Fears of racial tensions grow

2010-04-04 15:58

Johannesburg - As the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) on Sunday vowed to avenge their leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's gruesome murder, political leaders and police appealed for calm.

Fears of a growing racial tension and polarisation grew as condolences streamed in.

"We appeal for calmness and non-provocation at this time because the police are hard at work in dealing with this matter," said African National Congress spokesperson Jackson Mthembu.

He said ANC Youth League president Julius Malema was not to blame for polarisation, or the singing of the controversial "shoot the boer" song.

"Julius has not acted in a manner that promotes polarisation. The song is not a Julius is an ANC song," he said in a telephonic interview with's news channel.

"If you have problems with the song, we say put it to the ANC...if this song is creating problems, tell the ANC...and they will look at it," he said.

AWB general-secretary Andre Visagie told Sapa the party blamed Malema for Terre'Blanche's murder.


In a telephonic interview, he said, there would be "revenge".

"We are going to finish with funeral arrangements and thereafter have a summit conference on May 1 in Pretoria, where all our leaders and members of AWB will come together and decide on what actions we will take to revenge Terre'Blanche's death."

"Our leader's death is directly linked to Julius Malema's 'shoot the boer' song," said Visagie.

"And [ANC general-secretary] Gwede Mantashe, made excuses on behalf of Malema in February, and up till today [President] Jacob Zuma has not stopped it."

He said despite a court interdict preventing Malema from singing the song, "he still persists".

"He still persists in continuing the hate speech [by singing] 'shoot the boer' and this means that the government condones what Malema is saying.

"If they come to us with condolences right now, we cannot accept it...because they condone Malema's hate songs."

He noted that the ruling party also played a part in the death because it promoted the song of incitement.

AWB leader 'deserved it'

There were mixed reactions from political parties on hearing about the murder.

While some offered condolences, others said Terre'Blanche deserved it.

The Azanian People's Organisation (Azapo) said the white extremist died in the same manner in which he killed black farm workers. "Azapo never rejoiced on the murder of any person, black or white, rich or poor. But the murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche left us with a combination of sadness...and a tinge of suppressed excitement."

"We are sad that Mr Terre'Blanche died in the manner in which he died, murdered in cold blood. Sadly, this is how he killed black defenceless farm workers in Venterdorp."

Meanwhile, Afrikaner author and political commentator Dr Dan Roodt said the ANC's youth wing had created a climate of hatred towards Afrikaners which could leader to further anarchy, Zimbabwean-style land invasions, famine and even mass murder in South Africa.

"Only a show of unity and determination in the face of these dire threats will counter the storm of hate and retribution that is brewing in the hearts and minds of our enemies.

He said South Africa was at a cross-road and appealed to the international community - the United States, the European Union and United Nations - to intervene to stop the bloodbath in South Africa.

The Inkatha Freedom Party and the Congress of the People Youth Movement agreed that Malema should stop singing "Dubula iBhunu".

Racial hartred

IFP spokesperson Rev Musa Zondi said the incident was disturbing and could escalate to intra-racial hatred.

Terre'Blanche, 69, was bludgeoned to death - allegedly by two farm workers - on Saturday night at his Ventersdorp farm in the North West province.

He was repeatedly stabbed with a panga after an argument over unpaid wages.

A 21-year-old man and 15-year-old boy were subsequently arrested for the crime.

In 1970 Terre'Blanche founded the fringe right-wing AWB and spent three decades championing white supremacy.

  • Eben Terblanche - 2010-04-04 17:05

    There are 3000+ farm murders where very few of the perpetrators were not found or arrested. They "caught" these two farm workers even before the official reports were out. So they murdered him and then walked to the police station? One has to wonder.

  • Kgabong - 2010-04-04 17:08

    eugene terre'blanche was a man a human and those who killed him must face the music as we say but his party talking about revenge in this time and era of south africa is not right ,they should know that "acts of revenge lead to more revenge of a never ending cycle".

