Faulty pet microchips recalled

2012-12-12 11:31

Cape Town - A company has recalled thousands of faulty microchips used to track pets because they are not readable by scanners, it was reported on Wednesday.

According to the Cape Argus, a particular batch of Back Home Biotec microchips were found to be faulty in February this year and were recently recalled worldwide after a trial in Europe.

The batch had the prefixes 900088 up to 900008800259208.

"We don't know exactly what the problem is, it's an international problem... it seems the moisture was getting into the chips," local distributor Virbac SA's Harry Edwards said.

The owners of local pets fitted with the faulty microchips had already been notified to take them to vets for free replacements.

Virbac SA said all chips supplied from April 2012 were unaffected by the fault.

Microchips, which are usually the size of a grain of rice, are placed under the skin of an animal and are coded with the owner's details.

If the animal runs away and is picked up, an animal shelter or veterinarian scans the animal for a chip.

It costs between R150 and R300 to have a pet microchipped.

  • kalabafazi - 2012-12-12 11:38

    I had to have mine redone.

      gideon.walt - 2012-12-12 11:51

      Must have been sore getting cut on your neck

      kalabafazi - 2012-12-12 12:31

      It was damn painful. The vet is a bit of a savage. Next time I'm gonna lift my leg on his receptionist.

      francois.viljoen.731 - 2012-12-12 14:40

      Good boy, next time give him a nip on the leg.

      gideon.walt - 2012-12-12 15:20

      Maybe you got ubducted by the Chinese......

  • stirrer.stirrer - 2012-12-12 11:43

    If the scanners cannot read the faulty chips, how will they find them to replace them?

      kalabafazi - 2012-12-12 11:47

      They are injected in the back of the neck. If you squeeze the area carefully you can feel the little chip. Feels like a grain of rice.

      kalabafazi - 2012-12-12 11:48

      And they just leave the old one in place.

  • jeanne.blignaut.3 - 2012-12-12 11:47

    I work at a vet clinic, and we have had quite a few clients in to have their pets microchips replaced. Stirrer-stirrer - the faulty microchips remains under the animal's skin. A new one is then implanted at no cost to the customer

  • raath - 2012-12-12 12:14

    Think I should take my fur-child to the vet this weekend to have it checked out

  • craig.b.johnston.7 - 2012-12-12 12:31

    My Beagle is gonna be beefed off!

  • neilza - 2012-12-12 13:40

    The chip isn't encoded with the owners details. It has a pre encoded chip number and the owners details are linked together on the back home database. And this story is old. Clients were notified like 2 months ago at least to have the chip checked

  • tersia.louw.12 - 2012-12-12 15:49

    I had 7 cats chipped in November 2011. Virbac notified me via email and post to inform me that there could be a problem. All my cats were checked and only 1 needed a replacement which was done free of charge. With the best will in the world, sometimes things go wrong; it's how it's dealt with that decides the outcome and opinion formed. Virbac SA were wonderfully professional and determined to fix the problem. I wouldn't hesitate to use their microchips again.

  • avanwyk2 - 2012-12-12 16:34

    So what will happen if my dog's chip don't work and she decides to test it.

  • vernon.meakin - 2012-12-13 07:25

    Can i post my dog of for a refund.

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