Family murder accused still in hospital

2012-03-30 19:31

Cape Town - A man who allegedly killed his wife, niece, and two children in Khayelitsha, Cape Town has yet to be charged, Western Cape police said on Friday.

"The suspect is still in hospital under police guard and must still be charged for the murders," Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said.

The man was admitted on Thursday morning as he apparently tried to commit suicide by drinking battery acid.

He was handed over to police following the discovery of the murders in ST Block, Harare, at about 01:30 on Thursday.

His wife, 29, niece, 18, and daughter, 3, were sleeping in the main bedroom of their shack when he allegedly attacked and killed them.

The body of his 4-year-old son was found in the kitchen after he had apparently tried to escape.

A knife and a spade, possibly the murder weapons, were found on the scene.

  • Ad - 2012-03-30 20:55

    This is the most horrendous crimes and this pig should not see the light of day again! Bring back the death penalty Mr President. Our children deserve better than this . I am disgusted beyond belief!!!!

  • Patiwe - 2012-03-30 23:00

    We are an angry nation across racial lines.

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