  • Boetman2 - 2010-04-04 17:09

    Admit it,the ANC can only survive on hatred, polarisation, plundering and lies. No amount of lies will heal this country. No amount of spin on the truth can bring back one of the xenophobia victims. We believe no ANC statement. We will not be mislead by the voices of the ANC propaganda impimpis. Only honesty and truth can save this country, honesty and truth which is horribly absent in the government and the ANC and it's propoganda organisations. This is it!

  • He is a good as deadman. - 2010-04-04 17:12

    Whatever. The boers will not do anything to us. we are not scared of them. we are not scared of you(boerewors). How many black people have you killed? you crying fowl for one person. You killed our people for No reason, absolutely no reason. Let me count them for you, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Joe Slovo, the list is endless and those who are farm workers. Revenge?! what revenge. what are saying to us? Do you want us to revenge for our leaders you killed? I'm saying take that revenge, you'll regret. soon w'll be shipping you to the Dutchland where you come from.

  • Louis Hoek - 2010-04-04 17:18

    It is very sad about the death of ET and a loss of a life, no matter the colour, is a serious matter. What I do know is that a violant reaction to this will cause our democracy lots of harm. We must remember that God died for ET, his killers, and all of us on Friday AND he rose from the dead 3 days later and defeated all evil. He defeated all evil and evil will not prevail. Let is overcome evil by doing good. Let us find peace in ourselves and love our enemies. God's judgement will deal with all unrighteous people Himself. I pray that we us South Africans find it in our hearts to forgive each other for the past and the present that we can be set free and grow together as a nation. We mustn't live in bondage of the past but strive to make the future better. God wants to bless South Africa. Let us give Him the opportunity to...

  • domdom - 2010-04-04 17:22

    Since 1994 I have made many very good friends with people from all race groups. Our Church is non-racial and we had a wonderful sunrise service together this morning. If we go back to a racial war, what do I do with my friends and brothers and sisters at Church? This is not the New South Africa we rooted for a few years ago. We are going backwards.

  • BC - 2010-04-04 17:26

    Malema beware the ibhunu that you want to kill they might be your end!! As for the ANC they are just as guilty and need to stop blaming whites for there own shortcomings. Look for the real root of the problem before SA has a civil war. I have never supported AWB ideals but with Malema and others carrying on the AWB is building sympathy.

  • LAF - 2010-04-04 17:26

    Racial division and polarisation are fueled by this kind of reporting. The AWB has always been and remains a fringe far right movement. It should not be elevated to something more than it is. News24 is making the AWB sound like a significant force in South Africa, and maybe even the voice of Afrikaners in general. A man was brutally murdered and it is a tragedy for his family. That is the news. News24 should refrain from becoming a tool in the unsteady hand of the AWB. It has already allowed Julius Malema - also an extremist - to use News24 as a vehicle for his populist views. Report the news, but please do not make extremist statements the headline news.

  • I'mBlack - 2010-04-04 17:26

    Whatever. The boers will not do anything to us. we are not scared of them. we are not scared of you(boerewors). How many black people have you killed? you crying fowl for one person. You killed our people for No reason, absolutely no reason. Let me count them for you, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Joe Slovo, the list is endless and those who are farm workers. Revenge?! what revenge. what are saying to us? Do you want us to revenge for our leaders you killed? I'm saying take that revenge, you'll regret. soon w'll be shipping you to the Dutchland where you come from.

