'Farm attack' turns out to be murder by wife

2014-11-23 14:06

Johannesburg - A woman who claimed her husband was killed on their farm by robbers was sentenced to 18 years in jail after it emerged she was the killer, Rapport reported on Sunday.

The Afrikaans newspaper's sister Beeld reported previously that Petro and "young farmer" Johan Taljaard were attacked by at least two men in their bedroom on the farm Rietpan in Delareyville on Saturday 12 April 2003.

She said she was woken up by a window breaking and later had a knife held to her throat. She said her husband was shot four times during a struggle with a robber who had grabbed his gun from under his pillow. They made off with the firearm and the cash she had in her purse.

Klerksdorp police investigated a "farm murder" and appealed for information but the case went cold.

Adv Hannes van Niekerk said the case was reopened when there were complaints over it not being solved. According to photographs taken, forensic specialists decided her injuries had been self-inflicted, and that she had scratched herself with a sharp object.

Other anomalies included her waiting so long to call the police and not being sure about how many robbers there were.

Four days into the eventual trial in Mahikeng North West, she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty when she saw the evidence mounting against her.

The motive was thought to be money. She had inherited the farm.

  • Nkanyiso Mdlalose - 2014-11-23 14:11

    Its still a farm murder

      Django Unchained - 2014-11-23 14:44

      And its political motivated, white genocide, the boers should hang their heads in shame by now and start singing De la rey.

      Motofogo Mulilo - 2014-11-23 16:30

      If robbers had committed same crime they would get 40 years minimum. 18 years is too little

      Jangano Guchevhu - 2014-11-23 17:22

      I would like to hear Steve Hofmeyr and AfriForum's take on this one.

      Dunte Devante - 2014-11-23 18:55

      Thank God for the internet, the last safe haven for racists in the 21st century. The saddest part is most people practice racism without even realizing. The murderer in this case did us a favor and reminded us that crime can be committed by anyone for any reason, it never was and still isn't a race-specific problem.

      renelaunspach.enomoto - 2014-11-24 02:20

      Yes it falls under that category but in reality it is mad wife's decease!

  • Dennis van Aarde - 2014-11-23 14:13

    Shows you ,no one man or woman can be trusted

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:35

      Anthony Open Your Eyes!! low can you go.

  • Thabo Letlhoo - 2014-11-23 14:15


      Sharon-E - 2014-11-23 15:19

      It is the root to all evil.....

      Mike Heyns - 2014-11-23 15:47

      SIC: Barry Roux was surely not her legal team!!

  • Roger Moore - 2014-11-23 14:17

    This woman,, what if the boeres went on the rampage and kill innocent ppls.

      Kalawa Sledgehammer - 2014-11-23 14:50

      The term 'boer' doesn't only refer to whites. I know a black farmer in KZN who calls himself a boere.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:52

      Mike, in this context it is offensive and racist. Boere is an Afrikaans word when used in reference to farmers while speaking Afrikaans. When used in an English sentence like Roger did, it is in reference to all Afrikaners. His use of the word in this context is offensive.

      Roger Moore - 2014-11-23 14:53

      No Frank I didn't mean to offend anyone,, If it didn't go well with you just forgive me Ok. In our country we have afrikaans speaking ppl and those who (boer die land) our farmers.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:15

      Roger, really? They boer the land? Either your intention was to offend, or your English is pretty bad...

      Theunis De Jongh - 2014-11-23 15:15

      Boer is never offensive. It is a beautiful word in all contexts. God bless the Boere.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 16:27

      Openyoureyes, in that historical context it refers to the Dutch speaking citizens of the two Boer republics (Transvaal and Orange Free State). Today, it is used as an honourary term by rightwing extremists, and as a derogatory term by some black racists.

  • Alicia Motsepe - 2014-11-23 14:17

    How greedy can one get to take a life in turn for material gain. So sad, May he Rest in God's Peace. It's a pity that the very people who claim to love you, at times turn out to be your downfall!

      Kim Mann - 2014-11-23 19:56

      See how many people in this country are slaughtered for a cell phone or for R2!!!! See how many little girls are raped for 50 cents. Life has no value in this country.

      Martin Engelke - 2014-11-24 07:32

      Kim I hoper you are not diverting attention away from the fact that this killer is a woman. I notice that not one white woman is condemning the killing, or complaining over the light sentence. If the killer was a man, they would clamour for hanging, genital mutilation and prison rape. But if a criminal is a white female, they sympathise with her.

