Farm security guard arrested for murder

2013-03-01 08:14

Durban - A security guard who worked on a KwaZulu-Natal farm where a farmer was killed was arrested for his murder this week.

Mandla Richmond, 36, appeared briefly in a Warden court following the murder of Christian Beyers van Wyngaard, 43, in 2010, reported Volksblad.

Richmond worked as a guard on the Van Wyngaard farm Goedehoop in 2010.

The farmer’s wife, Maria van Wyngaard, 57, was arrested last year in connection with the murder.

She was being accused of murder or conspiring to kill and the State alleged that she colluded with others to have her husband murdered.

Van Wyngaard was found naked on his bed on the night of 27 October 2010 and had been stabbed many times with a sharp object.

She allegedly claimed to have been held at gunpoint by seven men in the house.

An investigation showed that there was no forced entry and nothing was stolen from the house.

  • Thebe Tau - 2013-03-01 08:18

    Hey Lulu let's wait for their peacefull comments that are not gonna include the death penalty request or handing over the criminal to them.

      boerewors.braaivleis - 2013-03-01 08:26

      Hey Thebe... STFU you stupid idiot! Your minister was racist... Finish en klaar! She does not deserve to be a minister!

      Kalibanache - 2013-03-01 08:39

      Since I stopped using ADT, Things are better....

      eric.summers.9406 - 2013-03-01 08:46

      Yes Gift, in far less than 1% of the cases. Grasping at straws?

      MJ - 2013-03-01 08:47

      @Thebe, typical lunacy, take a sick isolated incident like this, and use it to generalise and reappropriate blame for ALL farm murders? Your comment typifies why our nation continues to run around in circles, and fails to make a postive impact against crime. Too busy pointing fingers, and racialising everything. Right is right, and wrong is wrong; irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, political affiliation, etc. It is about time we as a nation stop playing the blame game, and start getting serious about crime and other issues that affect all of us.

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-03-01 09:06

      @Thebe and Gift, funny bringing up the government, when ever you wants to killed someone, you just get a black dude to do it. Makes you think.

      PointBlank - 2013-03-01 09:11

      @Gift and Thebe - who did the killing? Young Afrikaners?

      Zapadela Tista Rocha - 2013-03-01 10:19

      @ Point, These Farm attacks continue include a cast of members whom have had a previous history with each other....Either Personal or Professional via the employment and disparaging of Staff. All this indicates that this Fraternity and Industry as a whole has issues regarding the treatment of Employees and their progressive futures. This sector seems to be intent in institutionalizing the stagnation of its Employees much like the Mining Sector.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-03-01 11:24

      Thebe Tau, You think Lulu would listen to the likes of you?.

  • boerewors.braaivleis - 2013-03-01 08:22

    Farming... SA's top most dangerous occupation. Not even safe from your wife!!! I fear for the worst in the country... It's only going to be a few more years and we will be like Zimbabwe, paying R50 for a bread.

      gift.ndlovu.564 - 2013-03-01 08:36

      This woman must get the death penalty wena..

      Punungwe - 2013-03-01 08:38

      Correction: R50 quadrillion!!!!!

      eric.summers.9406 - 2013-03-01 08:46

      Don't spilt a gut Gift, calm down girl!

      johan.mostert.967 - 2013-03-01 09:05

      "This woman must get the death penalty wena.." As well as the security guard.

      Tuyez - 2013-03-01 09:42

      I cannot believe this? This was not organised by the ruling part as most of the comments would say. Plus not hate crime if the wife is involved.

      Jub Guy - 2013-03-01 09:58

      i think the lady is the tenth wife of the ruling party leader and must have planned the killing together before he took a shower which was obviously carried out by the black man

      marc.ross.965 - 2013-03-01 12:21

      Kagiso please do your homework. Zanu PF is pushing for the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar as a way of easing the current liquidity crisis. The party’s just-ended 13th National People’s Conference resolved to instruct government to work out modalities for the re-introduction of domestic currency alongside the multi-currency system in order to enable people to carry out transactions. The multi-currency term was extended to 2013 and beyond from its initial expiry date December 31 2012. The party will also spearhead the adoption of currencies of the Brics countries and other emerging economics as legal tender in Zimbabwe alongside the US dollar.

      marc.ross.965 - 2013-03-01 12:25

      According to data released by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, the year on year inflation rate for January this year as measured by the all items consumer price index stood at 4,3 %, shedding 0,6 percentage points on the December 2011 rate of 4,9%.

      marc.ross.965 - 2013-03-01 12:35

      Zimbabwe:Poverty headcount ratio at national poverty line (% of population) = 72% (World Bank 2013)

      marc.ross.965 - 2013-03-01 13:33

      The figures are 2012 compaired to 2011. Not 2011. As for GDP growth, 9.3% sounds impressive. But considering the very low base any growth will seem impressive. A growth from R1.00 to R2.00 may be a 100% increase but as far as realised growth it is minimal. Your inflation of 1.096.6% is now 2.5& 3.8%. ?? Bread does indeed only cost $1.00 but if the average earning is less than $5 per day that is 20% of dayly income on a loaf of bread. This in a country once referred to as "the Breadbasket of Africa". Economics is really not my field so I allow I may be mistaken. Anyway a great weekend to you bro.

  • flynn.govender - 2013-03-01 09:36

    Both will go in for murder - 25 years at the most

      Zapadela Tista Rocha - 2013-03-01 10:21

      Surely the master-mind deserves greater punishment ???

  • toniindisgust - 2013-03-01 11:04

    gift you just stuuuuuuuupid!

  • john.tex.395 - 2013-03-01 12:11

    Bite the hand that feeds you ,you F....N. savage

      Zapadela Tista Rocha - 2013-03-03 10:12

      You mean the spouse obviously.....???

  • luna.moon.5243817 - 2013-03-01 15:21

    With the husband dead, and the woman arrested, how did the police determine that nothing was stolen from the house?

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