  • Eric - 2010-04-04 17:28

    The Murder of Eugene Terreblanche was DEFINITELY a Planned AssassinationDate Posted: Sunday 04-Apr-2010A friend of mine phoned me up with a most stunning fact he has spotted in the newspapers. He used to be in Military Intelligence decades ago, and scanning newspapers was his daily job.He told me this. He said, that according to the newspaper reports the 21 year old and the 15 year old who murdered Eugene Terreblanche, killed him AND THEN PHONED THE POLICE TO SAY THEY'VE KILLED HIM "IN SELF DEFENCE".My friend said: Where on earth do you hear of instances, especially in South Africa, on a farm, where the murderers phone the police to say "come and get us". They have every opportunity on earth to escape and they didn't. They're young, they are in a remote area, they could very easily have melted into the townships and never been found (we have so many unsolved murders).And, when the Police arrive they already have their story ready and the story is they killed him because he did not pay their wages.My friend, who is no conspiracy theorist said to me: Jan, you've been saying this for YEARS... and here it is.He was also talking that these 2 guys will get big pay-offs for the murder of Eugene. That's why they will go to jail, because they know they'll be looked after, they'll get a nice soft landing. The monies and favours have probably been agreed on for them and their families out of some secret black budget, etc. Rest assured, these guys went in there, did the job, murdered him and this was just the next step in the procedure.Now ask yourself WHY they would want to be caught? Here's the reason: It is utterly crucial that they carry out the next step in the plan which is: ANC RACE HATE PROPAGANDA AGAINST AFRIKANERS AND WHITES BY WAY OF USING EUGENE TERREBLANCHE AS THE EXAMPLE.So now the newspapers and court rooms will be filled with the following line, which goes: "We poor blacks are constantly being abused by these racist, white Afrikaner trash, and (sob) poor us, we were so poor and this horrible man refused to pay us... and in desperation we killed him because we have had enough of this endless abuse by these racist white scum. (more sobs)" Then everyone goes: "Tut, tut..." shame poor black guys... that piece of white racist sh*t DESERVED TO DIE... he got what he rightfully DESERVED.But this is propaganda, and here's where it gets even more insidious. I wrote about this stuff in my book, Government by Deception (2001). I wrote about "Semantic Warfare" and I wrote deeply about propaganda. In there I mentioned that you also smear people by association. So, killing ET has interesting consequences. Because ET has been demonised over the years and has a high profile as a "white Neo-NAZI racist", he fits a nice "profile" that is quite well established in the minds of foreigners, Liberals, etc. He is seen as the "typical Afrikaner" - which he is not. But he has become the IMAGE of how others perceive the Afrikaner to be.So now when he is killed like this, with this excuse, the next step, is a generalised SMEAR CAMPAIGN against ALL AFRIKANERS and then to a lesser extent, all whites. That's the next step for these 2 young blacks. (Heck, at this rate, maybe the ANC would like them to appear on Oprah where, like that Bobbit woman, they can explain how this white racist maltreated them and why they were JUSTIFIED in the "RIGHTEOUS KILLING" of ET).This is a campaign, and I have warned before, when the ANC wants to come after us, they will smear us. They need to tell everyone how evil we are BEFORE THEY KILL US, so that when they do kill us, then everyone quietly goes along and says: The white trash of South Africa DESERVED TO DIE. THIS WAS GOOD.The ANC will be using all their organs to spread this racist propaganda about ET across the world. It is crucial that they smear us. The ANC is planning other things for us.Incidentally, Julius Malema, Racist, communist attack dog, and personal mouthpiece of Jacob Zuma and the ANC, happens to be outside the country at this time. Malema claims whites want to kill him. Isn't it interesting that he is outside the country as we speak? I mentioned before what a crybaby coward he is, and I suspect that the crybaby coward Malema was spirited out of this country (on tax payer money to Robert Mugabe!!!! Yes!)... just in case some whites decided to pop him. I'll bet that as part of their plan they needed to ensure Julius's safety and so they sent him out of the country on an appropriate mission - which itself will be in the next article I am about to post.It all smells to me like a plan that came together.I would like to know more about the 2 blacks who murdered ET. How long did they work for him? Is there any evidence he did not pay them in the past, etc? What can we find out about the black people who worked personally for ET.

  • Manu - 2010-04-04 17:29

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Tracy - 2010-04-04 17:33

    Whilst I did not have any respect for ET I am horrified that the ANC see no wrong whatsoever in what that idiot Malema is doing and blatantly state that he is not polarising the nation. What utter rubbish. What rock are you sleeping under. Now we are called on not to polarise the nation. Uh a little too late. Malema is directly responsible, and to him Boers does not mean afrikaans farmer, it means any WHITE person. I am sorry now that I voted for change in this country in the referendum for change, because this is the way each and every african country goes. Look into the history of all the atrocities that have taken place, the goverment always uses the youth to instigate the genocide!