  • Motho Fela - 2014-11-23 14:22

    This is not good, farm murders are no jokes, it is a real problems.

  • Mlisa Womdabu - 2014-11-23 14:23

    Most of these farm attacks are staged like this because they always want to play victims and shift blame to robbers.

      Gestoffle Van Eerden-Vark - 2014-11-23 14:54

      @frank, planks have uses, the majority are wasting oxygen.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:54

      Yes, and we all know robbers are nice people who would never hurt somebody else, right?

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 15:06

      Frank et al Why is Mlisa under attack here? I think that his comment about "most" farm killings being staged - in the absence of evidence - is a little far-fetched. But we know that in respect of the case which is the subject of this article, the "farm attack" was staged. Now, what are your views regarding this, as this is the crux of the matter here, and not irrelevant arguments about other commenters being thick as planks. I must also add that anybody can accuse anyone of being thick as a plank. Wisdom is not a prerequisite for achieving this.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:30

      James, Mlisa is under attack for making what is not only a stupid, ignorant comment, but a comment which is also clearly racist. You regard the comment as only "a little far fetched"... And then you try to make that racist comment relevant by demanding Frank's comments regarding the fact that this particular "farm attack" was indeed staged. That, James, is not the issue with regards to Mlisa's comment. We all now that in cases like these, where a person murders somebody he/she knows, attacks by criminals are staged to draw attention away from the real murderer. It's been like that forever, it will always be, and it happens all over the world. The point is, farm murders are a massive problem which affects us all, white and black, along with the massive crime problems all South Africans, black and white, face. That is what we should be talking about, not the very rare incident where a farm murder (or indeed house robbery resulting in a murder) is found to be staged. Decide whether you wish to contribute to a solution, or whether you would rather try to draw attention away from the problem by defending ignorant racists like Mlisa.

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 16:25

      "James, Mlisa is under attack for making what is not only a stupid, ignorant comment, but a comment which is also clearly racist." - Andre Botha "Most of these farm attacks are staged like this because they always want to play victims and shift blame to robbers." Mlisa Womdabu @Botha: I have mentioned in my comment that there was no evidence that "most" of the farm attacks were staged. In your words, we can conclude that Mlisa was "ignorant" in making that assertion. Now, I've made things easy for you and quoted Mlisa's words above - verbatim. Could you please explain how you arrived at the conclusion that he was "clearly racist."? In doing this, use an objective approach to Mlisa's comment. If you should elect to pursue this argument by reasoning from a subjective point of view, please state the reasons for your convictions, because thus far, you appear to be presumptuous. There is in my view - and I believe to any reasonable person - no express or tacit indication of racism in Mlisa's comment. The following extract from your comment doesn't make sense and you'll have to make another attempt at stating your argument before I can reply: "You regard the comment as only "a little far fetched"... And then you try to make that racist comment relevant by demanding Frank's comments regarding the fact that this particular "farm attack" was indeed staged. That, James, is not the issue with regards to Mlisa's comment. We all now that in cases like these, where a person murders somebody he/she knows, attacks by criminals are staged to draw attention away from the real murderer. It's been like that forever, it will always be, and it happens all over the world." Here you make sense and I agree with you: "The point is, farm murders are a massive problem which affects us all, white and black, along with the massive crime problems all South Africans, black and white, face." The following words indicate that you wish to dismiss this particular stage "farm attack" as trivial; and also wish to evade my challenge that you, Frank and others should state your views regarding this particular matter: "That is what we should be talking about, not the very rare incident where a farm murder (or indeed house robbery resulting in a murder) is found to be staged." You then reverted to unfounded presumptions as you did earlier in your comment: "Decide whether you wish to contribute to a solution, or whether you would rather try to draw attention away from the problem by defending ignorant racists like Mlisa."

