'Facebook rapist' to stand trial

2012-05-03 20:41

Cape Town - "Facebook rapist" Thabo Bester has turned down a plea and sentencing agreement and will stand trial in the Western Cape High Court.

The State and the defence had been unable to agree on a sentence, prosecutor Samantha Raphaels told Judge Andre le Grange on Thursday.

She asked that July 30 be set down for a provisional trial date.

Le Grange granted the request and ordered that Bester be kept in custody until then.

He was to have pleaded and signed the agreement on Wednesday.

However, the case was delayed until Thursday because there was a discrepancy between his previous sentence on police records and a that on a correctional services form. According to police records, he was serving a 30-year jail term.

The confusion was cleared up and all the forms were in place to proceed with the case on Thursday.

Bester stands accused of murdering 26-year-old model Nomfundu Tyulu in Milnerton, Cape Town, in September. She was found stabbed in the chest in a room at a bed and breakfast.

He was sentenced to 50 years' imprisonment by a Durban court in October for raping and robbing two models.

He was sentenced to 15 years in jail on each count of rape, and 15 years in jail on each count of robbery . Five years of each robbery sentence was suspended.

Bester hid his face with a blue anorak before the judge entered the court on Thursday, as a mob of photographers surrounded the dock.

He was taken away by at least six correctional services guards, who kept the media at bay.

Bester was dubbed the "Facebook rapist" because he used the social networking forum to lure women to meet him.

He sent them messages that international modelling scouts were interested in them and then met them in person. Armed with a knife, he then raped and robbed them.

  • tebogo.manala - 2012-05-03 20:49

    face boook rapist!!?...

  • Atholl - 2012-05-03 21:53

    This is the guy who said that he would never be caught -- the same boast of all criminal minds ... surely this is a puuurfect opportunity ... {since Bester is already a prisoner, must have experienced prison time, must have slotted into the prison hierarchy, must by now already be a princess, must have walked the 'prison ramp' etc...} ... to subpoena a fellow prisoner to explain if Bester has been 'lured to a secure venue' 'made an empty promise that drops his guard' 'sexually abused with the added risk of Aids' and stabbed with a knife. ''' You'll never catch me !! -- can somebody please write that on the back of his orange overall while he's standing in the food queue ... ..... and smuggle a nice pic .... so we can update his facebook profile.

  • Preshen - 2012-05-04 08:13

    he changed the meaning to "Getting Poked"

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