  • Anneke - 2010-04-04 17:35

    No one deserves to die. Black, white, yellow or purple we all have the right to live life... Mr E Terre'blanche will live on through young south african hearts. My heart goes out to his family. I truely hope the police will resolve this case.

  • It's Time - 2010-04-04 17:36

    I hope that the murder of ET is the long needed wake up call for all people in this country whether white brown black or any colour to say enough is enough. The ANC with it's president and Malema make it crystal clear that there is no place for other than ANC supporters in SA. They are hell bent on enriching themselves and their cadres and do not give a damn for everybody else.The ANC failed in governing this country and are taking it down the same road as Zimbabwe and the rest of the subsaharan continent.Malema just took a course in that coutry on how to ruin an economy. I wish them all what will be coming their way now. I think Malema is now shitting his pants knowing that he went to far, he is a coward anyway as it will be proven now. I personally are gatvol and this is now the time for action. We peace loving people up to now showed weakness to the ANC and that is why they are doing what they are doing. Sending condolences to ET family ring hollow after years of allowing farm murders.Asking for calmness is bizarre and simply out of place.
    I say let us start the fight back now, before it is to late, i am ready.

  • UK Bound - 2010-04-04 17:37

    A Sad day in the History of South Africa. A blemish on the face of 'reconciliation'

  • Jack - 2010-04-04 17:39

    [Sigh]Before I comment on the AWB's ridiculous statements, let me just say that I'm totally against farm murders and personally believe that Julius Malema has indeed been highly insensitive in his use of the ANC song and has portrayed, unintentional as it may be, a very racist attitude in recent months. Furthermore, he has basically spat on a High Court judgment by vowing not to stop singing "Kill the Boer", which is totally unacceptable and extremely childish.This being said, the AWB's response to Eugene's murder is as ignorant as they come! Vowing to take revenge, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! What are these people thinking? I'm not a boer by any stretch of the imagination. However, I am a white male, was brought up in an Afrikaans speaking household and is extremely ashamed to be associated, even in the smallest sense, with these fools.The fact is that these AWB individuals and many other white people in the country have not changed one bit and have remained racists since the birth of our new democracy. They are capable of spouting the most incompetent and stereotypical nonsense that you can imagine. It's likely that they've dreamed about a civil war for the past 20 years, which would just show how backwards they really are. In the past I've found that it's best to ignore people with racist views since they will probably never change, but unfortunately this has now happened.It's a shame that someone as counter-productive and totally unimportant in the grand scheme of things has just become the face of farm murders. Many good people have died, who now fall beneath the shadow of this guy's death and his group's idiotic response.I sincerely hope the AWB crawls back into Ventersdorp and stays there. Let the Law take its course and leave politics to the people who actually care about all the citizens of this potentially great country of ours!As for Malema, I believe he has already started to hurt his own political career by not only portraying himself as an insensitive & intolerant racist, but also as a sexist who has constantly insulted women everywhere whether he realizes it or not. If any enraged Afrikaners are reading this, please get a hold of yourself, please!P.S. I don't believe that the dead automatically deserves respect, I believe the respect you receive in death is that which you have earned during life. Unfortunately, Eugene has earned no such respect in my eyes.

  • BART - 2010-04-04 17:41

    ANC please wake up and see wht has happen. Yes there was time for such songs but not in our democracey. Same as people do not fly the old flag because it insits hatred that has no place in society. This has played right into the hands of your enemy, we can only pray for peace in our cpountry and all hated and anything related is now stopped!

  • John - 2010-04-04 17:42

    I have never been a radical or a supporter of the AWB, But 3000 farm murders since 1994 tells a storie, The Whites will have to graw the line and prevent a second Zim, we can not leave and will have to make a stand against this crime ridden government. I love this country but when will be able to live with out fear.??