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 17:50

      Mabote (considering your rudeness in addressing me by my surname, I will do the same), Mlisa’s statement states that white people are responsible for most farm murders, and that white people like to play victims. A derogatory remark based on prejudice, and therefore racist. But I can understand that you don’t find it racist, considering that you made a similar remark elsewhere on this forum (btw, make up your mind. You call Mlisa’s statement far fetched, but then say the same thing…. ). With regards to those statements you don’t understand. If you struggle to follow what you read, ask someone to explain it to you. I am not going to repeat myself every time you have a problem understanding English. Indeed, your trouble understanding English is revealed again when you claim that I am dismissing this case as “trivial”. Try to focus. This was one of the rare cases where a crime was staged to hide the real culprit. Yes, it’s wrong. But this does not alter the fact that farm murders are a massive problem, and that robbers (regardless of race) are responsible for 99% of cases. But you, and Mlisa, and your fellow black racists on this forum, are trying to elevate this in your desperation to tie farm murders to whites. As for my “unfounded presumptions”, I was giving you a choice. Are you going to help to find a solution, or are you going to be a racist by using isolated cases to encourage racial prejudice?

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 17:58

      I must add, Mabote, I find your use of the words "objective" and "subjective" rather amusing. You concrred that Mlisa's statement has no factual backing. Yet you made a similar remark elsewhere on the forum. How is it objective if you make a statement which you yourself agree have no factual support? How is it objective to make certain conclusions based on one single fact?

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 20:10

      Botha It is not rude to refer to a man by his surname - at least not where I come from. I have replied to your accusations that I've made a statement elsewhere which is similar to the one made by Mlisa and helped you to distinguish between the two; and that the statements are in no way similar. I said that this murder "makes one wonder" if the many other "farm attacks" were not staged as well. This is by no means a positive assertion, and when juxtaposed with that made by Mlisa, you'll find that the statements are not similar. Your conclusion that these statements are similar convince me that your have a mental handicap - like I stated earlier - that has an adverse effect on your reading and comprehension of what is written. As regards my inability to make sense of what you wrote, the fault lies with you as you did not express yourself in a manner that makes sense. But let's leave that to a reasonable and unbiased reader to judge. In conclusion, YOU read racism into Mlisa's comment. And your non sequiturs in this thread and elsewhere in the comment section are an indication that you're not a rational person, and most definitely not honest. - 2014-11-24 06:52

      "Shift blames to the robbers..." Really? What s moron.

  • Pumlani Mkhencele - 2014-11-23 14:23

    Now the massive mystery of the Endless farm killings over the Years has finally been solved

      Gary Alec Nash - 2014-11-23 14:25


      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-11-23 14:54

      Don't get excited, they are being solved one by one and the murderers locked up five at a time.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:56

      But the massive mystery of how you are able to function without a brain will probably never be solved...

      Johnny Wright197 - 2014-11-23 15:01


      Jacobus M Van Tonder - 2014-11-23 21:19

      Pumlani..... could you please explain that to my family members which lost their husbands in the last few months, no money, no cell phones..nothing was taken just because my uncle came home early he got shot, once in the leg and the other through the heart...Ps: he was a teacher at the collage and needed the help of crutches to walk...why?

  • Castro Vhafuwi - 2014-11-23 14:23

    nationalization is the way to go.

  • Yeshua Yeshua - 2014-11-23 14:24

    Farm Killings are an urban legend

  • Tlotlo Phele - 2014-11-23 14:25

    Bring back the death penalty

  • Khule Dlamini - 2014-11-23 14:26

    And all this time Steve hofmeyer is blaming the black man. Mxm

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 16:33

      Open your eyes: name me ten more such examples. I have 3280 to show you? Challenge on??????

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 16:34

      ..OYE and that is excluding the other 86,000 murdered since 1994!!

  • Khule Dlamini - 2014-11-23 14:27

    Funny enough not a single afrika nervous will comment

      Gestoffle Van Eerden-Vark - 2014-11-23 14:46

      Dlamini, I will, this is one case compared to 1000 black savages' murders. Funny enuff black people are savages. This white chick can share the same jail.

  • Philani Sidinile - 2014-11-23 14:28

    Let's see if we will reach 200 comments on this article. I bet not though.

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 14:38

      You're not alone in that bet Philani.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:57

      Don't worry, judging from the comments so far there are enough black racists around to reach 200 comments.

