Factory worker crushed by machine

2012-04-12 14:16

Johannesburg - A factory worker was killed when he was crushed by an industrial roller at a paper mill in Wadeville, Johannesburg on Thursday, paramedics said.

"The man had been cleaning a part of the roller when his jacket was caught in the moving parts of the machine," said Netcare 911 spokesperson Jeffrey Wicks.

The man's body was pulled from the machine by his co-workers.

  • kgaogelodp - 2012-04-12 14:24

    Horrific incident indeed. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Nomavo - 2012-04-12 14:32

    Oh!very very sad news I wnder who did this.

      Carla - 2012-04-12 14:41

      "The man had been cleaning a part of the roller when his jacket was caught in the moving parts of the machine,"

      Nomavo - 2012-04-12 14:56


      Randomhero6661 - 2012-04-12 15:24

      your mother did it!

      Tony Lapson - 2012-04-12 15:34

      Randomhero stay in school kiddie

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-04-12 15:38

      ill take that as a comment thank you.

      Tony Lapson - 2012-04-12 15:59

      Yes, it was a comment.

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-04-12 14:36

    Why was the machine on?

      Tony Lapson - 2012-04-12 14:50

      I assure you, I am not 'heartless'. I am pointing out unsafe working conditions. There is absolutely no reason why someone should be cleaning in a danger zone.

      Piston - 2012-04-12 14:54

      Or why was he cleaning a moving machine?

      Tony Lapson - 2012-04-12 14:58

      No doubt because an incompetent manager asked him to.

      madise.paul - 2012-04-12 14:58

      Of course he was dictated by the circumstances to clean near the moving machine!!!

      brionyl.french - 2012-04-13 10:05

      Basic Helth and Safety!!!!

  • Heiku - 2012-04-12 14:37

    I hope the company gives his family some money, even if it wasnt their fault. R.I.P

  • madise.paul - 2012-04-12 14:40

    Lets hope the owner of the factory has not just lost one of his 'peacock' but an employee who has the rights and compensations to his family!!

      Kala - 2012-04-12 17:24

      It doesn't require a univeristy degree to know that when cleaning any machinery to ensure that it is switched off. Because this employee did not stop and think his family have lost his bread winner. Your safety in the work place is just as much you own responsibilty as it's the employers after all the employee stands to lose the most if he is killed or injured.

  • Carla - 2012-04-12 14:41

    Absolutely tragic. RIP

  • liz.biggs - 2012-04-12 14:56

    Utterly Tragic!Accidents of this nature should NEVER happen.

  • Jayson - 2012-04-12 15:07

    Horrific and tragic at the same time. One has to ask,,, was all the OHASA procedures followed. Was he correctly trained. Was he wearing the correct clothing and why was the machine on. It could've been a simple accident. But that's all it takes. My sincere condolences to his family for there loss.

  • vuyo.zuccherro.gqwaru - 2012-04-12 15:14

    Employers really need to ensure that the workers are safe at all times, to avoid incidences such as this one. May he rest in peace

      Clint - 2012-04-12 16:28

      its so true.. i work in a factory and know that it is considered an unsafe act to be wearing any loose clothing or jewellery when operating any machine. So how ever tragic the loss may be, safety procedures were not followed. Does the company have lock-out procedures in place?? And if so, why wasn't such procedures implemented. The machine should most definitely have been isolated before any cleaning took place. The company should be more stringent in future to ensure that such a fatality never occurs again.. May his soul R.I.P and let us not forget that no amount of money from his employer can make up for the loss of precious life!!

  • Shaun - 2012-04-12 18:44

    If you've ever seen a similar accident like this, you would rather not make a silly comment on this story! Most pressure roler machines have safety stop buttons in place. Rule of any factory accident is not to shift blame until a proper investigation is done. Rest in peace "mr factory worker" & condolences to your family.

  • VRalph - 2012-04-12 19:52 you understand what you read.??

  • brionyl.french - 2012-04-13 10:04

    How horrific for those co-workers, I hope they are treating them all for shock and what they must have seen.

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