as "shoot the boer" ... which appears in the song 'Ayesab' amagwala'," said the party's Pieter Mulder in a statement.

"The FF Plus calls on all reasonable South Africans to fearlessly show their disapproval of such phrases, which cause great tension."

Mulder said Malema made the call in an address on Wednesday.

The party said it had succeeded in having the phrase "kill the boer" classified in the past, and would continue with the present campaign.

Malema is facing court action by lobby group AfriForum which is trying to prevent him from using the words.

The furore erupted when he sang it a University of Johannesburg gathering last year.

The ANC has defended it as part of a struggle song, but its president Jacob Zuma has also called on people not to sing songs that may be divisive.

The Freedom Front Plus, like many critics, fear someone may take the words literally.

  • Mr.Glum - 2011-01-27 14:30

    I am oppressed by crime and corruption. Yesterday, for the umpteenth time, they tried to break into my home. I now composed my own liberation song that I sing in the shower – “Kill the tsotsi, kill the robber”. I sing it to the same tune and rhythm as the little Snotkop’s song. Problem is I now enjoy showering for longer.

      Ian - 2011-01-27 16:09

      long showers can only mean....

      Mr.Glum - 2011-01-27 16:49

      @Ian. Bwahaha, I was waiting for that. Fortunately I take a shower after a hard day's honest work, trying to earn my living ;)

  • Aj - 2011-01-27 15:17

    Slippery slope this " Heritage " . If 1 culture can sing "shoot the b*ers" Surely the boers can sing "po*s die k*ffers" Who are anyone of you to judge a mans culture and determine value upon the lives that live them. Surely in society there needs to be a norm of acceptability. And who determines this ? And inept government? And DON'T TELL ME " Nothing is wrong " it's buLLsh1t. Ignoring a problem ( Be it racial tension ; corruption ; environmental neglect[pollution] ; mismanagement ; plain criminality ) When do we call enough and start looking towards a better South Africa.?

      Vincent VUsi - 2011-01-27 16:29

      What is po*s die K*ffers?

      Mr.Glum - 2011-01-27 17:12

      @Vincent VUsi. It is something that a boer with some dignity and self respect will never sing. Moderation on this forum sucks!!!!!

      VM1 - 2011-01-27 19:55

      AJ - I can give you a few places to sing that song - be brave lets see it on TV and be a man and show your face when you do that so the country can recognise you - not this baraclava nonsense that people of you ilk like. Ohh I got carried away - nobody ever heard your song - not brave enough neh ! ! !

      Aj - 2011-01-27 20:36

      Why do you think it is not sung ? Is it maybe because Intelligence prevails and we moderate our thoughts and mouths ? Or simply because in most people this comes naturally... except most of the black cultures ?! There used to be a very popular song.. "One bullet one b*er" then the bo*rs came back with "1 bomb one location " I don't see any intelligence in both. Only hate that keeps growing.

  • VM1 - 2011-01-27 21:29

    @ AJ Not a fan of Malema but his lime light is fed by this intense obsession that the media has with him and ofcouse his actions are fed by the intense hate of black poeple that prevails everywhere in their white communities. 1 township 1 bomb - do not think that will work my friend. A black woman probably raised you while her own kids were watched by relatives in the township - put 1 and 1 together to connect to what would have happened to you and your kind . Black poeple prepare your food look after you childreen etc.Not even the sentinel would help you and even the khakhi clad clowns would overwhelmed - remember Boputatswana "invasion" "Black poeple less intelligent or does not prevail in some culture" I know quite a few inbreds in the white communities too. I see them every day . All I can say is stop these threats they lead nowhere. There are poeple with nothing to lose who can take up these ideas and run with them - you think we have it bad - imagine the xenophobic attack but aimed at whites this time all the unemployed youth with nothing to do - running toward the suburbs - could spread like wildfire. Not what we want in this country - Deal with Malema leave the other black poeple out of this nonsense.Keep mocking them - one day they will not take it anymore.

  • karendb - 2011-02-24 17:26

    I think we should just make a blanket ruling and ban ALL liberation songs, cultural songs, folk songs etc etc IN PUBLIC. The songs cannot offend anybody if they are not sung publicly, but what you do in the privacy of your own home is your problem. That will take care of not only this song but all the other songs and words and things people get all huffy about and then waste court time and money. I agree that this song is VERY offensive and inciting, and I am not trying to trivialise the Afriforums attempt to stop the singing of it. I just think that we keep running off to the courts to stop people from being offensive. Unfortunately our population is devoid of common decency and courtesy so we have to get the courts to tell people how to behave in a civilised manner, but the courts need to take some initiative and realise the calibre of people they are ruling on and pre-empt future cases along the same lines.

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