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 15:23

      Botha It really appears as though we are going to make it to 200 and beyond. But you must also not disregard the contribution made by racist "whites". They have found a way around this one: instead of blaming fictitious black robbers, they are now attacking black commenters.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 16:17

      James, indeed there are a few white racists commenting. And, depending on the article, there are often mostly white racists commenting on News24. But in this case the overwhelming majority of commentators are black racists (including you). The reality is that, in most farm attacks, black robbers have been arrested and convicted. There are only a few exceptions, such as this one. where a person wants to kill a relative, friend, business partner etc., the modus operandi is usually to make it look like a typical crime committed by typical criminals. The fact that this is what happened in this case, does not change the fact that farm murders are a massive problem. Trying to convince yourself that farm murders are usually committed by white relatives, will not change the facts that these murders are usually committed by black robbers. The fact that most crimes in South Africa are committed by blacks, does not (as white racists believe)prove that blacks are more inclined to commit crime. Likewise, this case does not prove that whites are more inclined to commit crimes, and should be held responsible for farm murders as you and your fellow black racists want to believe. There are many and complicated reasons why people get involved with crime (greed, but also socio economic problems etc.) Those are the problems we need to solve as part of the fight against crime (eg. less poverty equals less crime). Most blacks do not commit crime. Most whites do not commit crime.

  • Goran Nanini - 2014-11-23 14:29

    I'm sure here desciption of the suspects was two black men one with dreadlocks, now she is facing a murder charge herself. A charge of purjury must be added!

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:52


  • Bongani Mthethwa - 2014-11-23 14:30

    LOLOL!!! Where are the News24 white trolls?? And why are they so quiet?? HAHAHA!!! Savages, busy killing each other

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:58

      More than enough black racists around, though. Including you.

      Malose-Nyatlo - 2014-11-23 15:01

      I think Bongani what we should be celebrating is that the 'perfect' murderer has been caught and sentenced. What we should lament though is that the heinous crime was committed by someone so close to the victim that the victim saw everything until his last breath. Coming to racial overones that have become the trademark on News24, there is little to say. Like i wrote in many previous correspondences, anyone subject to the passions of anger; greed; hatred; envy, etc, can commit crime. It has become a norm to prejudge races of criminals on News24 when a crime with possible racial overtones is committed,and on a number of occasions we get a shock of our lives when friends and family members get apprehended.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:37

      Totally agree, Malose. It is a sad fact that in many cases the victims of violent crimes know their attacker(s).

      C'est moi - 2014-11-23 18:08

      Bongani - Sandton has made a brief appearance - spewing the usual venom.

  • Niel Bruwer - 2014-11-23 14:30

    There we go Steve Hoffmeier. Make a song about white people hiding g being

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:52


  • Niel Bruwer - 2014-11-23 14:31

    Behind farm murders

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:42

      Yes, Neil, apparently this woman was the mastermind behind all farm murders. Robbers would never do a thing like that, they're decent people.

  • Charles Roberts - 2014-11-23 14:35

    Trash comes in all colours shapes and sizes . Pity there is no death pnalty anymore.This is one case that truely desrves the hangmans rope.

  • Klein Swartbooi - 2014-11-23 14:36

    I hear a song by steve doffmeyer coming up..wonder how many innocent black brothers are in prison because of poor police investigation

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:46

      .....boggom..........bogggggggggommmmmmmmmmmmm! Get a're boring!!

      Klein Swartbooi - 2014-11-23 14:57

      Rocky bell that sound exactly like a doffmeyer song. ..boggommm etc

      Django Unchained - 2014-11-23 15:03

      Rocky Bell,the truth now has been fenally revealed you can go and screw verwoeds b@!!$ from his grave

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 16:40

      Django.........I will refrain from responding to your comment. low can you go......sis. Would have liked to see your response to replace Verwoerd with Mandela. Racist hypocrite!!

  • Mathius Matthew Letsoela - 2014-11-23 14:36

    white people though....once they get fed up with their partners they chow them up.Oscar>Reeva,now this?? Come on guys,u can do betta than this.''betta'' i mean in a good way.THOUGHT OF DATING A WHITE CHICK,NOT ANYMORE.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 14:46

      Yes, black women are so lucky. No black woman has ever been murdered by her partner.

      Mathius Matthew Letsoela - 2014-11-23 14:48

      @Botha, dnt sweat man

      Klein Swartbooi - 2014-11-23 14:55

      Relax botha!!!!

      victor.downing.37 - 2014-11-23 14:55

      Better not she chew you up and spit out the pieces.

      Mathius Matthew Letsoela - 2014-11-23 15:01

      @Victor...that a lil harsh think they would realy do that??

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:01

      Klein Swartbooi and Mathius Matthew Letsoela, don't worry. I'm just having a bit of fun with your tiny racists minds...