  • Tarras Bulba - 2010-04-04 17:43

    "Sadly, this is how he killed black defenceless farm workers in Venterdorp." ... HUH?! Stick to the facts, please.

    As far as I know ... he was charged with the ATTEMPTED murder of ONE person (a dog was involved) and the assault of a petrol attendant.

    Where did he kill his farm workers?

  • Al - 2010-04-04 17:46

    The violent death of any human life is a tragedy, but all too common in this complex land. If a white singer was to chant "kill the bantu" or other similar group, I think there would be outrage from all. It is a polarising song and it is not appropriate in a country in recovery.

  • Mike Ambassador - 2010-04-04 17:47

    A certain Business man failed to pay me my end of contract bonus .... so guess what i am going to do ..... well definitely not murder him. I have taken the matter to the CCMA. A quick question did ET ever murder anyone, I know he assaulted a guy and gave him brain damage, for which he went to jail, so I am not sure what AZAPO is on about, they talk as if he spent his day murdering black like in a slaughter house. My only fear now is some crazy Wit Wolf type will go after Malema. Malema really needs those security guards now, in fact if I was him I would look for serious professionals.

  • Pipes - 2010-04-04 17:50

    Can you believe it ? "If you have problems with the song, put it to the ANC" - says Jackson Mthembu. "Tell the ANC and they will look at it..." The same idiots who immediately indicated their intention to challenge the High Court ruling against the "Kill the Boer" - song! Sorry Jackson, the polarisation of the people is exactly what you want. The fact that it is becoming clear for the world to see, and the fact that the ANC's planned genocide on the Whites, is becoming international news before the soccer world cup is a bothersome irritation for you and your comrades.
    It is time that those nations who gave the so called 'apartheid regime' hell by way of sanctions in the 80's, see the consequences of their bleeding heart attitudes. They wanted the barbarians to run the country - are you happy now ?

  • Jonathan - 2010-04-04 17:53

    "If you have problems with the song, we say put it to the ANC...if this song is creating problems, tell the ANC...and they will look at it," he said.

    Like hell they will....they'll tel you to piss off coz it's part of their heritage. Well sunshine..."Die Stem" is part of my heritage and the next chance I get I'll be singing it loud and proud.

  • Les Bucwa - 2010-04-04 17:56

    It is unfortunate that Terre'Blanche's life had to come into an abrupt at the hands of his employees. ANC should take a blame for inciting violence, this infamous song is the song that belongs to the annuls of our struggle history, it must not be sung. History belongs to the archives of our libraries and museums. For the good of our country and the safeguarding of the gains of this democracy I think the ANC lacks the leadership to get us out of the precipice of civil strife. The smiling Zuma does not have the capacity to lead nor is he a visionary. He is waiting to be told what to do next!

  • Jay - 2010-04-04 17:57

    AWB, ANC, IFP, DA all fight for what they believe in - regardless of how we feel.

    To enact this kind of harm to an old man is disgraceful and cowardly.

    I hope SA doesn't turn into a blood bath of blame now where many more people have to die.

  • MadBob - 2010-04-04 18:00

    First of all my condolances to the family of the murder victim. Regardless whether one agrees or disagrees with the mans political beliefs, no person should be murdered and his family is now faced with this trauma.

    There are several sides to the article that warrant a response. I do not believe that Julius Malema ordered this murder, I don't think he had this in mind when he repeatedly sang that song. But what mr. Malema apparently fails to realise is that he does not sing this song as an individual but as the leader of the ANCYL. As such (a person in a leadership roll) he should be aware of the potential impact of his actions and words. If nothing else he has demonstrated extremely poor judgement, and he continues to demonstrate this by repeating the song during his visit to Zimbabwe in defiance of a court ruling. Now mr. Malema has apparently said that he fears for his life following this murder and the fact that his singing of the contentious song has been linked by the family and the AWB leadership. I have not heard a direct threat from the AWB or any other right wing party so far. I have heard threats from the PACYL over the Sharpeville row between them. Mr. Malema should not be harmed by anybody, regardless of his wild statements and alleged shady deals. The law should deal with him if he breaks it.

