Family feud behind braai killing

2009-05-26 10:01

Pretoria - The brother of the police inspector shot dead at a family get-together on Saturday evening, believes a longstanding family feud may have contributed to the incident.

Pieter Pretorius, 59, is accused of shooting and killing Inspector Marius van Dyk, 47, of the logistics department at the Silverton police station, after a fight between Van Dyk and his girlfriend.

Pretorius appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday, and was released on a warning.

Marius's brother Arrie van Dyk, 49, said on Monday that there had been a feud between his brother and Pretorius for over 13 years.

"This thing comes a long way, it is a family feud stretching over years," he said.

Early birthday party

Van Dyk suspected that Saturday's party was an early birthday party, as his brother would have turned 48 on Monday.

"It had nothing to do with the Super14, it was a family get-together.

"You can't feel happy about something like this, it is a huge shock. I am deeply sorry for my sister and what lies ahead for her now."

Magistrate Thesigan Pillay on Monday ruled that Pretorius definitely posed no danger to himself or to others and was not a flight risk.

Pretorius indicated on Monday that he would deny guilt on a charge of murder.

"I have no previous convictions and have been in the air force for 27 years," Pretorius said in a statement handed in at court on Monday.

"I realise the serious nature of the charge against me. I have been married for 37 years and have an adult child. I have been living on the same property in Danville for the past six years. I pose no danger to myself or to society. I am not a flight risk and I will faithfully keep to all my court dates should I be released on bail," he said in the statement.

Pretorius also indicated that he had given the police his full co-operation thus far. The State did not oppose bail.

"Since the accused has been in the air force for 27 years, I don't think there is any chance that he will flee now and risk his pension," said Pillay.

The case was postponed to August 24 for further investigation.