      Mathius Matthew Letsoela - 2014-11-23 15:06

      stop screwng urself's got a rascist mind?? Am too civilised to be rascist.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:41

      Mathius, so it's because you're too civilized to be racist that you made the racist remark above?

      Mathius Matthew Letsoela - 2014-11-23 15:46

      would you please outline rascist remarks...''OUTLINE''.look at ur friend Frank,busy turning himself into a fool. Is he the young Julius Malema??

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 16:34

      Mathius: "white people though....once they get fed up with their partners they chow them up." That is a racist statement, Mathius. You are aaying that white people, in general, "chow up" their partners when they "get fed up". You say you thought of dating a "white chick" (the use of the word chick is sexist by the way), but not anymore. So you won't date a girl if she happens to be white. A racist statement. You are a racist (and, it seems, a sexist). Trying to hide it by pointing fingers at others won't change that.

  • Ruan Christoffel Botha - 2014-11-23 14:36

    Here's my comment. I think that she used farm murders as an escape route. And I'm glad she's caught. Point is that I don't like farm murders. Weather the killer is black white pink or purple. Killing is wrong. Stop your silly race cards please.

  • Sandile E Mchunu - 2014-11-23 14:36

    I like it...wat a ths boermags gng to say now......

      victor.downing.37 - 2014-11-23 14:53

      Hang the witch. This from a white.

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 16:43

      Agree a disgrace this woman is!!

  • Martiens Bezuidenhout - 2014-11-23 14:38

    Wow a lot of misguided hate around these parts.

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 14:46

      ...influenced by a lot of misguided hate on these parts, from the hypocrites who would have commented in large numbers had the blame been placed on the black man.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:03

      James, so white hypocricy and racism makes black hypocricy and racism OK?

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 17:14

      No Botha, it doesn't. I do not recall seeing the likes of you and Martiens condemn your brothers and sisters here on News24 for THEIR hypocrisy.

  • Khutso Rele Mokgosi - 2014-11-23 14:42

    white genocide they said. . .

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:48

      One out of an estimated 80,000 whites murdered since 1994?????????? Don't think so, IGNORAMUS~!!

      Angus Stembull - 2014-11-23 16:19

      80000?..where do you get your figures Rocky

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:07

      93 murders per day (correct and verified figures by independent sources) Days between 27 April 1994 and 30 November 2014 = 7665 9.6 (+- 10%) whites/day = 75,117 murdered since 1994 So, 10% of the white race in SA has been eliminated. 14,000 black people were "murdered" by the apartheid government over 46 years. (ANC's TRC report - not mine) 14000 blacks murdered over 46 years = 1.2 per day!!!! Conclusion: whites are murdered at a rate 10 times more per day than blacks during apartheid. HYPOCRITES. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth

      Angus Stembull - 2014-11-23 20:15

      care to cite those sources it does not gel with what I have read

  • Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:42

    Lock her up for life...sies, what a disgrace to blame it on a "farm murder........."

      Klein Swartbooi - 2014-11-23 14:54

      From reading your comments on other articles on this site you are a damn hypocrite

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 14:57

      TRUTH and only the TRUTH makes you free. This woman is a cold blooded murderer who deserves to be executed in public. I distance myself from such people manipulating circumstances to feed their own greed. SIS.

      Klein Swartbooi - 2014-11-23 15:02

      Bell. It would be pointless debating with you on this site when you are a fence sitter. Be a man and take a stand.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:04

      So are you, Klein Swartbooi.

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2014-11-23 15:15

      Hypocrite Rocky dumb bell, changed your tune today you f##ken racist.

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 15:36

      You can throw stones as many as you want: If you're corrupt..............JAIL If you're a fraud.........JAIL If you're a thief.......JAIL If you're a murderer..........JAIL WHAT IS IT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. I give two hoots what your colour is..........if you're any of the above you should actually spend your whole life behind bars. Hypocrit"?? Don't think so. (who are the real hypocrites??)

  • Tumelo Maripane - 2014-11-23 14:43

    Women maar ai ai ai. I foresee a future where Blacks will be majority farm owners and Whites will be killing Blacks in farms. Greed

  • Sharkie - 2014-11-23 14:45

    Misguided hate? Wow now there's a contradiction in terms. Now you must know what it is feels like to be a Muslim in this country.

      Mr.M. - 2014-11-23 14:58

      Boo hoo!

  • Muzi Sibiya - 2014-11-23 14:45

    No comment

  • Mark Smith - 2014-11-23 14:46

    Also shot four times sounds similar to the other nut with the black talon ammo.