    The ANC leadership and especially President should now demonstrate leadership.

    They should first of all make sure that those responsable are charged and prosecuted. Secondly it is time they inform mr. Malema that he cannot continue to act as a loose cannon as a politician. Singing that song antagonises people without reason or possible gain. Mr. Malema's statements and actions in Zimbabwe even endanger the delicate processes that the SA government is trying to facilitate there.The ANCYL is a part of the ANC, and as such should submit to the leadership of the ANC. These leaders, who are also the leaders of the current government, now need to make clear that they are there for all South Africans. Even if this means publicly chastising the President of the ANCYL.

    I hope that one day the political landscape in SA will allow for politicians to disagree without being disagreeable with eachother, and without race immediately clouding the issue.

  • andre marks - 2010-04-04 18:03

    we are not heading like zimbabwe we are there already people wake up zimbabwe was better than this how many farmers died in zimbabwe over 20 years less than what is killed in south africa in a year so to say we are going like zimbabwe is a dream we there long ago wait and see..,.,

  • KAGISO MOLOI - 2010-04-04 18:04


  • John - 2010-04-04 18:06

    This is a tipical case where the hype will be over in the next 2 weeks. That is just the way we are. Say a lot but never act on it. Please proof me wrong!!!!!!

  • Whitey - 2010-04-04 18:07

    I think we are losing the plot, regardless of his political views it is still MURDER and it highlights the real issues in South Africa, Lack of Governance, Racial Hatred (All races), Rampant crime

  • H - 2010-04-04 18:08

    This incident is definitely going to be a turning point in SA. No matter how the ANC is trying to distance itself from this murder. It is going to fall on death ears. Their arrogance and ignorance the last couple of months with regards to crime, murders, warning the farmers to participate (take their farms) or else it is going to be worse that Zimbabwe and nationalization (obviously not only the mines..maybe private homes..etc..) Just show their real agenda. Who knows..maybe this murder was planned and those 2 puppets were only responsible for the execution.
    My sincere condolences to family and friends of Mr. ET.
    The time is 100% right and long overdue that every person who is in solidarity with the “Boere” will gather on the 1st of May. It is time to consolidate and plan for what to do when needed.

  • aubrey - 2010-04-04 21:19

    i wish south africans would stop and think about the ish they say half the time, first of all the ET case is still under police investigation and yet everyone has already concluded that he was killed for this or that reason, and the guy who came up with that whole conspiracy theory about the ANC being behind this, dude catch a wake there are far more pressing and important issues facing the ANC than to engage in some kind of a plot to kill a man as irrelevant as Eugene Tereblanch, if we blacks had so much hatred for whites we would have eliminated you years ago.

  • SON OF GOD - 2010-04-04 21:20

    Now you all know how Black people felt when Chris Hani got murdered. Tables have turned and waging war on Blacks would be a stupid move look around you? HOW MANY BROTHERS DO YOU SEE AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL.

  • Sorry for SA - 2010-04-04 21:27

    I feel sorry for every murder , every rape etc.
    Live in SA but feel that what happend is going to be a turning point,how much must we spend to keep our families safe,they don't steal anymore they must rape and kill aswell.What must we do to continue our life in SA or must we rather leave and see how SA is turning in another Zim?

  • Deon - 2010-04-04 21:29

    Get rid of Julius Melema and prevent further chaos in our beautiful country...!!! The ANC is not doing anything to prevent this, so all we can do is pray to GOD & believe that He has a plan with South Africa...I believe this and also believe that we as the Rainbow Nation can resolve this, another obstacle to overcome in the road ahead...!!!

  • els - 2010-04-04 21:32

    I am a proud South Arican citizen and afrikaans and English speaking, can converse a little in Zulu and at least greet Sotho speaking people.I have never been a supporter of the AWB but what shocks me is the statement that all whites should be driven back to 'Dutchland". My roots are not from any European country I was born in good (or not so good lately) S.a. It is statements like this that upsets and disgusts many white SOUTH -AFRICANS, maybe we should re-think how we should treat each other in our young democracy - nobody black or white or whatever race or colour they might be, deserves to die that way.

  • Moop - 2010-04-04 21:36

    My suggestion is that all the white farmers in South Africa stop farming. Then there will obviously be no more killing of white farmers. Problem solved. I am confident that the blacks who take over the land and farm it (much better than the whites ever did, I'm sure), will be completely fair to their workers, will pay them well, be greatly beloved by them, and be a shining example for the whole world to follow.

  • I am a white woman of South Africa - 2010-04-04 21:55

    Let us pray...God help us to accept each other's differences.You made the different nations, black, white, coloured, chinese etc etc You created us all. Why can we not try to accept that our cultures will always be Different from each other, BUT we can still respect it and find some common ground. Because YOU said LOVE thy neighbour as thyself and SHALL NOT KILL.
    Please beloved country!!! I am not an AWB supporter even though I am white.
    Stop the Hatred and is NOT true power.
    Revenge is never sweet, it leaves a very bitter aftertaste.
    Let us all take hands and look up today to the One who set the example on the Cross -
    Father forgive them, for they know not what they've done...
    Leaders of South Africa...God put you there for a reason take up your rightful place and seek His guidance and His face.
    Everyone... GOD LOVES YOU no matter who you are or where you came from.

  • GregM - 2010-04-04 22:06

    This man had despicable beliefs and inherent racism. In spite of that, unless good people of all races condemn these types of callous murders we are all doomed. Similarly we need to stop racist incitement from leaders like ANCYL. Does anyone remember another Easter weekend when Chris Hani got killed? Madiba spoke to the nation to defuse that. Please forget terreblanche and malema. WE, the other south africans can live together as one, in peace.

  • orca - 2010-04-04 22:49

    Well I guess malema has made more enemies than he realises in fact I would think he probably has more enemies than friends and that from all the spectrum , sacp , apla the Boors the whites and who knows else. Let me make a prediction when his shit catches up to him and he gets taken out guess who will get the blame ? of course the whites of this country , regardless of who actually did it. Strange how the anc , police etc call for calm after ET's murder and I wonder if they would have called for calm had the roles been reversed to one of their own leaders? good question.Our country is falling to pieces our power is intermittant our roads are shot service delivery is shocking and all this is mainly due to bad management ,theft and the fact that competent white artisans are leaving as they do not feel safe or welcome in their country of birth. I do believe that our government is so determined to get rid of us whites that they will do it at any cost to this country and all its people. When Mandela was set free we thought the end was near little did we know that he was probably one of the very few to be in power that would have been capable of at least maintaining the greatness of our country and uniting our people from there it was just a steep decline. The last thing this country needs is another bafoon (sorry misspelt)babboon like malema and I shudder to think of the repercussions of having a president as such. Unfortunately the vast majority of anc supporters do not vote for parties for what they can do for the country but for sentimental reasons being the party that "beat" the whities. So what do we have ? a party that will remain in power as long as they can blame apartheid and the whites for all their woes and incompetence.I do not condone violence to achieve any goal unless it is in self defence and I hope malema and his cronies do not force us into such a position because contrary to his and others belief the generation that kicked their butts in our bushwar is actually still alive and well. So by any way or means I hope that he malema gets his mouth shut for good hopefully by his own party rather than by an agent "provocateur" as zuma called it but any way will do as we do not need someone like him anywhere near this country. They probably will defend him come what may simply because he as does mad bob mugabe know too many secrets of the past of our revered leaders. Let us hope though that the sad demise of ET will rather have good than bad consequence. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  • Afrikaner - 2010-04-04 23:15

    I have never voted for the AWB and never will. But, but being an Afrikaner myself, for some reason the recent death of ET really hurts. This time it cuts really deep. I have a lot of hope for this country and believe that one day we as South Africans will show the world the real meaning of reconciliation and love for one another. To the AWB, please think your actions through at your conference on 1 May. Revenge is not the way to go. The world already took notice and never before has there been a greater international stage to showcase the real content of our character. Let us set the example.

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