  • Sihle Zito - 2014-11-23 14:49

    Yha this was actually too long for these kind of murders to not happen, some people don't want to work they want to inherit. Maybe give her to ISIS to help them.

  • Themba Khuzwayo - 2014-11-23 14:50

    Blame Zuma as usual

  • James Mabote - 2014-11-23 14:50

    This makes one wonder though, as to how many white farmers' murders have thus far been disguised as robberies based on hate by a black man.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:07

      Yes, black policemen, lawyers and judges all worked together to disguise murders by whites look like murders by robbers.

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 15:16

      Botha, your comment doesn't make sense. Would you like to try again?

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:48

      James, I was merely taking your statement to it's next logical conclusion. Yes, my statement doesn't make sense (it's called sarcasm). But it makes as much sense as yours.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 16:44

      By the way, James, it's interesting that elsewhere on this forum you called a comment similar to yours "a little far fetched"... Make up your mind...

      James Mabote - 2014-11-23 17:06

      Botha Contrary to your statement, the comment which you allege is similar to mine isn't similar at all. The commenter stated that most farm attacks were staged. My comment here states that "It makes one wonder" how many murders were staged as farm attacks. You clearly have a mental handicap, or simply cannot read and understand things in the correct context.

  • Sibongiseni Stanley Thabethe - 2014-11-23 14:51

    AfriForum must make sure she pays for this.

  • Pheello Tsotetsi - 2014-11-23 14:52

    I wonder why do we really have to make everything about black and white. Crime is crime period. But why was the case solved after 11 years???

  • Sharkie - 2014-11-23 14:53

    Where are the trolls who always ask why Muslims remain silent on the ISIS terrorists ... Karma is a!

      Mr.M. - 2014-11-23 14:57

      Ag shame, a disgruntled little slamsie, rather focus on telling your brothers to stop joining ISIS......or no, wait, tell them TO join ISIS!

  • Sifiso Myeni - 2014-11-23 14:53

    Jesus Christ. I'm going solo!

  • Motlalepula Matshwe - 2014-11-23 14:54

    Griekwastad, Bloemfontein now Delerayville and how many more where family motivated by greed kill their own and pretend it's random farm killings. White Genocide my foot, more like family on family murder.

  • Edward Gobey - 2014-11-23 14:54

    Ja. This is zuumers fault. Whites under pressure

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:49

      Oh no, this has nothing to do with Zuma. He was too busy spending the taxpayers' money to be involved with this.

  • Kamo Khunou - 2014-11-23 14:55

    Clearly its white genocide. Someone call Red October

      Grant Codron - 2014-11-23 14:57

      Yup. Lets see what steve hofmeyr has to say about this

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:16

      boggom...........boggggggggggggommmmmmmmmmmm! Pathetic racist comment....try again!! eish, party ma se kinners darem!!

  • Sifiso Myeni - 2014-11-23 14:55

    We in k*k

  • Jabu Chiloane - 2014-11-23 14:57

    Its the first time blacks outnumbers whites on this section on News 24,i see why,no black person was involved,not even Zuma.She must rot in gaol.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:09

      Jabu, the reason is that black racists came out in full force to comment. In the same way that white racists come out in full force when it's the other way round.

  • Ppm Lefez - 2014-11-23 14:59

    Afrikaaners very shaddy people!They always think they are smartest yet they r dumbest.

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:09

      You must think you're an Afrikaner then...

      Neliswa Skenjana Breiter - 2014-11-23 16:36

      They are, always thinking they are superior the smartest idiots ever...

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 16:46

      Neliswa, you are a racist...

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:21

      Neliswa, who brought Toyota to SA, Who founded Checkers, Pep Stores, ABSA, KWV (which Ehrenroach, Kransman and Snotty etterson has ruined in a mere few years, Rembrandt, Berg Kelder, Distillers, Peter Stuyvesant, Dunhill, Rothmans etc etc etc etc etc etc???? Of course you will not know with your BEEE, BBBB EEEEEEEE OBE education.

  • Johnny Wright197 - 2014-11-23 15:01

    And now ALL farm murders are figments of the imagination and racist lies? You must be crazy, you murderous, bastards! There is only one way to stop farm murders - corner the criminals and shoot them!

      Johnny Wright197 - 2014-11-23 15:03

      And their friends taking their side here!

      Kamo Khunou - 2014-11-23 15:05

      Keep an eye on your wife. She might just be one of the 'murderous bastards'

      Mlungisi Mbhele - 2014-11-23 20:13

      Yes you right and the whites will be left with no wives

  • Ppm Lefez - 2014-11-23 15:01

    I agree they are ashamed.

  • Mahudu Nkadimeng - 2014-11-23 15:04

    Let's all blame the ANC now.. Or better yet, let's all cry genocide.

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:24

      Yes Mahudu, the anc pulled a Piet Retief (Google) on the white people of SA. Do you actually know who gave you your freedom? NOT??, Google 17 March 1992 and get the answer

  • Ppm Lefez - 2014-11-23 15:04

    U troll. Stop blaming Zuma for every little thing. Idiot

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:11

      Yes, after all, he's only the president.

  • Sharkie - 2014-11-23 15:04

    Mr M, why so defensive you're probably one of the trolls?

  • C'est moi - 2014-11-23 15:04

    I wish you lot would grow up and stop throwing racist comments and insults at each other - Only real low class people do that - If the news said that aliens have landed on Church Square you would turn it into a Black vs White thing.

      Bongani Hlongwa - 2014-11-23 17:12

      Wise words C'est moi; I wish people can stop hating and hurling insults at each other. Whether anyone likes it or not, Blacks and Whites will always be an important part of this world, will always be living side by side. By hating and insulting each other, we are busy creating unnecessary enemies for ourselves; whereas by loving and showing affection for each other, we are creating friends for ourselves who will be there for us in times of need.

      C'est moi - 2014-11-23 17:50

      Phumelo - You might actually be right this time (for a change) - I also get really angry when racists like Sandton call people names - No wonder some of you hate us - I wish you well.

  • Ppm Lefez - 2014-11-23 15:08

    Now i beleive the story abt Tereblanch. He must have done what his killer said he did. I hate Afrikaaners and yes i am a racist. We are monsters because of what they did to us. You cant create a monster and get upset when the monster actual become a monster.

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 15:48

      Know what the Afrikaners did for South Africa??????????? Obliviously not: 1930 – savings project. Afrikaners mobilizing their limited funds to get out of Poor White problem/depression during the 1930’s. Boere Saamwerk Beperk (wool Industry) Volkskas (Banking) – Part of original ABSA . Sanlam (Life Insurance) Santam (Short term insurance) Rembrandt (Industrial Giant – Ruperts) Perskor (newspapers/printing) Toyota.(Motor Manufacturing) Wesco Investments Limited (Dr. Albert Wessels established Toyota in SA when he imported 10 Toyopet Stout bakkies in 1961). Trust Bank (Bank - incorporated in ABSA today) Avbob (Funeral Services) KWV (Wine Industry – Paarl) Uniewinkels (General store) Agriculture SA (farming operations) Voortrekkerpers (printing/newspapers) Federale Volksbeleggings (F.V.B.)est. in 1939, the first Afrikaner investment company. In August 1964 some of its interests, gold, platinum, diamonds and other minerals WERE SOLD TO THE OPPENHEIMERS Bonuskor and Asokor. (investment co) Triomf Fertilizers Luyt Breweries Saambou (building society) Federale Mynbou Beperk (Mining Co) SA.Minerals Corp. (large interest in minerals) National Building society Trust Bank News24 Mnet Shoprite Checkers Pep stores

      Andre Botha - 2014-11-23 15:52

      Good for you, Ppm. It takes guts to admit that you're an ignorant fool.

      Rocky Bell - 2014-11-23 17:48

      Pomelo...truth hurts hey.........oooooo, the truth surely hurts. IGNORAMUS. What was Hitler's famous quote: All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

      Johnny Wright197 - 2014-11-23 18:15

      Rocky, you forgot a few very important things such as Iscor, the first iron and steel works in a British colony, Koeberg, Uranium enrichment (inluding a-bombs that were dismantled before the ANC could get to them!), Eskom (as it used to be), Krygkor (with some of the most innovative weapons designed here), a network of dams still providing water to millions, schools and education for blacks that achieved over 90% literacy among black juveniles within a matter of years - much higher than today! And a long list of other things too numerous to list here. Oh, I almost forgot. Afrikaners also invented a political system of self-governing regions - and taught blacks how to vote and administer their own affairs. It was alas destroyed when the ANC appointed its illiterate caders to the public services.